Apples on the Tree

A dairy of an anti-social 16-year-old girl. Bad teachers, cool few friends, mean people, finding herself in the society and cute guys who talk to her.


4. Don't feel like going to school



   Hello. Holah. Annyeong. Good morning. Ohayogozaimasu. I really don't like the mornings. I'm glad I'm able to wake up since I know some people don't wake up from their sleep. I still don't like the mornings.

   One of the reasons why I would be glad to wake up is if my brother I haven't seen for a while shows up. Let's call him Sagittarius. Just because he is one.

   My first class is Language arts, which I really dislike, which is sad because I'm thinking about becoming a screenwriter. Also, am seriously thinking about being a psychologist, but don't know what kind yet. I'm not sure If I've already written that, but Oh well.

   I really like SoundCloud. It's the first music app that you can pretty much use without the internet. As long as it's on my playlist or liked videos I'm good. 

   Anyway, I'll write again hopefully when I get back from school. Good Bye. Sayonara. Adios. Annyeong.


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