2. 1

Bleep bleep

I groan, and roll over. Rubbing my eyes and grabbing my phone, holding it over my face. My sleepy eyes crying from the contact of light, begging for me to shut them and let them rest. My Twitter, had 50+ notifications, probably those fake DMs you get when you follow someone.. I shake my head and click onto the app, seeing Harry’s tweet, i like it, then i head to my DMS that has the number five in a bubble in the corner of the envelope. I open up the first one with the bio name of LH Penguin 96 I cringe at the name and look at the DM that was sent.


Didn't know you had twitter.. I cock my head and reply back.

Who is this? The typing bubbles show up, right away.

Just your ol’ friend Luke ;) How  the hell did he get my twitter… now I definitely understand the bio name. LH for Luke Hemmings and 96 for the year he was born in.. not sure about the penguin tho.  I'm not gonna let him fuck me up so I go to the next one, Calum.

Bitch answer me.


I see you reading it, answer me! Wow, real calm there. I sigh and see the next one is from Ashton, he's not as bad, but he can be a pissy little bitch.



Answer me..

C’mon hoe ..  i roll my eyes, not taking any offense, the next one is from random korean dude, so i skip over that. The last one, is, oh...IT'S FUCKING THE GUY I LIKE FROM SCHOOL!

Hello. I get nervous.

Hi? I reply back. Wassup.

Nothing much, how about you?

Eating food. I smile.

Ha, cool, so i was wondering...i liked you for awhile now, will you er go out with me?

Oh lordy lord, stay calm Alayna, stay the fuck calm.


Ok see you at school Layna :3

I toss my phone down, smiling like an idiot. I can't wait to see him tomorrow.


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