Road Trip

When Heather was texted that she won the trip, she didn't know it would change her life. Will Heather be able to handle the stress, or will she break?


5. This Is Crazy!

Heather's p.o.v


I was woken up to sunlight in my face. Groaning quietly, I roll over. My eyes shoot open as I notice I'm not in the comfy chair I fell asleep in last night. There was a soft breathing behind me that made me turn around. Internally screaming, I noticed I was laying beside Michael Gordon Clifford. I stared at his face for a while. He looked so peaceful and calm. His lips were plump and slightly parted. All of a sudden, one eye opened and stared at me.


"I can feel you staring you know." He whispers while a small smirk forms on his lips.

"Sorry." I blush while hiding my face.


He laughed and pulled me to his bare chest. I could feel his warm breath fan over my hair. His heart was slowly beating, making me hypnotized. I closed my eyes and listened to his soft breathing.


"Where are we?" I ask breaking the silence.

"Somewhere near Rockhampton." He mumbles.

"Okay." I sigh, "I'm going to make food."


I crawl out of his embrace, and onto the cold linoleum floor. He whines as I leave the bunk. I pass by a snoring Ashton on my way to my bunk. Grabbing my backpack, I grab my grey sweatpants and Skillet shirt I was supposed to wear for pj's last night. I then walk to the bathroom and change. Once I was done, I walked out while throwing my hair in a messy bun. Walking over to the kitchen, I start digging through the cupboards for food to make.

~15 minutes later~


I was finishing making pancakes and sausage when I hear a loud sniff.


"Is that food I smell?" I hear luke yell.


There some rustling and then a thud. The boys come running into the kitchen with messed up hair and half asleep still.


"Smells good Heather." Calum yawns.

"Thank you." I smile, "You guys can dish up. I'm going to bring this plate to the bus driver."


I walk up to the front of the bus and opened the door that separated us. The driver was listening to music on the radio and driving silently.


"Hey, are you hungry? I made some pancakes and sausage." I ask.

"Yeah I am actually. I've been living on chips and candy, and it's getting kind of sickening." He laughed while taking the plate, "Thank you."

"Your welcome." I smile.


I walk back to the kitchen area to see the guys eating while listening to music. 'Say My Name' by Destiny's Child but the cover by Alex and Sierra. Ashton starts singing Alex's part quietly. Sierra started and Joined too. Ashton smiled and listened. Me and Ashton started singing together when the chorus came.

After the song finished, the other boys started clapping. Luke put his phone down, and started typing.


"Posting that to twitter." Luke smiled. I rolled my eyes playfully.


~30 minutes later~


"We're in Rockhampton. We will be arriving at the arena in 5 minutes." The bus driver said through the intercom.


The boys got up and walked to the back to get dressed. They came back in black skinny jeans and matching Blink 182 shirts.


"Wait! I have the same outfit!" I gasp


I run back to my backpack and grab my shirt and black skinny jeans. Quickly slipping on the clothes, I walk back out. The bus slowed to a stop, and turned off. Luke opened the bus door and stuck his head out.


"We good." He said.

"Can we get a picture?" I asked, "We're matching shirt, jeans, and even shoes."


Everyone looks at their shoes and laughed. There was a stranger walking on the street on his phone.


"Hey sir, can you take a picture of us?" Michael asked. The guy looked up and nodded.


We posed for the picture, and he took it. (something like this)(pretend there is a 5th person)

We thanked him and we walked inside.


"Ok, we have 4 hours until soundcheck." Calum sighed, "What are we going to do until 6:00 pm."

"I know." Ashton smirked.


He quickly swooped me up and threw me over his shoulder. He started running in the arena. I squealed and started laughing.


"Ashton, put me down before you trip." I scream.


He only laughs and turns a corner. I could only see his back and the ground. All of a sudden, he trips over his shoe lace that came untied. I fall on the ground first, and Ashton was hovering over me.


"Are you ok?" He panics

"Yeah." I wheeze, "Just the wind knocked out of me."


He stares at me, and I stare back. He starts to lean in, but Calum comes running around the corner.


"You guys okay-" He says, "oh. um. Am I interrupting something."

"No. No. Your okay." Ashton blushes

"You sure?" He smirked

"Yeah." I mumble


If Calum didn't come around that corner, we would've kissed. Ashton helps me up as the rest of the boys come around the corner.


~4 hours later (10 minutes to show)~


"We have some bad news guys." The manager says

"What." Michael asks.

"We need another opening act. 'Hey Violet' couldn't come due to bus issues." He says

"Can't we just have one?" Luke asks

"No, we need one right now." He huffs.

"Heather can do it." Ashton says, "Shes really good."

"Alright, shes on." He says while walking away


I glare at Ashton and was about to hit him when I was pulled away by a stylist.


~after getting ready~ 



I was standing by Ashton and the entrance to the stage.


"3 minutes!" The same manager yells

"Ash! I'm not ready." I hyperventilate

"Yes you are, you'll do fine" He smiles while handing me an acoustic guitar.

"No, I'm not doing this-"


He interrupts me by placing his lips on mine. I melt into his arm and kiss him back.


"Show time!" The manager yells.


I pull away and stare at him. The lights on the stage fade to black and I'm pushed onto the stage.


~Ashton's p.o.v~


Her lips were so soft. I watched her shadow walk onto the stage.


"So you like her too." Michael says coming up behind me, " I saw the kiss."

"Michael, I'm sorry. I-"

"No. Just stop." He sighs while running a hand through his blonde hair, "How about this. Whoever she falls for gets to have her."


"Whoever she falls in love with can have her. And we cant be salty about this. We can still be buds." He smiles a bit.

"This is crazy, but okay. If I were to lose you, I would be lost. Plus your my Mikey."


He smiles and we shake hands. We let go and turn around to watch Heather sing 'Riptide'.

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