And then there's Emma

Emma Berg seems to be a normal girl and a good student. But the day her family plans to go to America to escape the nazis invading Denmark, a letter comes. A letter addressed to her. Emma Rachel Berg. It says she has been accepted to a school in Massachusetts. A school she never applied to. A school called Ilvermorny. A school... of magic.


2. The Letter, and America

I lay silently on the hard mattress on the boat. It was the last night, and tomorrow we would get to Boston. But I wasn't thinking about that. The only thing on my mind, ever since the day we left, was the letter. The letter that was made of thick, yellow parchment. The letter that somehow got past the censors. Despite having it memorized, I picked it up and read it again.

Dear Miss Berg, it said, 

Congratulations! You have been accepted to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We will expect you to come to Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts on September 5 for the short ride to Ilvermorny. Extra information is included, as well as a list of school supplies and an introduction to magic. 

Best wishes,

Maia Boot

Also in the envelope was a piece of paper with lots of writing on it. I hadn't read this yet. I just had time to read the first paragraph before the captain shouted 

"Fiiiive minutes! Five minutes 'till we get there! Fiiiive minutes!"

The piece of paper said:

Welcome to the Magical world! This letter probably came as a surprise to you, and even more, the magic. Now, you may be thinking this is some big joke. We can assure you that it is not. Have you ever done anything you couldn't explain? That was your magic. Your parents are not magical, or are concealing their magic.This means they are    No-Majes. (like 'no magic')

Here I was cut off by the captain's shouting. I hurriedly stuffed the letter into my suitcase and got dressed. I smoothed down my hair and tied it back with a ribbon. It was silly, but I wanted to look nice for America. As if it were seeing me for the first time, not just me seeing it.

"We've entered the USA, everyone! Welcome!" the captain shouted. I grabbed my suitcase and rushed to find Maman and Papa. I took their hands it mine and slowly stepped of the deck of the ship. I saw tall, tall buildings and big, big factories. I saw a green, green park. I saw throngs of people going up and down the streets, some looking hurried, some relaxed. I saw America.


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