And then there's Emma

Emma Berg seems to be a normal girl and a good student. But the day her family plans to go to America to escape the nazis invading Denmark, a letter comes. A letter addressed to her. Emma Rachel Berg. It says she has been accepted to a school in Massachusetts. A school she never applied to. A school called Ilvermorny. A school... of magic.


1. Prologue

July 10, 1941

As I went to pick up the mail for the last time here in France, I stopped for a minute and looked around. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Then another. And another. I wanted to remember everything about my life here when I was in America. Even the little things like getting the mail.

Eventually I stopped and picked up the envelopes on the ground. I frowned. There seemed to be more than usual. Fanning them out, I stepped back into the hallway. And I gasped. Because in between the various blue onion-skin envelopes containing letters and threats, all censored, was a thick, yellow-white envelope. With no tape on the side. How did this get past the censors? I thought. And the paper is so thick... you can never get stuff like this any more. I flipped it over, fascinated and more than a little scared. To: Amelie Rachel Berg, it read. I gasped for a second time that minute. Because this letter... It was addressed to me.

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