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  • Published: 21 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The cover was made by Beautifully Music Nerd
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20. A Fifth Daughter

 The years passed and the daughter’s lived up to their names. Whenever Lola was hurt Mercy would run after the pain maker and give them a black eye. After the red haired blue-eyed duchess harmed her pain inflictor he or she would beg for mercy and Mercy would stand above them help them to their feet and whisper.

“It’s by God’s mercy that you haven’t died today. Don’t touch the princess my cousin. Do you understand?”

The felon would bow to the duchess and run off. He wouldn’t be seen ever again. Later that day after one of these sacred ceremonies the Queen and Princess were seen in the gardens with their daughters playing before them. Upon entering the garden a wedding was going on and with true Enovian fashion the wedding was interrupted to let the royal monarchs pass through with respect. The wedding party bowed as the monarchs were announced

“ Her Royal Majesty Queen Mialana and Her Royal Highness Princess Lola Rae. Her Royal Highness Princess Marie and Her Royal Highness Duchess Mercy Selene.”

Once they passed by the rest of the guards Bex and Lana could speak freely. They loved their daughters and wished them the best but they really missed their old lives. Mercy was an exact copy of Maria and Maria had been a copy of her mother. Lola Rae was an exact copy of Hope and Hope was a copy of her mother. Lana and Bex walked together with happiness as they watched their daughters skip ahead and run back and forth in the courtyard.

“ Mercy reminds me of Maria.”

“Aye and Lola reminds me of Hope.”

“It’s hard. Even after six years for us and twelve for our husbands we still miss our old lives.”

“This life is all our daughters know. When return they’ll be here with a completely different outlook on life.”

“We can’t leave and we can’t return if we leave.”

“Sean was saying that it seems every time he returns time is reset and he must go further back.”

“Lana, this is hard for me and it’s hard for you. I really wish we could leave but it’s not possible. I remember that day twelve years ago. Our daughters are twelve and I’m sure they’re living the best life ever. Or maybe since we went back in time they never existed.”

“Rebecca Mader! Don’t say that! Our daughters are in good hands! All four of them!”


Lana took a step back and absorbed Bex’s comment. She stared at Bex’s outfit and tried to figure out what Bex was talking about. The princesses ran off and left their mothers to be alone. Bex was wearing an emerald tiara, a sea foam dress with white fabric puffing up out of the spits in the sea foam sleeves. A golden sash covered Rebecca’s middle and she wore simple white flats on her feet. Lana placed her hand on Bex’s stomach and Bex looked at her and said.

“I’m not pregnant. You are!”

“I’m not with child. I would know by now Marie!”

“Mialana please trust me. How long has it been since you bled?”

“Four months!”

“Don’t you think that’s odd?”

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