Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


5. 5

Kristy adjusted her bra and skirt as Raphael zipped up his pants and he smiled and said, “Now that was fun.” Kristy looked back at him and Raphael gave a sarcastic shock expression and said, “Sorry, my bad, I mean Dani.  Your stage name just slipped.” Dani smirked and said, “That’s okay, it...” Suddenly the front door swung open and slammed next to the mirror (causing loose photographs and items to fall to the floor) and a moderately fat, pink, balding man entered the room wearing a shirt and tie as he looked both and angry and shock as he saw Dani and Raphael and yelled, “I knew it!  You think you can give a show and have all the money to yourself!” Dani looked embarrassed when Raphael interjected, “No cherry top, I just decided to come here and fuck up your business.” Dani tried to keep from laughing only to giggle and the pink man pointed at him and yelled, “You better get out of here creep or else my men will keep you out permanently!” Two large, muscular, blue men appeared behind him with their arms crossed and Dani got between Raphael and the pink man and said, “Manager please, there is...” The manager grabbed her and yanked her to one of the two blue men and held her and the manager pointed a finger in her face and said angrily, “You’re going up for your finale performance young lady and this time you will not get paid.” Raphael looked upset and reached out to the manager to grab his shoulder as he said, “Hey buddy let’s...” Suddenly the other large blue man grabbed Raphael’s outstretched arm and twisted it behind his back, forcing Raphael to his knees as Raphael yelped in pain.  The manager turned towards him with wide eyes and yelled in anger, “YOU DARE TRY TO TOUCH ME?” Raphael looked up at him (holding back the pain) and said, “Says the fruit cake who treats women like sex dolls.” The manager pointed at him and yelled, “RIP OUT HIS HAND AND THROW HIM OUT THE DOOR!” Dani looked wide eyed as the blue man that held Raphael tried to reach his right hand as she struggled under the other man’s grip and yelled, “No!  No! Leave him alone!” The manager turned back to her and grabbed her cheeks with his left hand and he yelled, “Shut up woman!  I just had enough of your whining!  If you don’t shut the fuck up I swear I will...” Dani suddenly spat a small fireball at the manager’s face and he turned and fell back with his hands to his face as he screamed and yelled, “YOU BITCH!  YOU FUCKING BITCH!” The large blue man grabbed her by the throat (letting go of her left arm) and began choking her.


    Dani looked to her left and saw one of the two torches she used to perform with and she grabbed it and stuck the still hot tip to the large man’s left leg forcing him to yelp in pain over the sizzling sound of his burning skin and ultimately let Dani loose.  Dani immediately shoved the tip of the torch at the blue man’s face (as he began to pull Raphael’s hand) and struck him in the left eye.  The blue man screamed in agony as Dani pulled the torch away and the blue man let Raphael go as the blue man grasped the left side of his face and groaned loudly in pain.  Dani immediately turned back on the blue man as he grasped where his leg was burnt and she swung her torch and struck the man across the face with blue blood flying from his mouth as he crumpled to the floor.  Suddenly the torch was yanked from her hands from behind and as she looked back she saw the manager (with his nose and part of his left cheek burnt black) with his face filled with rage as he grabbed her by the throat and drew the torch back as if to spear her.  Dani began choking as she tried to break his grip, but to no avail, and the manager roared, “DIE YOU DEMENTED BI....” The manager was tackled from his left as Raphael threw him off balance and slammed the right side of the manager’s head against the Dani’s dressing room mirror and caused it to shatter.  Dani almost fell to the floor as she tried to regain her breath when she saw the blue man (she speared in the eye) get up and pulled a four inch dagger from behind his back.  


    For a split second Dani looked to see the blue man starting to charge at Raphael’s back (as he was distracted by pinning the manager down on the dressing table) but suddenly she stretched her arms to the side and reared her head back as she is filled with tremendous rage and let out a loud “ROAR!” As flames fired forth from her mouth (like one large flamethrower) and engulfed the blue man and part of the dressing room in flames.  The manager and Raphael looked in shock and awe as the flaming blue man thrashed and screamed in agony as half the dressing room (that was filled with clothes) caught on fire till the blue man fell amongst the flames and his screams died out, leaving only the sounds of flames licking the walls, ceiling, and the crackle of burning clothes.  The blue man that was knocked out woken up and saw the flames before he suddenly charged out the door he and the others came through, with the manager following close behind as Raphael let him go.  Raphael immediately grabbed Dani’s hand and he yelled over the flames, “Lets go hot stuff!” And they bolted out the back door and into the alley.  Raphael brushed the ash and burnt debris from his clothes and said, “All right babes, I think we...” Suddenly he heard Dani roar again and this time she shot flames from her mouth (in a jet stream) and set fire to the rest of the changing room, through the doorway, as she clinched her fists and a face full of anger.


    When she stopped she breathed heavily as she looked at Raphael (who stood back with a cautious and sarcastic look of fear) and he asked as he put his hands up, “You’re not going to set me on fire are you?” Dani made a light laugh and she replied, “No numb nuts.” Suddenly she looked behind him, wide eyed, and yelled, “Lookout!” Raphael ducked and Dani shot a pillar of fire from her mouth and struck the black clothed covered figure and turned the upper half of his body into a flaming torch as he screamed and thrashed around in flames before falling to the ground.  Two more black covered men appeared from behind Dani (as they hid behind the pills of garbage or trash cans) and Raphael immediately jumped over a large green trash can and made a roundhouse kick on one of the men’s faces before he got behind another, grabbed the back of his collar, and threw him back with so much force that the man flew out of the alley (while screaming) and into the street before he was suddenly run over by a hovercraft version of an 18 wheeler in mid air.  Raphael yelped in shock “Oh!  I hate to be that dude.” Then four more black covered men and women appeared at each end of the alley and Raphael and Dani stood back to back as they approached.  Raphael lightly laughed and said, “This is going to be fun.” Suddenly they heard a sound of a zip line and they looked above only it was too late as four black clad men and women jumped on top and tackled both of them to the ground.  One of the black clad men grabbed Dani pigtails (as another held down her legs and back) and yanked her head back (as she cringed in pain) and shoved a breathing mask at her face.  Dani watched the mask being shoved into her face and in that instant, her eyes turned bright brown as what looks like flames appeared around her irises and she let out an ear splitting roar as she let out a pillar of fire that instantly engulfed and incinerated the first black man and the fire engulfed the rest of the alley in front of her in a wall of flames and blew out/set fire to the other four black covered men and women in the alley onto the streets as the black clad man that held her down was thrown back as she stood with her arms and hands out.  The people on the street saw the flames and the black clad men thrown out and onto the streets covered in flames and they all began to scream as they tried to run away while the vehicles in the flames path either sped up and slammed into the vehicles ahead of them or suddenly braked and caused a few vehicles behind them to smash into them creating a traffic jam. 


    Raphael was pinned down by the weight of a black clad woman and man on top of him as the man tried to shove a breathing mask into Raphael’s face, but to no avail.  Raphael smiled and yelled, “Time to play!” and he bit hard into the left hand of the man with the mask and the man screamed in pure agony as Raphael yanked his head back as he chewed and tore the man’s pointing finger off and spat it away.  The man let go of Raphael, as he nursed his bleeding hand, and Raphael immediately throttled his body to the ground, on his back, and in an instant snapped the black clad woman in half as her spine snapped.  When Dani roared in rage and shot a large pillar of fire, the man that held her down fell next to Raphael as Raphael was laying on his side with his hand propped up and rested on his right cheek as he smiled at the man, as he turned to look at Raphael in shock, and asked, “Having fun yet?” The man reached out to Raphael, only Raphael is quicker, and Raphael grabbed the man and threw him, like a toy doll, down the alley in the opposite direction and knocked down the four black clad people that tried to intercept Raphael.  Raphael immediately turned to Dani and tapped her on the back and yelled, “We need to get out of here no...” Suddenly a women in a green body suit, cape and hair landed on top of Raphael and knocked him flat onto his stomach.  Raphael put the palms of his hands down as he screamed, “DANI!” And threw himself back again only in mid process his vision went suddenly black as the woman punched the back of his head with brass knuckles and he fell back forward and lied still with a trickle of blood running onto the cement ground as it was about to rain.  


    Dani heard Raphael tap her on the shoulder and spoke to her, only that Dani did not care as she fired another pillar of fire as police officers appeared at the end of the alley and were forced back by the flames as they shot into the street causing pedestrians to scream and run away. Suddenly she heard Raphael screamed her name and she suddenly stopped and turned around just as the green body suited woman punched the back of his head and knocked him flat onto the ground.  Dani became furious and cringed in anger as her eyes glowed in flames and roared when suddenly the green body suited woman jabbed Dani in the throat.  Dani grabbed her throat as she stumbled back and looked in shock as she gasped for breath even as she watched the green body suited, cape, hair and mask woman stood up and pulled her hand back and the last thing she saw was the woman’s brass knuckles flying directly to her face and knocked Dani flat onto her back unconscious.  The green covered woman stood straight up and pulled her brass knuckles off as she looked back at the remaining five black clad people (as the one that had his finger bitten off huddled along the wall cradling where his left pointing finger was as blood poured onto the ground in the rain) appeared behind the woman and she said, “Take them to the factory, I’ll handle the authorities.” And the black clad men and women grabbed both Raphael and Dani and carried them away.

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