Apples on the Tree

A dairy of an anti-social 16-year-old girl. Bad teachers, cool few friends, mean people, finding herself in the society and cute guys who talk to her.


1. An Apple Intro.


   A family of apples and an apple 16 years old still finding her way in the world. I don't want to say my real name. You can just call me A.M. Not because I was born in the morning or it sounds cool, but it's the initials of my middle and last name. Not very unique, but oh well.

   Today, was an ok day. The cutest guy in my class flirted with me today. He said something like 'Honey, can I use your book?' I looked at him like he was crazy and got up and let him use it.

  That's the thing with my life. Not much happens, but for some reason, the cutest guys always seem to talk to me, an anti-social girl who's looking forward to something exciting to happy.

  Just an apple waiting to be picked by someone.

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