Road Trip

When Heather was texted that she won the trip, she didn't know it would change her life. Will Heather be able to handle the stress, or will she break?


6. Shopping

Heather's p.o.v


After the show last night, the guys were beat. I got to meet One Ok Rock, and Tomoya and I became close friends. We were also told that we have a 4 day break, which I find amazing.

It was 12:00 in the afternoon, and I was playing Pokemon with Michael on the DS's.


"Ha! My Weedle just kicked you Sandshrew's ass." I laugh

"The bus is having difficulties. We will be stopping in Mackay for a while." The bus driver said over the intercom.

"Thats good actually. I'm running out of clothes." I sigh.


Me and Michael look out the window to see us pulling into a parking lot.


~30 minutes later~


We got to a mall that was actually pretty big.


"Lets split up to save time. Who want to get the food?" Calum asks. Luke raises his hand.

"Alright, I'll go with." Calum says, "You guys going with Heather?"

"Yeah." Ashton smiles.


We start walking away from Calum and Luke, and toward Holister.


~After shopping~


Me, Michael, and Ashton were walking down the street to the bus when we herd a gasp. Looking behind us, there were two girls staring.


"Omg. I'm a huge fan of you guys." she fangirls. I can already tell shes fake.

"Same. Can we get a picture?" The other girl asks.

"And an autograph?"

"Sure." Ashton shrugs.


The first girl had light blue hair and piercing blue eyes. The other had Bubble gum pink hair that was tied in a messy bun.


"I look like trash." The girl with pink hair sighs to Ashton.

"Ehh." He shrugs while posing for the picture.


I stifle a laugh, but hide my mouth when I do. The girls switch, and take pictures again.


"Hey. You're Rachel, I remember you." Michael says to the blue hair girl.

"That's me." She giggles while flipping her hair.


She looks at me, and grimaces.


"Who is she? She looks like a whore." Rachel says, "Am I right Kim."

"Yeah. Why did you guys pick her?" The pink hair girl says to Ashton.

"Hey! What kind of fans are you? We chose her because she looked worthy, and not fake." Michael glares.

"Yeah. Real fans would actually support who we choose." Ashton snaps, "Heather is beautiful."


Ashton laces his fingers with mine, and we continue walking. I look behind me, and gave the girls a smirk. We got to the bus and I started taking my clothes out of my backpack. Folding all of my jeans, shirts, sweaters, dresses, etc, I put them into the flat rolling bins I got. Then in a separate smaller bin I put all of my undergarments and socks into it.

My Spotify was playing on the Bluetooth speaker I brought with. The song changed, and I instantly started to blush. 'Heartbreak Girl' started playing, and I could feel the bus move. Calum starts singing, and I laugh. Luke's part comes in and he is singing too. The song came to an end and we were all laughing.


"Hey guys, can I dye my hair?" I ask

"Sure. Why not?" Luke shrugs.


~2 Hours later~


My hair was being straightened, and I knew I picked a good color.


She was finishing up my hair when Michael comes back with a small bag.


"What's in the bag Mikey?" I ask while looking through the mirror.

"A surprise." He smiles, "Close your eyes."


I close my eyes and wait. I feel a hat slip over my head and situated slightly.


"Okay, open." Michael says


I open my eyes to see a hat slipped backwards on my head. The stylist held a mirror up behind my head to show the emblem. I gasp and quickly get out of the chair to hug Michael.

"Thank you Mikey." I mumble into his shirt.

"Anything for you princess." He says kissing the top of my head.


The guys paid for my hair, and we left. Once we got back to the bus, we found it was running. We all cheered and got on. Ashton and Michael sat on the couch, and I plopped down by Ashton. I fell asleep with my head in his lap and him playing with my hair.



Sorry it's a crappy chapter. Updates are going to be slower due to finals :/


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