Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


6. 6

There was the sound of a woman screaming and Raphael suddenly opened his eyes to see he is strapped down onto a gurney with two men wearing blue uniforms and have rigged noses standing over him.  Raphael yelled, “Where’s Dani?” One of the two men replied, “She is in the other room undergoing what you are going through right now.” The other man stepped to the side and suddenly Raphael cringed in pain as he was electrocuted and his body shook till the electrocution stopped and he breathed heavily.  The man asked, “Now who is responsible for breaking you out from your owner?” Raphael smiled and replied, “Your fairy god mother.” The man looked at him blankly as Raphael was electrocuted again and tried to keep from screaming out in pain till it stopped again.  The man said, “I see you still have your sense of humor.  In order to ensure Lord Serenity doesn’t destroy Zhargosia or any of our colonies we must obey his demands.” Raphael cut in and said, “You know he’s bluffing, because before my brother disappeared he destroyed Serenity’s ship and the weapon he could have used to destroy planets.” The man said, “Lord Serenity told us Michael is dead.  Cyborg or not, there is no way he could have survived the crash as Serenity’s ship crashed onto the planet’s surface.  Anyway even if its true we can’t afford to take that chance and deny what Lord Serenity demands of us.” Raphael laughed aloud, “You are such cowards!  I have seen cowards before, but you and the people of Zhargosia are the worst cowards I have ever seen!  I can’t believe Zhargosia tolerates terrorism!” The man glared at him and spoke aloud, “Enough of this!” He snapped his fingers and the gurney elevated up, almost 90 degrees, and the wall panel in front of him opened up to show a two way mirror and Dani strapped onto a chair, looking exhausted and wet with sweat and tears while two rigged nosed men stood side by side.


    Raphael stared blankly as his clinched his fists and his muscles tightened and the man next to him pressed a button on the console before him and stated, “Put her in position.” The man to the left of Dani went behind her and pulled out two metal buckets of iced water and set them before him, all the while Dani looked at the buckets full of fear as her eyes widen, and the headrest to Dani’s chair fell back and one of the two men pulled Dani’s head back and tightened the straps.  Dani closed her mouth tight as the other man came up and put a device around her mouth and inserted two probes through Dani’s lips and against Dani’s will her mouth opened wide as she struggled to close her mouth, but to no avail.  The man in front of Raphael turned to him and spoke, “Your girlfriend has the ability to shot fire from her mouth.  Do you want to see what happens when ice cold water is poured down her throat?” The man that picked up the buckets of water before picked one of them up and held it over Dani’s face, almost to the point of dumping its contents, as Dani looked up in shear terror and moaned loudly as she struggled under her straps.  Raphael struggled on the gurney as he tried to break free and yelled, “No!  You will kill her!” The man before Raphael asked loudly, “Then answer the question!  Who is responsible for breaking you out?” Raphael took a few deep breaths, looked at the man, as he smiled, and replied, “Come on man.  Let her go.  I’ll tell you everything if....” The man looked wide eyed and yelled, “You think you can stall us!” He suddenly pressed the same button and yelled, “Do it!” Raphael yelled, “No!” As Dani looked wide eyed as the man dumped the bucket of ice water onto her face, directly over her open mouth.  


    Dani twitched in her seat as she tried to spit the water out, but to no avail, as she choked till the man emptied the bucket and sat it aside.  Dani coughed as she tried to breath and Raphael, as well as their captures, noticed steam issuing forth from her mouth.  The man to Dani’s right turned away and looked down at a small console along the right wall before looking up and stated, “Sir, it seems she was able evaporate most of the water before it could take full effect.” The man before Raphael pressed the button and said, “Then use the waterboarding method.” The man in the other room replied, “Yes sir.” And the man went behind Dani and pulled out a towel as the other man lifted up the last bucket and held it over Dani’s face while the other man pulled the towel over her mouth and Dani began to twitch and made muffling screams as she looked terrified at the bucket over her.  Raphael twitched and yanked at the restraints that is holding him down, but could not break free, as he groaned and growled in anger and yelled, “You son of bitch!  I was not stalling!  I’m trying to be fucking reasonable to you cowardly idiots!” The man looked at the other behind Raphael and yelled (with a hint of apprehension), “Do it!” The man pulled a lever all the way down and Raphael cringed his teeth hard as he twitched in his seat as he was being electrocuted.  Steam then began to issue forth from his body and as Raphael cringed and groaned in agony, blood began to seep through his gums around his teeth till the man in front of Raphael said aloud, “Enough!” And the electrocution stopped as Raphael slumped in his gurney and breathed heavily as sweat ran down all over his face and body.  The man came up to Raphael’s face and yelled with a hint of apprehension, “Answer the question now!” Raphael suddenly spat a wad of blood in the man’s face and the man jumped back and wiped his face as he yelped in surprise.  Raphael laughed as the blood glistened all over his gums and teeth and asked aloud, “Does that answer your question bloody face?” The man looked up, with most of the blood whipped off his face, in both shock and anger before he ran to the console, pressed the button and screamed, “AGAIN!” Raphael looked at Dani, who is strapped down helplessly, as the man began to dump another bucket of ice cold water as Raphael screamed, “NO!”


    The water and ice struck Dani’s face and she twitched and made loud muffled screams of agony as her throat began to light up yellow then just as it lighted up it suddenly disappeared.  Steam and black smoke issued forth from her ears and nose as the white towel (that is pulled over her mouth) grew a black spot where her mouth is and her eyes turned  red as her blood vessels pooped.  When the bucket was empty the man took the bucket away as the other man removed the towel and Dani began throwing up water as large black puffs of smoke blew forth from her mouth as her body and hair are soaking wet and water dripping all over the floor.  She made both choking and crying sounds as she twitched in her wet chair as Raphael sat helplessly as he watched her with tears running down his face.  The man approached him and spoke (as if trying to keep from yelling at him), “Answer, now.” Raphael continued to watch as Dani began to make gasping and when one of the men pulled the device away, that held her mouth open, Dani’s mouth open and closed as she looked at the ceiling wide eyed (as if she is a fish pulled from the water and struggling to breath) till the man in Raphael’s room stood right in front of him and spoke, “Answer.” Raphael breathed heavily as he glared at him with menacing eyes and replied lowly, “Go fuck your mother.” The man cringed in anger as he suddenly pulled a metal syringe from his side and stabbed Raphael in the right shoulder while Raphael made a loud grunt from the pain till the man removed it.  


    Raphael looked at where he stabbed him and saw blood running down from the shoulder wound and then back at the man as he smiled, made a short laugh and asked, “Nappy time?” The man looked grimly at him and replied, “No.  Pain.” Then Raphael did not smile anymore and suddenly he cried out in pain as he felt a tremendous burning sensation within his right shoulder and felt it coarse through his body and began twitching in his gurney in pain, all the while either screaming or made muffled cries of pain as sweat formed on his forehead, face and then throughout his entire body.  The man stood calmly as he spoke, “If you want the pain to end, then tell us who broke you out.” The only reply the man got was Raphael muffled screams as he cringed and twitched in pain when another rigged nose man appeared from Raphael’s right and said, “Sir we have an incoming transmission from Toxicon.” The man before Raphael looked wide eyed and his skin changed color from light brown to almost white as he quickly stepped away, leaving Raphael to face Dani.  As he tried to look at Dani he saw her head was back up and her brown hair is matted wet as her face looked both in sad and pain as small wisps of black smoke seeped through her lips as she made whizzing/muffled crying sounds.


    Raphael struggled to speak through the pain but was able to ask, “Are, you, o, kay?” Dani replied (with whizzing sounds), “I, can’t, do, it, any, more.  It, hurts, to, breath.” Raphael clinched his fists as he flexed his muscles and veins showed on his arms and chest (around his tank top) as he cringed and spoke firmly, “I, will, save you, Dani.  Just, hang on.  We, will, be, together, again.  I, promise.” The man walked to Raphael’s right and said, “Last chance.  If you still resist...” The floor below Dani’s chair opened to reveal her chair is held up by four rods beneath each leg as her chair is suspended over a bubbling blue liquid (almost like water).  Dani looked down and saw the blue liquid and her eyes widen and had a look of sheer horror as she twitched violently in her chair and made a croaking scream, “RAPHAEL! HELP ME!” Raphael suddenly trusted forward in his gurney as if trying to reach for Dani and yank the restraints off, but to no avail, even as he continued to thrust and yank his body forward all the while screaming, “DANI!  DANI!” The man went around and stood to the left of Raphael and spoke loudly, “Last chance!” Raphael glared at him with menacing, evil eyes and spoke in a deep voice, “Let her go, or I will kill you, badly.” Raphael suddenly stiffened and pulled his head back as his veins appeared on his neck as he strained from the intense pain before he was able to sit and the man looked shocked and yelled, “YOU THREATENED TO KILL ME!  A GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL!” He immediately ran to the console, pressed the same button and yelled franticly, “DROP HER!  DROP HER IN, NOW!” Dani looked at Raphael with sheer horror as Raphael looked into her terrified eyes, for the last time, and Dani yelled, “Raphael, I love...” before she could finish she suddenly dropped into the bubbling liquid and became fully submerged as Raphael screamed, “NO!” 


    The blue liquid bubbled more rapidly as Raphael cringed and strained/jerked in his seat as if he is trying to break free, but to no avail, as he yelled, “YOU SON OF A BITCH!” The man approached Raphael and spoke loudly, “If you want to live I suggest you answer my question now!” Raphael strained in his seat from the pain but stared at the man with intense anger as he glared into his eyes.  The man looked both terrified and shocked before grabbing Raphael’s collar and yelped, “Answer the question, now!” Raphael (through the intense pain) and yelled, “Go fuck yourself!” The man (with a shocked expression) backed away and immediately ran over to the controls in the back corner, pressed a button and turned up the dial all the way as Raphael is immediately electrocuted and began screaming in pain as his body jolted and shivered in his seat.


    The man turned to a blue reptilian like man standing next to him, and he stated, “Notify Lord Serenity that we have fulfilled his demands.” The reptilian man replied (over Raphael’s screams), “Yes sir.  We also have a communique from Lord Serenity that we are to resume the manhunt for Gabriel Valkyrie and Knowna Soon as they are interfering his plans.” The man replied, “Tell him it will be....” Raphael continued to scream in pain as electrical bolts danced around his body when, unknown to the others, he began to laugh.  It was barely audible over the sounds of the electricity till Raphael’s laugh grew louder and louder till the man, that was interrogating Raphael, stopped talking and he and the blue lizard person looked over at Raphael as they heard him laugh.  Suddenly the restraints holding Raphael snapped and Raphael leapt out of his seat and onto the floor surprising both the man and the person behind the console as they coward back.  They watched Raphael (with his back towards them and his clothes shredded due to electrical burns) as he sat there and the man pointed at him and yelped, “GET HIM BACK IN THE CHAIR NOW!” The lizard like man pulled out a cattle prod and stepped towards Raphael till they heard a low pitch laugh and he stopped where he stood.  The laugh grew louder and louder as Raphael ran his hands through his black/light blond hair till suddenly he snapped around to face them, and both men looked at Raphael with shock expressions that even the man, that interrogated Raphael’s, face looked drained of color. 

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