Road Trip

When Heather was texted that she won the trip, she didn't know it would change her life. Will Heather be able to handle the stress, or will she break?


4. Monday Thrills


I had a medium sized suitcase in my gym locker full of my feminine hygiene, hair products, make up, toothbrush and toothpaste, my curling iron, and straighter. I also had my favorite phone cases, laptop, and chargers for everything. My school backpack was filled with a few sets of outfits also.

~flash back~


'Mom, I won the contest!!' I smiled.

'Congratulation!! How long will you be gone?' She said.

'About a year.'

'No. Your not going. I need you around here to do chores and help with my documents.'

'I am going. They are picking me up tomorrow. You cant control me, you're just my foster mom!'

'Well you know what I can control? You moving out. You can't obey and listen to me so your paying the price. Good luck getting a home when your coming back. The TAH (Teen Adoption Home)  will put you through so much hell. No one wants a 17 year old.' She snarled

'That's fine with me' I snapped back.


I ran upstairs and started packing my suitcase. Everything I had valuable was moved over to my friend Jenny's house, and all of my clothes. 

~Flash back ends~


I shut my gym locker and headed up to my normal locker. Pulling out my phone, I saw that there was no messages. I walked to my first hour class which was chemistry, and sat down at a lab table.


-25 minutes later-


I could feel Sydney glaring at me while I worked on my homework. I had my headphones in and was listening to 'Take What You Want' by One Ok Rock ft. 5 Seconds Of Summer. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the teacher come up to me.


"Heather, some people are here to pick you up. Have a great trip!" He smiled.


I took my headphones out and wrapped it around my phone. Grabbing my stuff, I look back at Sydney who was still glaring at me. I walked out of the classroom and into the hall. My heart rate picked up I felt like crying with joy. Once I got to the office, I saw through the window 4 boys. Thoughts ran through my mind, I looked down at my outfit seeing if i looked nice enough. This morning I spent an hour on my make up, the wings took the longest.

I walk in and the heads of the boys turn. My heart thumped in my chest as I smiled at them. Calum came over to me and hugged me, I hugged back. Luke followed and also hugged me. The desk lady smiled and wished me well. I finished hugging the guys and walked out of the office.


"Oh! I forgot my bag. Can we go grab it?" I say

"Yeah, where is it?" Michael asks.

"It's in my gym locker. It will be quick, the gym is right there." I smile.


I walk as fast as my heeled feet would let me without looking stupid. Walking in the girls locker room, I quickly open my locker and grab the black and white zigzag case and also my backpack. I leave my lock on the bench and exit the locker room. Michael and Calum were playing with a soccer ball that was left out. Calum kicked it and Michael tried top grab it in the air. He missed and the ball hurdled at me. Without blinking an eye, i caught the ball with one hand. It was surprising because I had the worst coordination ever.


"Holy shit." Michael breathes.

"Sorry." Calum apologized.

"It's all good. Lets go." I laughed.


We left the gym and out the entrance doors. A plain black tour bus was sitting in the back of the parking lot. We made our way to the bus and got on.

My mouth hung open when I got on.


"How is this a tour bus?!" I gasp.


The guys laugh and plop down on the long couch. I find my way to the bunks and set my suitcase on a bed that looked unoccupied. Making my way back up front, the bus started up and left the parking lot. I sit on the chair across from the guys and look at them. 


"So Heather. tell us about you." Luke smiled. I think I melted on the inside.

"Well. My favorite color is maroon or navy blue. I live in a foster home, well used too," I frown, " My favorite artist are White Stripes, One Ok Rock, Blink 182, One Direction, you guys, and a lot more. I also like rap. Um, my favorite animal is a brown bear. My favorite food is mac & cheese. My favorite dessert is brownies. Favorite song is Weak by AJR. Oh, and I like Metallica."

"I love you already." Michael winked playfully, I laughed and blushed.

"What do you mean you don't live in a foster home anymore?" Ashton asked

"Well I told my foster mom I won the trip and she was upset that it was a year. She told me that she wanted me to stay to help with her work and stuff around the house. It sounds pathetic, but I'm turning 18 in two weeks" I huff.

"I get what you mean." Calum says, "So whens your birthday?"

"May 13." I say.

"So Heather, do you have a boyfriend?" Luke asks, I blush.

"Um, no. All the guys in school are stupid and care about sex, drugs, and alcohol. I want someone who actually cares about me, and pays attention to me." I shyly say. Ashton mumbles something under his breath which I didn't hear.


I fell asleep on the chair which was reclined. I woke up to whispering, it was Ashton and Michael.


"Ashton, I know its only been, like, a few hours. But I think I'm starting to like Heather." Michael sighs.

"Oh. Umm." Ashton says, "Are you sure? It could be because she is pretty. Sometimes... Feelings talk for you."


Was Ashton jealous? I was so confused, Michael likes me? I internally sigh and fall back asleep.




Hey guys. Hope this one was better! That's all.


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