Road Trip

When Heather was texted that she won the trip, she didn't know it would change her life. Will Heather be able to handle the stress, or will she break?


3. Arguments...

Heather's p.o.v

I woke up to Sydney shaking me.

"Whatttt." I groan.

"Get up. Your getting another call."


I grab my phone from her hands and press the answer button.


"Hello?" I say.

"Hey Heather, It's Ashton again."

"Hey Ashton." I smile.


Sydney gives me a confused look, but i mouth to her 'later'. Ashton just wanted to call and talk, which I thought was amazing.

After twenty minutes on the phone, Ashton had to go. I say goodbye and hangup.


"Ashton? When did you meet an Ashton?" Sydney asks.

"Last night. I didn't want to wake you to tell you the news until you were awake."

"What news?"

"They chose me for the vacation, and they called me last night to tell me."

"What?! That's great!" She smiled, but i could tell there was something off.

"What's wrong" I ask.

"I'm just upset that you didn't wake me."

"You were sleeping though." I say. I knew there was an argument coming up.

"Yeah, but still. We tell each other everything."


We argued back and forth for 5 more minutes when she said something that made irate.


"You know what Heather?!" She said raising her voice more, "I'm done with you. You are bragging about this and thinking your top shit when actually your not-"

"Top shit? I'm not even bragging about this. You're getting the wrong idea. Where did you even pull this out of, your ass?"

"You are bragging about this!! You have this light smirk on your face and your dragging this out!"

"Dragging it out huh! Fine, if you think I'm dragging this out why don't you get out?"

"Gladly!! And Heather, when I said I was done with you, I meant it. I don't want to see, every."

"Ok, child! But get used to seeing me because I'm going to be on every fucking magazine." I shout


She flicks me off and storms out. I watch her leave the front door and to her car. In the process, she knocked over my foster moms plants. She peels out of the driveway and onto the dirt road.


~3 hours later~


I was laying on my bed when something on Sydney's snapchat caught my eye. She had a video of her burning all of my stuff i gave her. A penguin for her birthday with the card, our pictures together in the photo booth, my clothes I have over at her house, and the bracelet i spent months making her. 

It felt like my heart was ripping and i could feel the tears well up in my eyes. I should've expected this, but I didn't know she would take it this far. I started crying, knowing i lost my best friend for something stupid. Wait, why am i crying? It's not my fault, she started this shit because of jealousy. 

I furiously wiped my tears away and started texting Ashton.


'Hey Ashton. I just got into an argument with my friend.'I sent, i waited a few minutes before another text popped up.

'Hey Heather, I'm sorry for the news. This is Luke by the way, Ashton has been using my phone to talk to you, but here is his number.' He gave me the number


I texted the same thing back and waited another few minutes.




Hey guys!! Sorry this is so crappy and short. The chapters will get longer and better, trust me:)

But please follow me, I will follow you back. Thanks!!! :)



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