Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


24. 24

Rabbit yelped at Lord Valkyrie, “What do you mean some...” Suddenly Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and the rest of the hanger in view vanished and were replaced by a view of a cloudy sky, and a city before them and the helicopter began to shake from turbulence.  Rabbit flew around the cargo hold in mid-air, screaming as he went as Home Runner, Ice, Flamethrower and Tina Tree screamed as they stumbled around the aircraft as they flailed their arms trying to grab a permanent hold while Hyena yelped, “WEEEEEEEE!” In delight, as he put his hands behind his head and threw his legs up, as if he is enjoying it.  The cockpit is filled with various loud alarms as the helicopter shook and spun and Assassin yelled at Sweetie Pie, “PULL YOUR STICK UP NOW!” Sweetie Pie cringed in fright as she did and after a few moments the helicopter stopped spinning and straighten itself out and the various alarms began to die out, one after another, till all they could hear is the whirring of the rotors above them.  Rabbit, Hyena and Flamethrower fell hard onto the deck while the rest were able to grab the overhead hand holds just in time.  Hyena giggled drunkenly as he sat up while Flamethrower and Rabbit groaned and grumbled as they rubbed their heads and ribs and Flamethrower spoke aloud, “Nice flying asshole!” Assassin rolled her eyes and yelled in reply, “Fuck you!” Assassin and the others looked outside and saw the city below and before them in the cloudy/sunny sky and Home Runner asked, “Where are we?” Sweetie Pie looked at the small radar between her and Assassin and replied over the noise of the rotors above them, “Don’t know!  But is no place I am familiar with!” Marksman asked, “We are good to go on the supplies, but we barely have enough money to buy fuel for this hunk of metal!” Assassin looked back and asked, “What do you suggest we do?” Rabbit rubbed his chin and looked up as if he was thinking and replied, “Gee, how about we go to the nearest bank and say, “Excuse me, our band of killers, robbers and mental fuck ups wish to have a withdrawal please!”” Marksman looked at him in frustration and she replied, “Hey asshole!  This is not funny!” Rabbit looked at her with hostility and yelped, “Do I look like I’m laughing bitch!” Home Runner grabbed Rabbit while Ice held back Marksman as she and Rabbit cursed at one another as they tried to break free and fight each other till someone yelled in a high and excited tone, “Why don’t we rob a bank!” They all looked back and noticed Hyena smiling as he suggested it and they all looked at him shocked at first, but after a few moments they looked at each other agreeably and grumbled with satisfaction while Assassin spoke up, “At this point it’s not a bad idea!  Sweetie Pie!  Find us the largest bank in the area so we can make our withdrawal!” Assassin smirked at her last comment, as did Sweetie Pie as well, and Sweetie Pie replied, “You got it!” After a few moments Sweetie Pie yelled with delight, “Got one!” Assassin looked at the radar and called out, “I see it!” She looked back out and yelled back, “Okay Suckers!  Get ready for our first job!” Some of them hooted and jeered as the helicopter flew fast towards its destination.


    The CH-47 stopped in front and halfway down a 100 story skyscraper before turning 90 degrees to the left, facing the lowered ramp towards the building.  Ice looked down, over the ramp and gulped before she turned back and yelled, “Isn’t this a little high?” Hyena went up to her and yelped happily, “That’s the point sweetie!  They will never see us coming!” Tightrope grinned as he hooked and tightened a rope near the doorway as Tina Tree stood alongside as everyone else behind them sat or stood ready before Hyena brightened up and held a finger up as he yelped, “WAIT!” Assassin and everyone close to Hyena looked at him with worry and Assassin yelled, “What is it?” Hyena revealed his portable speaker on his side and pressed a couple of buttons and the song, “Ballroom Blitz” by The Sweet played and Hyena pulled out a long blade in each hand from inside his blue suit and smiled with hunger satisfaction before turning to Rabbit and used the blade on his right hand, as if it was a microphone, and Hyena sang, “Are you ready Steve?” Rabbit looked at him, as if Hyena’s crazy, and said, “Uhhh.” Hyena moved to Home Runner and sang, “Andy?” Home Runner smirked and replied, “Yeah.” Hyena turned to Ice behind him and sang, “Mick?” Ice stifled a laugh as she smiled and replied, “Okay.” Hyena then stood before them all (at the edge of the ramp) and sang, “Alright fellas, let’s go!” Hyena jumped off the ramp with his arms, legs and hands (still holding the knives) spread out wide and fell as Tina Tree shoot a long tree root down and slid (as if surfing) while Tightrope rappelled rapidly down and Ice looked shocked at first before she shoot an ice slid before her and slid down (as if surfing) as well while everyone else jumped out to join the others, yelling/screaming with delight as they went down.

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