And then there's Emma

Emma Berg seems to be a normal girl and a good student. But the day her family plans to go to America to escape the nazis invading Denmark, a letter comes. A letter addressed to her. Emma Rachel Berg. It says she has been accepted to a school in Massachusetts. A school she never applied to. A school called Ilvermorny. A school... of magic.


3. Learning More

"Come, darling," Maman called.

"Coming!" I replied. We were escalating the stairs to our new apartment, and I was marveling at the wonderful artwork on the walls. I tore my self away from a particularly good painting of a tree surrounded in red and yellow grass. It made me feel... peaceful, for some reason. I hurried up the staircase to catch up with her. 

"Which one are we?" I asked as Maman, Papa, and I got to the top. Facing us was a row of fancy mahogany doors with gold numbers on them. There were more pictures on the walls, and thick red carpeting on the floor. Tall white pillars stood guard every few feet, and there was even an elevator. 

"Apartment three fifty-six, apparently," Maman told me. I scanned the gold numbers until I found ours. 356 hung proudly on the dark wood paneling of the second door to the right. I walked over and turned the elaborately carved handle. And I stepped into a palace.


That night, as I lay among the soft pillows and blankets, my mind wandered back to the letter I'd gotten. Quietly, so as not to wake Maman and Papa, I tiptoed overt to my suitcase and retrieved the paper. I started from where I had had to stop.

You, however, are not a No-Maj. You are magical, and that is something to be proud of.

As a witch or wizard, you can do many things no non-magical human could even imagine. But it is important to remember that you are human too. No witch or wizard is any greater than a No-Maj just for their magical abilities. It is certainly something to be proud of, but it is not okay to think of it as a skill or talent that makes you better than others. There are also a few laws you must abide to. The most important ones are:

1. You must never do magic in front of any No-Maj. 

2. No-Majes are never to be informed of the existence of Magic.

3. You can not do magic outside of school until you are 17.

4. You are not to have any sort of relationship with No-Majes besides close family.

Of course, parents, siblings and anyone else living with you may be told that magic exists. However, there are no other exceptions to these rules. For further information read Rules and Laws of the American Wizarding World by Evelyne Handock. We hope this has helped you. If you have any other questions, just send an owl addressed to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Best Wishes, 

Martha Boot


My head was still spinning trying to process all the new information. I believed it, but it was kind of crazy to think about. And I still had so many other questions. What did they mean by 'send an owl'? Did post come by owls? And would I know how to do all this magic stuff? If my parents were No-Majes, or whatever they're called, how was I magical? How does magic even exist? And... How  was I going to tell my parents? I bit my lip, imagining their faces when I told them. I had to, it was getting close to when I would start school. I had a fortnight to get used to living here before I would either go to Park Street School, or this other, magical, school. I made up my mind that I would do it in the morning. I lay down to sleep, suddenly realizing how tired I was. I said a silent prayer before falling into a deep, deep sleep



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