Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


23. 23

The helicopter (now jet powered) approached the ESS Valkyrie and landed in hanger 1 where a squad of Blitz Troopers stood at attention behind Captain Cruz as the aircraft landed and its left side door opened to reveal The Suckers and the stunned looks of Ice and Flamethrower as they disembarked with Lord Valkyrie standing behind them.  Captain Cruz marched up (with her rifle at the ready) and stood before them as she asked, “Your orders my lord?” The Suckers (Home Runner, Santa and Rabbit) stood aside as Lord Valkyrie walked through and stood before Captain Cruz as he replied, “Take them to their assigned common room captain.” Captain Cruz snapped to attention and said, “Yes sir!  Sir, we have received a transmission from Apocalypse that needs your undivided attention.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Thank You captain.  I will take the transmission as we escort my delinquent brother’s friends to the common room.” Captain Cruz answered, “Yes my lord.” She turned to The Suckers and Flamethrower and Ice (while Hyena teeter tottered his head from side as he waited and sang to himself) and ordered, “To the common room, now!” Many of The Suckers seethed and looked frustrated as they made their way to the exit of the hanger bay with the Blitz Troopers flanking their left and right sides as they walked out with Captain Cruz and Lord Valkyrie following behind.


    The Suckers, Ice and Flamethrower entered the common room as the Blitz Troopers stood outside and Lord Valkyrie turned to Captain Cruz and ordered, “Wait here.” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes sir.” And Lord Valkyrie entered the room as the doors closed behind him.  The Suckers sat in the nearest couch or soft chairs as they relaxed while Flamethrower and Ice stood (still trying to process what they are seeing with growing frustration) and Flamethrower immediately spoke first in frustration, “What the hell are we doing here?” Lord Valkyrie answered calmly, “You and Ice have no choice but to join your new friends here, since the bounty on both of your heads is too hard to ignore.” Flamethrower yelled, “Thanks to you!” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “No, it was before our arrival.” Flamethrower was about to yell back when Ice looked on sadly and said, “He’s right.” Flamethrower looked at her both shocked and frustrated as she continued, “We would have been captured or killed sooner or later anyway if they didn’t come.” Flamethrower sighed with frustration as Ice looked at The Suckers and Hyena (as he stood by the beverage replicator and kept ordering bottles of various alcohol while also drinking some at the same time like they were pop soda) before looking back and asked, “Who exactly are you?” Lord Valkyrie answered, “I am Lord Valkyrie, leader of The Empire.” He indicated The Suckers with an open left hand before crossing his arms again as he continued, “These are The Suckers.  Like my brother, these individuals were also tortured and experimented on that made them who they are or possess unique abilities that other people rather discard or execute them instead of putting them into good use.” Hyena called out (as he looked drunk), “Hey bro!” He forced the surprised and angered Flamethrower to the side as he walked through, while Ice put her hand on Flamethrower’s chest to stop him from confronting Hyena, and asked as he stood before Lord Valkyrie (while swaying from side to side), “When are we going to go back out and have some more fun?” Lord Valkyrie answered blatantly, “Never.” The rest of The Suckers looked up and stood with shocked or frustrated looks as Rabbit spoke aloud, “Hey, bucket!  We don’t have to listen to your mouth breather and we can easily take this ship whenever...” He stopped as he and everyone in the room (except Lord Valkyrie, Assassin and Tightrope) either touched their throats or pulled their collars of their shirts or suits as they fell on their knees and began choking while Lord Valkyrie, Assassin and Tightrope looked down on them and Lord Valkyrie said, “I find your lack of appreciation, disturbing.  If I want to I will kill you all right now, rather than turn you in to the authorities of the city you devastated.” Suddenly they stopped choking and took deep breaths as they began breathing again and staggered up as Lord Valkyrie continued, “Instead I plan that will allow you to keep doing what you are doing or what you want.  Only you will be far from here and the reaches of The Empire so you will have to rely on each other, if you want to live or remain free.” Marksman looked at Hyena and breathed heavily as she spoke, “Hyena, shut up.” She then looked at Lord Valkyrie and continued, “You, go on.” Lord Valkyrie spoke, “We have a device that will send you on a one way trip to the Zhargosia Republic and the United Star Systems to wage your guerrilla warfare on their societies.  My clones are currently putting together a modified CH-47 Chinook and a few days of food and consumables for your journey.” Hyena then jumped up with his arms wide and yelped happily, “Then what are we fucking here for?  Lets go!” Lord Valkyrie stood in his way as Hyena walked and jumped with hyper as the others shook their heads, grabbed their gear as some of them grumbled, before they started to follow and Lord Valkyrie turned and exited the common room with Captain Cruz alongside and The Suckers following them and the Blitz Troopers following them alongside to keep them on their path.


    They entered the hanger bay where the CH-47 waited for The Suckers and they grumbled and looked satisfied by the aircraft and walked up towards it except Hyena was grabbed on his right shoulder by Lord Valkyrie and he looked at him with his smiling face as Lord Valkyrie said, “Brother, watch yourself.” Hyena yelped happily, “I always do!” Lord Valkyrie replied, “That is not what I mean.” Ice pulled Hyena away as she looked back at Lord Valkyrie and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll watch him.” Hyena spoke happily, “Of course you will babes!” And he was about to kiss her till she looked alert and blocked his lips as she stated firmly, “No.” Hyena rolled his eyes and spoke in a depressing voice, “Okay, later.” And he and Ice walked up to the aircraft, passing Flamethrower as he looked at both of them with frustration and jealously.  Ice, Hyena and Flamethrower were the last ones to step into the helicopter as Assassin and Sweetie Pie looked over the controls in the cockpit and Lord Valkyrie said, “I advise you start the aircraft.” Assassin looked back at him and asked (controlling her surprise), “You are ready now and are going to drop us off in mid-air?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Yes to both questions.” Captain Cruz took two steps to the right, where she is almost alongside the helicopter and called out, “Start the Molecular Sender!” Three scientist clones stood behind the glass windows of the small control center and pressed various buttons that made the metal/blue glass cone below and in front of them lighted up including the tip of the cone (that is pointing directly at the cockpit of the helicopter) as it looked like a small white star in the night sky.  Sweetie Pie yelped, “Are you kidding me!” Assassin put her helmet on before she pressed the buttons on her console and the helicopter and rotors started up as she replied, “Lord Valkyrie never jokes.” Sweetie Pie took notice of Assassin and looked back at the Molecular Sender and she quickly put her helmet on and started up her console as well.  Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz stepped back as both the Molecular Sender and the rotors of the CH-47 began to whir and The Suckers looked about anxiously while some of them quickly sat in the nearest seats along the sides and buckled up.  Hyena looked back at Lord Valkyrie and asked aloud as he looked on with a crazed expression, “When will we see each other again?” Lord Valkyrie replied aloud, “Sometime!” Rabbit jumped by Hyena’s side and yelped at Lord Valkyrie, “What do you mean some...” Before he could finish, the helicopter disappeared in a puff of smoke and the Molecular Sender’s whirring died out rapidly as Captain Cruz looked on and spoke in a firm but relief voice, “Thank God.” Unmoving, Lord Valkyrie replied, “You are not the only one captain.” And they both turned about and walked out of the hanger as the Blitz Troopers that entered earlier stood on each side at attention as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz left.

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