Reasons Depression Sucks - by somebody who doesn't have depression

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  • Published: 21 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 21 Apr 2017
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My perspective of depression as somebody who doesn't have it themselves, but whose husband does.
**Mental health is an incredibly touchy subject for a lot of people, and so I just wanted to clarify I'm not minimising the hardship of those who struggle with it in making this poem from my perspective and how it affects me. I was simply trying to show a side less frequently discussed (or at least in the pieces I have read/listened to).
Also I read this poem to my husband first to check he was okay with me sharing it.


1. Reasons Depression Sucks - by somebody who doesn't have depression

Depression sucks because it's subjective.

Depression suck because it's selective.

Depression sucks because it's often invisible. 

Depression sucks because the stigma's divisible.

Depression sucks because we don't always understand it.

Depression sucks because it messes up plans. 

It messes up sleep schedules, and alters work levels,

it leaves you numb and, it's ruined my rhyme scheme. 

For me the main reason why depression sucks,

 is how powerless it leaves me when it strikes.

I wish when it hits you I could make it go away,

I long to make it all be okay.

Instead I sit beside you.


Words fail me in the instant when I notice that familiar look in your eyes,

and I can only look on and hope it passes soon.

Even though I know it won't.

I understand that it's here to stay, 

that we can't just wish these things away. 

I accept that for now depression is a third party in our relationship.

That however unwanted by either of us, 

it will occasionally become a jealous mistress and demand your attention. 

Effectively cutting you off from me with its consummation of your mind.

In all of this I have the easier side of things I know. 

I only have to watch from the sidelines and silently stand in solidarity with you,

a passive spectator riding out a storm with an umbrella and coat,

whilst you battle the elements alone.

I wish I could take it away.

Or do it for you. SOMETHING...

But one of the biggest reasons depression sucks,

is the isolating nature of it's silent attacks.

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