Apples on the Tree

A dairy of an anti-social 16-year-old girl. Bad teachers, cool few friends, mean people, finding herself in the society and cute guys who talk to her.


2. An Apple Growing up

April 25, 2017 - 6:30AM

  It's the morning and as usual ever since Highschool started I've always been the first one to wake up and get ready. 16 in 9th grade, you may be thinking if I stayed back a year or two or started school late, but It's because my birthday is earlier than everyone else's, Feb.27, 2001.

   I'm the second oldest, the first is the tallest and the cutest guy in my class. Let's call him Smiles since he always seems to be smiling 24/7. Smiles, who is also the one who had called me 'Honey' in the beginning of this.

  So, I go to a private school, but it seems like any other schools to me. At least they don't act as bad. And as in bad, I mean cursing the students out or smoking in school grounds and you can't really say fights happen.    

   Because if one did the annoying principal that no one seems to like, let's call this principal NoFun because she always seems to ruin stuff for the students and including me. She treats the only janitor we have who is supposedly a woman like...Anyway, I'll be writing more when I get home from school later. Right now I want to catch up on K-pop and Asian dramas. Also, see what's on V Live.

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