Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


9. 9

Hyena remained motionless as he smiled and his body slowly descended to the bottom of the tank when an invisible, large, gloved hand grabbed him from behind, yanked him out of the water and slammed Hyena’s back on the grated catwalk causing Hyena to spit out a large wad of water.  A cocky, shrill voice spoke (over the echoing noise of gun fire), “What are you trying to do, kill yourself?” Hyena looked up to see a rabbit staring coldly at him in his orange jumpsuit and Hyena stared at him as if in disbelief.  The rabbit asked with growing anger, “What are you staring at fuck face?” Hyena replied, “Oh, I’m just wondering when I am going to get my easter egg.” The rabbit pulled out its clawed hand as he looked at Hyena with furious rage and yelled in anger, but before he could swipe at him the same large gloved hand fell between them and a low deep voice said, “Ho.” Hyena looked up further to see a towering, large man with a white beard standing before him and Hyena gawked and asked himself, “Is it me or am I seeing Santa Claus?” The large man smiled down at him and replied happily, “Ho!” The rabbit spoke, “In your dreams.  He dressed up as Santa Claus during the holidays on his world when they kidnapped him and when they drowned him in that Ace chemical they created it turned him into what he desired to be.  In this case a steroid version of Santa Claus.” And the rabbit made a disgusted look at the man that looked like Santa Claus as he looked down at the rabbit and made a hurtful reply, “Ho.” A male voice yelled, “FREEZE!” They looked back to see two men in riot gear aiming their assault rifles, with knifes sticking out the muzzle, at them.  One of the men spoke, “Put your hands...” In a flash, Hyena tackled one of the riot geared soldiers and knocked the other, beside him, down to the ground as well as Hyena immediately shoved his right hand into the ribs of the soldier he tackled and tore out one of the bones of his rib cage as the soldier screamed in agony.  Hyena looked at the bloody bone and back at the soldier, that now has an agonizing expression, grinning from ear to ear as he said, “Looks like I took your funny bone.” He made a hideous, high pitch laugh as the soldiers tried to pull out their rifles, only to be stabbed, repeatedly to death as Hyena stabbed them with the torn bone, sending blue and green blood flying around him while the rabbit and the Santa Claus impersonator looked on with surprised expressions till Hyena stopped.  The rabbit spoke, “You are crazy.” Hyena looked back, with a wide grin still on his face, and replied, “Says the fowl mouthed rabbit.” The rabbit cringed in anger and was about to step forward when they heard the sound of multiple boot falls and they looked back to see more riot geared soldiers running towards them and Hyena frowned and said, “Time to leave.” And he grabbed the knives from the two dead soldiers and ran past the rabbit and the Santa Claus impersonator before they could.


    The soldiers fired their assault rifles and bullets filled the air as Hyena and the Santa Claus impersonator ran while the rabbit hooped rapidly alongside them till they ran down some short steps before the entrance of a hallway beneath the control center and took cover beneath the walkway they came from and the rabbit yelled, “Great, now we are rats in a trap!” Hyena was about to laugh till the rabbit yelled over the gunfire, “Don’t even!” Suddenly there was a sound of multiple rifle bolts being drawn back as about a dozen soldiers stood in front of Hyena and the others with their rifles aimed at them and the leader of the group yelled, “EXECUTE THEM!” And the Santa Claus impersonator and the rabbit (with his ears stood all the way up) watched on with stunned expressions as Hyena looked on, smiling.  Suddenly large, intertwined, tree roots struck and blew apart the leader of the riot geared soldiers and blew apart the wall behind Hyena and the others (as they ducked for cover) before the clump of roots immediately swung to the left and struck the rest of the soldiers and they blew apart into clumps of bark or splintered wood before they could get away and the roots shredded the walls and the rooms behind Hyena and the others (leaving chunks of metal debris and wood in its path) before the roots pulled back.


    Hyena and the others looked up to see chunks of metal of wood scattered all about them (including a severed, wooden hand in front of Hyena) and Hyena looked on in delight while the rabbit and the Santa Claus impersonator looked stunned and the rabbit asked, “What the hell just happened?” A female voice called out, “I just happened!” They looked up to see a black haired woman stepping out hurriedly from the smoke, from one of the smoke grenades, and jumped down and stood in front of the wrecked hallway and she looked back and noticed they were still looking at her and she yelled out, “Well do you want to get out, or do you rather die!” Hyena broke the silence as he stretched out his arms and open hands and yelled out with delight, “I love her!” The woman rolled her eyes and turned away to start running when suddenly she saw a soldier standing right in front of her with his side arm pointed directly at her face.  She began to gasp in shock as the soldier began to pull the trigger when suddenly there was an angry grunt and the Hyena stabbed the soldier directly in the face as he tackled him to the ground and stabbed him two more times in the face as he laughed before he stopped, turned back to the woman (who had her hand to cover her mouth as she watched wide eyed) and said, “I think its better if we get our toys before we leave, don’t you think honey buns?” The woman moved her hand away as she glared at him and replied angrily, “The name’s Tina, not honey buns asshole.” Hyena grinned menacingly  as he made a short, low cackle before he and the others ran down the hallway.


    They entered a room where the left side wall (facing where the inmates were held) was gone and the shelves, where the wall was, was blown apart and material and possessions are scattered on the deck leaving the shelves on the right side and standing shelves in the center completely intact.  Hyena raised his hands up and exclaimed, “Everyone, grab your toys!” They moved past Hyena and looked about the shelves as the rabbit tore off his orange jumpsuit and grabbed a basket that held, what appears to be, colorfully designed eggs and the Santa Claus impersonator grabbed, what appears to be, a Santa Claus suit and a large bag with a large metal rod attached to it and a whip before going behind one of the shelves and began changing his clothes.  Tina grabbed a brown and green leather jacket, pants and shoes before hiding behind one of the shelves as well while Hyena noticed a room in the far back with canisters labeled “Ace Chemicals” and he rubbed his hands and with a villainous grin and a low cackle as Hyena spoke, “Wonder what goodies have they made for me.” And he hopped his way to the room with a look of glee on his face.


    Hyena entered the room and grabbed the nearest duffle bag, to his right, before he hopped around the room flinging and shoving the spray like canisters into the bag as he went before leaving the room and noticed The Santa wearing a Santa Claus suit (holding a bag held by a metal rod slung over his shoulder and whip), The Rabbit wearing a loose brown leather jacket and shorts holding his basket with what appears to be eggs and Tina Tree all geared up and ready to go.  Hyena extended his right hand to the exit and yelped happily, “Time to leave greeters!” They all looked shocked as Rabbit reached out and yelped, “Hey wait!” Hyena did not hear him as he danced out and right before him stood three riot geared soldiers pointing semi-automatic rifles at him.  Hyena suddenly stopped and made a sad expression as he said, “Oh oh.” The ventilation grate behind him pooped out and a red and black suited asian woman (with long black hair and wearing a white mask covering her entire face) hung out upside down and pointed two double barreled pistols at the soldiers before Hyena and fired.  The bullets shot through the foreheads of the first two soldiers before bouncing off the walls and converging on the soldiers left and right temples in the back and his head exploded before his headless body crumpled to the floor.  Hyena looked behind him with a wide smile on his face as the woman flipped down before him and Hyena shook his fists with a statistic look on his face and he spoke happily, “That was great!  I hope you can join our little band missy!” The woman spoke, “Its Marksman, not missy.  And we better leave before more reinforcements arrive.” Rabbit asked angrily, “And how do you plan on getting us out of here?” Suddenly there was a small explosion followed by a flushing sound and then the sound of a waterfall before Marksman replied, “Back the way you came.” She ran back out before the others followed leaving Rabbit behind as he said to himself, “Damnit.” Before hopping behind to catch up and when he did he noticed they all stood around and over the tank (where Hyena previous fell into as he escaped the control center) and when he looked down and into it he saw a black bottomless hole with only a view of a waterfall dropping water into the blackness.  Rabbit yelped, “HELL NO!” Marksman looked right at him and said, “It’s not as bad as it looks rabbit.  Only water at the bottom, and it’s not far down.” Suddenly bullets whizzed past their heads and they looked (as they ducked their heads) and saw more riot guards before them on the far side of the building pointing their guns at them.


    Full of rage, Tina threw her hands up, towards the guards shooting at them, and from her hands issued forth what appears to be tree trunks as they speed towards their assailants.  Two guards barely have enough time to yelp as the trunks slammed/crushed them as they smashed through the steel walls behind them and Tina yelled in anger as she waved her arms (more like tree trunks) and the tree trunks ripped through the steel walls and doors, even as the far wall exploded outwards and the tree trunks swung about on the outside as the light poured in, while knocking or sideswiping the riot guards in there paths.  Large and small chunks of metal debris flew about into the air as Rabbit and the others watched in awe while Hyena smiled broadly at the wrath of Tina’s destruction before he laughed over the screams and yells of the riot guards (that are being thrown about, crushed or shredded to bloody pieces in Tina’s path), making some of the others look at him with worrisome expressions and Hyena screamed with delight, “THAT’S HOW YOU FUCK’EM UP BABY!  HAHAHAHAHA!” Tina then pulled her arms back (as they returned to normal) and she and the others saw the sunlight pouring in from the outside with a view of the sky leaving a hill size pile of debris before them and not a single body of the riot guards is visible among the debris.  Rabbit looked up at Tina (a little stunned) and said, “I’ll make a note not to piss you off.” Over the sounds of various alarms they heard the sound of thundering boot falls and Marksman yelled, “Time to go!” Rabbit looked up at her and yelped angrily, “Hey!  I’m not jumping into...” Suddenly Marksman kicked Rabbit in the butt and he flew/fell into the black abyss, making a high rabbit pitch scream all the way down, till there was a sound of a splash that did not sound too far.  The Santa then jumped saying, “Ho Hooooooooo!” All the way down till there was a larger splash.  Tina hesitated and held up her right hand, blocking Marksman’s way, and said anxiously, “Wait a minute!  I don’t like water!” Hyena yelped behind her, “Then its time to love it!” And he shoved her, behind the back hard, and she fell thrashing and screaming all the way down till there was another splash.  There was a loud explosion to Marksman and Hyena’s right as a section of a wall exploded and they saw multiple riot geared soldiers charging through, but just as Marksman pulled out her sidearms, Hyena threw his duffle bag into her arms and she looked at him through her mask with her eyes wide with surprise when Hyena said, “Take care of my goodies!” And with one hard kick she fell into the black abyss as she yelped in anger.  The soldiers ran up before Hyena, with their assault rifles pointed at him, and one of the soldiers yelled, “Don’t move you freak!” Hyena grinned as he raised his hands and gave them the middle finger as he fell, back first, into the black abyss and yelled with delight, “Motherfuckaaaaaa!” And as he fell the soldiers ran up and looked down with apprehension and surprised looks on their faces as they watched Hyena fell and disappear as he yelled all the way down till he was cut off by a sound of a splash. 

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