Road Trip

When Heather was texted that she won the trip, she didn't know it would change her life. Will Heather be able to handle the stress, or will she break?


7. Because of You


I woke up in the middle of the night to Ashton snuggling me on the couch. I was in yesterdays clothes which was a pair of light wash jeans and a white Mayday Parade tank top. I wiggle out of Ashton's grip, and walk over to the back of the bus. I grab my pajamas that I wore the other night, and I walk back to the bathroom. Changing into the clothes, I walk back to Ashton and crawl back into his arms.


"Heather?" He mumbles

"Hmm." I mumble against his chest.

"I'm falling for you. You don't know how much I like you. It's only been like three or four days, but in that time you stole my heart."

"Y-you like me?"

"God yes Heather." He says using his finger to make me look into his eyes.

"I don't know what to say." I blush.

"Do you feel the same?"

"Y-yes. Your perfect." 


He leans in and presses his lips on mine. The fireworks erupt, and I'm kissing back. He flips us over so he's on top. The kiss deepens, and my fingers tangle in his hair. It was a kiss like no other. I tug on his hair and he lets out a quiet moan. He starts leaving kisses down my jaw and to my neck. He starts nibbling and biting, making me let out small moans. He brings his lips back up to mine, and we make out a little longer.


"Heather, will you be mine?" He pauses, "Your the one and I don't want to lose you."

"Yes. I don't want to lose you either." I smile breathlessly, "I don't care what the fans say, I want to be with you."


His smile widens, and his lips are back on mine.




"Are those- no. They can't be." I hear Luke pause, "Are those hickeys?"

"What?" Michael says.

"Those are." Calum chuckles.

"Leave her alone." Ashton grumbles while bringing me closer to his chest.


My eyes flutter open, and I see the other boys staring at me. I frown and get up. The other guys still watching my movements, I get annoyed.


"What?" I say while rolling my eyes.

"How was your night?" Michael asks. There was something laced in his voice, and you could tell he had a fake smile on.

"Fine." I shrug.


Michael did like me, I feel bad because I played him. I walk to bunk and pull out my clothes bin. I grab an outfit, my Bluetooth speaker, my phone, and I walk to the bathroom. Turning the shower on, I set my speaker up. Logic's new song came on and I started getting emotional. I started humming the lyrics to '1-800-273-8255' while getting in the shower.

Two songs passed, and I was done showering. I turned the shower off, and got out. Skillet's song 'Awake and Alive' came on. I got dressed in my dress I picked out, then I started on my makeup.

Once I was done, I walked out of the bathroom.


"Holy shit. About time." Calum joked, "Took about 2 hours."

"You can't rush perfection." I joke while flipping my dyed hair.


I walk over to Ashton, and sit down. He wraps his arm around me, and watches me play a game on my phone.


"What are we going to do today." I say.

"Were going to be stopping to practice." He replies.

"I thought we had 4 days for break." I whine.

"That's for shows. We still have to practice." Luke laughs


I huff, and continue playing my game.


~At a studio~


"Heather! Do you have a song request?" Calum asks.

"Yes, actually. Can you play Over and Out?" I ask.

"Yeah. Wait." He pauses, "Do you want to come and sing it?"

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, come on in." Calum smiles


I get up off the couch, and walked into the recording room.


~Ashton's p.o.v~


We started playing once she was ready.


'So take me as I am, take me for everything. Replacing who I am, with who I'd rather be' Heather sang.


Her voice sent chills down my spine, and made me swoon. We were at the part where it was just clapping and singing, and I almost passed out.


"Because of you, I'm gone for good and that's the truth."


I missed the beat, but started up again. We finished the song and the room was silent.


~Heather's p.o.v~


I sang out the last part, and backed away. Looking towards the guys, they stared at me with jaws wide open. I blush, and look away. I hear clapping, and we turn around to see one of the recording guys clapping.


"I recorded that one on." He clapped, "Hope your okay with that."

"I guess." I blush.


The day went on in the studio. The boys practiced a bunch of songs and a few request from me. 

It was 5:00 pm, and I was upside down on the couch. The guys were messing around on their instruments.


"Guys can we order pizza?" I ask, "I'm starved."

"Ooh, pizza." Michael smiled, "Luke, you order."


Luke pulled out his phone, and dialed a number. I got up off the couch, and walked out of the room. I wandered around when footsteps stopped me. I looked behind me to see nothing. I shrugged it off and continued to find the bathroom. Just as I spotted the ladies room, I was pushed against a wall. I look up to see Ashton smirking.


"Did I scare you?"

"God Ashton!" I huff, "Don't do that to me"

"I'm sorry babe."


He placed his lips on mine and pulled away. I frowned, and pulled him back. He smirked, and chuckled against my lips. We made out for a bit when Michael stopped us.


"What's this?"

"This is embarrassing." I say awkwardly

"We're dating." Ashton shrugs


Michael nods looks and continues to stare.


"Since when?"

"Last night." I say quietly


He nods, and walks away. I look at Ashton and he shrugs.


~on the bus~


We were all eating pizza when my phone started to ring. Picking it up, I held it to my ear. 


"Heather, please come back!" She pleaded.

"What? No." I scoff, "I'm actually enjoying myself. Plus you practically threw me out."

"Please. I need help with cleaning."

"You only want me back to help you?" I say, "Do you know how low that sounds?"

"You know you are all over the news?" She says, "Today it showed a close up of your neck, and you holding hands with that Aaron guy."

"It's Ashton, not Aaron." I correct.

"Whatever. He's only using you. Famous people are low lives and think they can do whatever. I don't want you to come crawling back to me when he breaks your heart."

"He treats me well. And I know hes not using me. Don't call me again." I huff while hanging up.


All the guys were staring at me, but I continue to eat my pizza.


"Wait. You guys are dating?" Luke asks.

"Yes." I snap. Luke holds his hands up in surrender.

"I'm going to bed." I sigh.


I get up and Ashton followed. I quickly peel my dress off, and I grab one of Ashton's. I grab a pair of pj shorts and slip those on too.


"You just changed in front of me you know." Ashton chuckled.

"Yeah." I shrug


I crawl in Ashton's bed, and cover up with the comforter. Ashton crawls in, and pulls me to his chest. I fall asleep to his breath fanning over my hair.


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