Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


8. 8

A klaxon alarm goes off and people in riot gear ran about in a chemical factory and pass the holding cells as inmates began yelling.  In a control center, over looking the factory at one end and the holding cells on the other, four chemical suited people operated the controls surrounding the circular control center as a riot geared soldier (with his mouth covered like the others) entered and one of the chemical suited men in the front of the control center yelled, to the other on his left, “Have all security personnel report in immediately!  I’ll prepare to neutralize all the test subjects!” The riot geared soldier approached, briskly, to the chemical suited man in front of the control center and he asked, “Are all transports to the facility secured?” The man replied, “Yes, all cargo trucks, helicopters and various modes of transportation are all accounted for.  We know he is posing as one of the guards and are having all personal report in immediately.” The guard replied (with a hint of satisfaction), “Good.  Where are the controls to release the prisoners?” The man looked at him in shock and asked with a raised tone of voice, “Excuse me?” The guard looked at him with bright blue eyes and a broad smile beneath his mask before he tore the mask off his mouth and cheeks in one move of his left hand and immediately grabbed the chemical suited man by the throat and slammed the back of his head on the controls as Hyena revealed himself.  The other chemical suited men and women in the control room noticed and immediately ran out as couple of them screamed in fright before Hyena slammed his left hand on a red button that caused the entranceway glass doors to close and lock.  Hyena (with his hideous, broad smile) stared down at the terrified controller with his hand over his throat and the other holding a sharp shard of glass over his mouth and he asked, “What do I press to open the cells?” The man stammered and replied, “I am not tell a psychopath like...” Suddenly Hyena stabbed the man directly in the face, in one thrust, and drove the glass shard so deep that it stuck to the control console as Hyena said, “You’re not smiling!” He let go of the man, letting his body limp as the shard of glass stuck to his face held his head onto the control console, and let his hands ran over the various console buttons, levers and visual screens (while keeping his head down) and he asked himself (as he made a low cackle in the back of his throat), “I wonder what they do for their enjoyment here?” 


    Hyena looked over the console and saw a label that said, “Containment cell doors” and a small keypad and screen beneath it and another label right next to it that read, “Security turrets” and six buttons beneath it labeled 1 through 6.  Hyena smiled broadly as he clapped and rubbed his hands together (over the pounding sounds of the doors behind him as both security and chemical suited people tried to get in) and said, “Now we’re going to have fun.” There was a smash sound as the glass doors cracked from the riot geared soldiers pounding the butts of their rifles to the doors and Hyena keyed a few words below the small screen and the words “Eliminate all security and non inmate personnel.” Appeared and Hyena stretched his arms out, smiled with his eyes closed and said happily as he threw his arms open, “Let the fun begin.” At that moment the glass doors smashed in and Hyena dived, slammed his hand on the red button and the gun turrets suddenly moved and took aim before unleashing over a hundred rounds per minute on their targets.  The security riot geared soldiers and chemical suited personnel looked in shock as they were ripped apart with black blood, limbs and clothing flew about around the control center’s entrance.  The people imprisoned in their cells took cover either beneath their beds or behind their sinks as bullets flew about and security personnel tried to take cover or run only to be riddled with bullets either in the back or front, all the while Hyena laid on his back as bullets from the turrets flew over his head and glass over and around Hyena as he waved his hands over his head and behind (in a drunk manner) as he laughed in amusement over the screams of security and other personnel and cheers from the inmates.


    Various klaxon alarms and lights went off as pipes, tanks and various control panels were riddled with bullets and either leaked or sent sparks flying in the air even as the gun turrets ran out of bullets.  There are multiple moans and cries of pain even as some of the security guards struggled to stand and Hyena jumped up with his arms and hands out wide and he yelled excitedly, “Isn’t this great!” He then pointed at the inmates with an open left hand and called out, “Why should I have all the fun!  There’s plenty enough to go around!” He pressed his pointing finger on a button and A female voice spoke from the intercom (as the cell doors opened to the surprise expressions of the inmates), “Emergency protocol 9 activated.  All personnel must evacuate the building immediately.” Many of the inmates yelled in joy as they all ran out of their cells and Hyena screamed, “LETS ALL HAVE SOME FUN!” All of a sudden a swarm of riot geared soldiers entered the far side of the building and charged at the inmates when the inmates began displaying unusual powers with one female inmate punching/touching the guards closest to her, causing them to suddenly turn them into tree versions of themselves while another shot feathers from his hands and struck down many of the riot geared soldiers.  Then Hyena noticed some soldiers running onto the catwalk on the other side of the building and pulled out either their assault or sniper rifles and Hyena immediately jumped onto the top of the control console and leapt out with his hands and arms out wide, with his head back, as he fell and landed inside a tank filled with water.

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