Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


3. 3

When the ramp closed the shuttle flew away from the castle (as it overlooked a wide river) and flew towards space where a large, white, triangular shaped ship awaited for them.  Inside the large shuttle the troopers stood and held onto the overhead handrails as Raphael continued to follow Lord Valkyrie towards the front of the shuttle (for a short distance) till they saw a single, large, lighted up platform with the two female shuttle pilots wearing grey uniforms and blue ball caps piloting the shuttle before them with their back turned.  Lord Valkyrie called out, “Captain Cruz.” Cruz approached from behind as Raphael stumbled out of her way as she towered over him and she stood at attention and replied, “Yes sir.” Lord Valkyrie pointed to her and said, “Tell the captain to proceed back to the Saa and await further orders.  Me and Raphael are going to Zharg to retrieve the data for something that will benefit our cause.” Cruz replied, “Yes sir.  I will have a squad of war troopers standing by in case you ever need assistance.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Very good captain, but they would not be necessary.” He stepped onto the lighted platform and kneeled as Raphael watched with confusion and dread.  Lord Valkyrie then spoke, “Come brother.” Raphael hesitantly stepped onto the platform and kneeled next to his brother as he looked back at Cruz and whispered, “Does she take muscle enhancers?” Lord Valkyrie ignored him and said, “Just don’t move, this will only take a moment.” Then suddenly there was a bright flash and before Raphael knew it, they were off the ship and kneeling in front of a club with the name “Dance Y” lighted up in purple in the night.  Lord Valkyrie turned to see the excited look on Raphael’s face and said, “Remember, I am here on business.  Please don’t make a fool out of yourself.” Raphael continued to look at the sign and place with an excited face and yelped, “Boy this is going to be great!” And he started walking fast forward as Lord Valkyrie looked down and shook his head before he followed.


    The doors inside the club opened to reveal an almost empty strip club as Raphael looked on with an excited look on his face till he saw a girl fire dancer with two brown pony tails, a brown short skirt with a brown bra and bracelets on her wrists as she looked in his direction (as she held a pair of handle bars on the sides where she stood) and shook her hips as Raphael looked drawn to her as he repeatedly tapped Lord Valkyrie’s left arm without looking till Lord Valkyrie shoved his hands away and said (in a demanding tone), “What, what?” Raphael (continued to stare at the fire dancer) replied, “Dude check this out.” And he walked towards her and grabbed a seat right in front of the stage while LordValkyrie shook his head and looked back at a towering muscular man before him.  Raphael stared in awe as the girl took a stick with the top on fire and twirled it in the air before sticking the burning end down and into her mouth before pulling it back out and still lite.  Raphael jumped in his seat like a little boy, clapped and yelped, “YAYYYE!” She stopped as she saw Lord Valkyrie sit right next to Raphael and grabbed him on the left shoulder and spoke, “Raphael stop making...” Raphael shook his hand away (with an annoyed look) and replied (in a none caring tone), “Dude chill out!  Enjoy yourself!” He then pointed at the fire dancer (that had both a concerned and alert look on her face as she grabbed another lite stick) and said, “I got my eyes on a beauty right here and she’s great!” The girl smiled and walked towards them and said, “Are you two brothers?” Raphael interrupted Michael and replied, “Yes.” He pointed at his brother and continued, “The grouchy one is Michael.” He leaned towards the stage (with a smile across his face) and continues, “I’m Raphael, your lover boy.” The girl made a hearty, cute laugh as Michael stared at Raphael (with his mask concealing his glaring look) and the girl said, “Nice to have an admirer around, I’m Kristy.  Just sit back and enjoy the show, I have something special for you.” She pointed at Raphael and he smiled excitedly before giving a couple of claps and a short laugh and elbowed Michael and said excitedly, “Bro you hear that!  This is going to be awesome!” Lord dropped his helmeted forehead on his left hand as he shook his head and gave a low, irritated sigh before Kristy grabbed the small torch and walked towards them.  


    Kristy began dancing before them spinning two flaming batons about and around her as Raphael looked on wide eyed and in awe.  She then put the tip of one of the batons before her and blew, sending a jet of flame flying before her in front of Raphael and he threw both his hands up and looked wide eyed and his mouth gaped open and he yelped, “OHHHH!” He pointed at her and yelped, “YOU ARE THE BOMB!” She looked thrilled and she tossed the flamed out baton to the side as some of the other dancers glanced over at her with worried looks before she moved her hand (with the other flaming baton) through the air so fast that she traced various animals and objects in the air with the flames before she slipped the burning end of the other baton into her mouth and pulled it out (flamed out) and blew a jet of flame from her mouth and Raphael again yelped in delight and clapped.  Kristy smiled and asked aloud, “Do you want to see something cool?” Raphael yelped, “HELL’S YEAH!” One of the dancers yelped, “Kristy no!” But it was too late as Lord Valkyrie sat up in his seat and moved towards Raphael to push him out of the way as Kristy arched down her hands and arms and roared, sending out a large pillar of fire straight at Raphael’s smiling face and consumed his head in flames while Lord Valkyrie was forced back, with his gloved hands to his face, as he grunted from the bright light.  Kristy immediately stopped and covered her mouth as she looked in shock as smoke bellowed from Raphael’s head till it dissipated and showed Raphael’s head covered in black soot with his hair all black and pulled back to spiky points as Raphael looked shocked and wide eyed.  Dark Valkyrie looked at his brother and asked, “Raphael, are you all right?” Raphael replied, “That.....was....AWESOME!” He suddenly looked excited to the shock of Michael (beneath his helmet) and Kristy, but then she giggled to the sight of the excited, black silt face and head of Raphael before a large muscular man approached Raphael and Michael from behind and Kristy immediately looked stunned and stepped back and the large man crossed his arms and said, “Leave.”


    Raphael looked confused even as Lord Valkyrie stood up and approached the large, muscular man as Lord Valkyrie clinched his fists.  Raphael suddenly stood up and got in both of their ways with his hands up to block them as he smiled and made a hearty laugh and said, “Hey come on dudes, we were just chilling out.  It wasn’t her fault that she set my head on fire, I was just enjoying her company and I egged her into firing that fireball.” The large man glanced down at him and said, “Exactly.  All the more reason you two will leave now or....” Raphael suddenly rubbed his hands all over his face and all the black silt that was on him flew into the air and created a black dust fog in the man’s face.  The man coughed and suddenly Raphael punched the man across the jaw and Raphael yelped in pain as he grabbed his hand while the large man stood his ground and looked back at them with a single drop of blood running out of the corner of his mouth.  Raphael looked up at him with a painful expression and saw the man glaring down at him and Raphael made a weak laugh while Lord Valkyrie sighed and nodded his head before putting a hand to his forehead.

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