Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


7. 7

The room is filled with a high, hair raising, pitched laughter as Raphael laughed beneath his wide grin (with a crazed expression) as he bared razor like sharp teeth and the man, that had interrogated Raphael, was able to overcome his shock and he screamed, “GET HYENA, NOW!” The other man activated his cattle prod and lunged towards Raphael, only (as Raphael continued to make his high pitched laugh) to suddenly be in Raphael’s grasp and in one swing Raphael threw the man at the two way viewing window, smashing through it.  The interrogator gasped in shock and Raphael snapped his head in his direction (smiling) and the man looked terrified and he suddenly turned towards the door and reached for the button to open it till Raphael lunged at him and yanked the back of the man’s collar and slammed his back to the deck.  Before he could try to get up Hyena is already on top of him holding a large shard of glass over his face.   The man screamed in fright and Hyena immediately began stabbing him directly in face, repeatedly, as black blood flew into the air as he laughed.  The two men from the other room immediately began climbing into the other room and Hyena immediately leapt up, swung the bloody shard of glass and sliced open one of the two men’s throat sending black blood spraying into the room as the man grasped at his own throat and began choking on his own blood as he fell back into the previous room.  The other man grasped Hyena’s shoulders only to be overpowered and Hyena grabbed him by the shirt and his head and slammed the back of the man’s head into one of the protruding sharp edges of what’s left of the two way, thick glass viewing window.  The tip of the glass edge protruded from the man’s forehead and Hyena began slamming the back of the dead man’s head into the same spot, sending black blood and pieces of his head flaying into the air or fell to the deck, all the while Hyena made a high pitch laugh in delight.  The man’s head broke to pieces of being repeatedly stabbed and Hyena let the man’s headless (or what’s left of his head) body fell to the deck as Hyena smiled down at the black covered deck, where pieces of the man’s head was still attached to his body, till he heard the sound of the door being opened from behind.


    Hyena immediately swung his right hand into the liquid below his chair as two riot geared men entered the room and Hyena blew at his right open hand and the liquid sprayed into the air at the men’s faces.  The men immediately dropped their guns and covered their faces as they turned around and bend over as they screamed in agony and their faces melted into their hands.  Hyena laughed, as the men screamed in agony, and another riot geared soldier appeared and aimed a shotgun directly at Hyena’s face.  Hyena continued to smile, broadly, even as he stared down directly through the barrel of the shotgun pointing at his face.  The man in riot gear screamed, “GET DOWN...” Before he could finish Hyena smacked the shotgun away with his left hand, grabbed him by the collar with his right and threw him down (head first) into the green/yellow bubbling liquid as the riot man looked wide eyed as he watched as he was smashed through the electric chair Raphael (Hyena) was strapped onto and is submerged into the liquid.  The riot geared soldier’s legs thrashed about as the liquid changed color and he suddenly stopped as the rest of his body submerged into the bubbling liquid.  At the same moment as Hyena dumped the riot geared soldier into the bubbling liquid, another soldier grabbed Hyena from behind and began choking him with his riot baton, only for Hyena to grab the riot soldier’s bottom jaw and neck and in one thrust he ripped the soldier’s head off.  Hyena looked at the dead soldier’s face and saw the soldier’s last expression was a look of pain and Hyena (smiling) spoke, “You make one horrible jack o’ lateen.” There is a sound of rapid boot falls and Hyena grabbed a smoke grenade from the headless soldier’s body and broke off the discharge valve on the deck, allowing all the smoke to spray out, and once the grenade is empty he dunked the canister into the bubbling liquid till it is filled.  Hyena cackled, “This is going to be fun!”  He then threw the grenade into the hallway as outside a dozen riot geared soldiers approached the doorway and Hyena waved and put his hands beneath his chin as he cocked his head (as he continued to smile) and said, “Bye, bye!” and he immediately grabbed the assault rifle (from the headless soldier’s body) and fired at the doorway causing one of the bullets to strike the grenade, causing it to explode into a lime green gas and he lowered his assault rifle and laughed over the cries/screams of agony out in the hallway.  The riot soldier’s screamed in agony as they threw their hands to their faces and their eyes and faces melted while the rest of their bodies melted beneath there clothing, causing pools of black blood and various other liquids (as their skin and other organs within their bodies melted) formed all over the deck till only skeletons and wet clothing remain.  Hyena stuck his head out and looked down at each end of the hallway with a broad smile on his face and bright blue eyes and he stated, “Sounds like they had a bit of fun.” He stepped out into the hallway as he made a low laugh as he stood over one of the melted soldiers, clapped his hands, rubbed them together as he smiled broadly and said, “Now for some more fun.” And he made a villainous low cackle. 

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