Apples on the Tree

A dairy of an anti-social 16-year-old girl. Bad teachers, cool few friends, mean people, finding herself in the society and cute guys who talk to her.


5. Two Brothers & Will Miss You Friends

April 26, 2017

   So when I was at school during Biology Smiley asked me for some paper, I didn't hear him. So, when I turned around and gave him a sheet of paper he said exactly this. "Thank you, Boo," well it might be exactly that. I didn't want to show too much of my expression so what I did was have a bit of a disgusted look on my face, but when I turned around so he can't see my face I was smiling so much. If my skin was lighter than my face it would be completely red. I've noticed he flirts to a lot of the girls. Also, how he has a lot of confidence in his looks. Lots of times when I glance at him he seems to be either touching his face or staring into space or talking to his friend who I'll call 'Pisces Boy'. If you met Smiley you'd think he's cute too. 

  Smiley has an older brother. Let's call him Giraffe' not because he's the tallest in high school but yesterday he was actually okay with being called a giraffe. Both Smiley and Giffard are the tallest in high school. Today, was a sports banquet so when I saw Smiley wearing white loose jeans and a blue shirt, I couldn't help but stare. He was honestly one of the top cutest guys. Giraffe, on the other hand, he's handsome. He has moments when he's very adorable and weird just like Smiley.

   I almost cried today. When the basketball coach was talking about an aspect he liked about one of my friends who's a senior I almost got teary. I'm gonna has him and the rest of the seniors graduating. My friend the basketball player, let's call him 'Cute' just because he's so adorable and a decent guy. A few months ago Cute and another senior friend of mine who's Asian walked me home from school. Which is something I may always remember. Even though my house was only like 8 minutes away, it's the thought that counts. That's what made it special and made me happy. So, when Cute, my Asian friend and my other two friends in 12th-grade friends graduate... It's going to be boring during lunch because they were the ones who made being at lunch fun for me if it wasn't for them. I would have quiet lunch most of the time. I'm going to miss the sexual jokes and talks, the k-pop conversations, listening to music, and the random conversations we have. But that's just life. They're going to have to leave sooner or later. 

   Hopefully, I'll be able to make new friends who are as great or better than them.

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