Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


22. 22

More than a dozen green, root like tentacles shot forth like spears where Hyena was and stabbed or decapitated the officers and SWAT that were in their path or behind the police or armored vehicles (as the tentacles ripped through the vehicles as if they weren’t even there).  Just as Hyena exploded a tentacle shot right by Detective Rosen’s left eye and just grazed his recently trimmed hair before he flinched and took cover behind the car he stood behind and dropped the megaphone he held in the process.  A tentacle immediately speared through the back of the left front tire rim, just missing Rosen’s nose as he yelped and looked on in horror.  Detective Rosen came to when he heard a sound of a helicopter, looked up and saw a black helicopter appear from the street it flew in earlier back (taking out the sniper teams earlier) and it flew low in the sea of chaotic flying tentacles, dropping white countermeasure flares (blinding the SWAT teams that wore night vision) before the front entrance of the building to the left of the restaurant and the courtyard exploded into a ball of fire, glass and metal shrapnel as the sea of tentacles ripped through it.  Witch appeared from the alley and waved her hands and arms from side to side as she chanted an unknown, ancient language and the maniquans, from the clothing viewing windows to the right and left of her, came to life and their faceless heads turned night black with solid red eyes and sharp, pointed teeth as they smiled and smashed through the viewing windows with various automatic rifles that appeared (out of thin air) in their grasps as they charged at the surprised police, SWAT and unarmed civilians, firing as they went.  An officer stood just outside an alley and aimed his rifle at Hyena when someone call ed out behind him, “Knock, knock!” And before the officer turned, he was struck in the back of the head by a baseball bat and is knocked out as Home Runner revealed himself from the alley.  He turned to the others and yelled, “Don’t forget!  Our job is to distract the authorities till our ride arrives!” In unison they replied, “Right!” And Home Runner took cover behind one of the parked vehicles as he was fired upon and watched for anyone trying to throw any grenades or other blunt objects as he is only armed with a baseball bat.  Tightrope appeared from the darkened alley and fired (from his wrists) short lengths of zip lines that, on contact, grab various police and SWAT (that began to turn on them) by their hands and cuff them together, forcing them either to fall and squirm on the ground or drop their guns as they struggled to get lose amongst the chaos that surrounded them while Sweetie Pie whipped her star tipped baton and as the police and SWAT fired upon her and Witch she created a transparent blue barrier that diffracted the bullets away from them to either hit the ground or fire back at the officers.  In the meantime, the subway below the restaurant continued its normal operations and people stood and commuted back and forth from the tunnel (as the entrance and exit are a block away from each end of the courtyard and the pedestrians did not know or heard the incident that has been taking place in the restaurant above) when all of a sudden a tall, muscular, green man smashed through the roof of the tub and landed onto the tracks, frightening the people within the tunnel and started to run in a panic frenzy.  The figure stood up as it gave a high pitch, deep, skin crawling laugh to show Hyena’s insane smiling, pale face with red veins leading from his cheeks to the sides of his head that is now in a form of Medusa to his razor sharp teeth and insane wide yellow eyes as he looked before him to see a subway train barreling right at him.  The train is nearly right in front of him when Hyena extended his right hand towards it and an intertwined root like tentacle shot forth and ripped straight through the subway train as it continued to sped through Hyena as people screamed and ran as Hyena remained standing in the middle of the track and tore through the subway train as it continued on.


    Detective Rosen pulled out his side arm and looked back over his wrecked vehicle to find Hyena, Ice and Flamethrower, only to see a cloud of green/gray gas and a sea of green tentacles flying/whipping forth, tearing/ripping apart the buildings around the courtyard as he looked on in horror.  At the same moment, Ice and Flamethrower got up and looked on with wide eyes in shock as they saw beyond the gas cloud to hear and see people screaming and trying to run for their lives only to either be speared, stabbed, ripped apart or thrown into the air by the sea of green tentacles that flew about and rip apart the skyscrapers that surrounded the courtyard till they were torn back to reality when the gas was blown away as the stone steps before them exploded and Hyena in his Insanity Form appeared and the screams of terror that filled the air were drowned out by his high pitched, blood chilling laughter.  Rosen was thrown onto his back as the stone steps in front of his car exploded and his car was thrown over and away as the lyrics of “Bohemian Rhapsody” filled the air, “So you think...” Suddenly Hyena appeared and jumped on top of him as he grabbed Rosen’s front collar as the song continued, “...you can stone me...” Hyena starred directly at Rosen’s terrified face (barely an inch away) with his hideous transformed, smiling, insane face as he sang in a high pitch tone, “...and spit in my...” Rosen was on the verge of screaming when Hyena’s head spun clockwise as he continued, “...eye?” The SWAT and police that were engulfed in the gas suddenly appeared with permanent smiles on their faces (as the corners of their lips bleed) and their eyes were wide open to the point where they might fall out by their crazy stares as they ran and jumped over the barricade of police and armored vehicles and began firing either their handguns or automatic rifles at the other officers (not affected by the gas), press and civilians in the courtyard as the speaker on Hyena’s side and from the helicopter continued playing “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “So you think you can love me and...” Detective Rosen glanced about him and saw the carnage that is unfolding from the SWAT and police, that were affected by the gas, firing with a purpose at the unaffected officers, media (that still continued to report or record what is happening and care about themselves as they were slaughtered) and innocent bystanders that were trying to get away but were either shot or ripped apart nonetheless as Hyena sang, “...leave me to...” Rosen looked at Hyena with wide, horrified eyes as Hyena opened his mouth, so wide that he could easily swallow a normal person’s head, and shot a continuous stream of blood (like from a firehouse) at Rosen’s face, engulfing his head and face with Hyena’s blood as the song echoed from Hyena at the same time, “...DIE?” Santa turned and grabbed two of the crazed SWAT’s heads and bellowed, “Ho, ho, ho!” Before slamming they're smiling faces together and smashes their heads into bloody pieces of brain, muscle and bone before grabbing another crazed SWAT and throttling him into the sea of tentacles before being grabbed and ripped apart like paper as Santa’s attention drifted from Ice and Flamethrower (as they stood in shock) as they gapped at the carnage that is unfolding before them and failed to notice one of the police sergeant’s screaming at the top of his lungs, “KILL THEM!  KILL THE FREAKS!” Even though the police and SWAT (not affected by the gas) were being overrun by their gassed comrades and the tentacles that kept trying to tear them apart, they obeyed the order by the police sergeant and a handful of them aimed their handguns/automatic rifles at Ice and Flamethrower and at that moment Hyena stopped throwing up a fountain of blood directly at Detective Rosen’s face and dropped him on his back as Hyena took notice.


    They pulled their triggers, but at that moment Hyena snatched both Ice and Flamethrower (as Ice yelped in surprise) and flew straight up into the air (with the help of his tentacles) as the police and SWAT fired their guns and Ice looked down in shock as the ground rapidly grew smaller beneath them as Flamethrower yelped, “HOLY SHIT!” While Ice looked on and startled as Hyena looked up and directly at her in his wide eyed, smiling, crazed face in his Insanity Form.  They immediately heard a sound of rotors from a helicopter rapidly growing louder, but before Ice and Flamethrower could look up they were yanked back by Rabbit and Marksman as they were in front of the left side of the helicopter.  Ice then reached towards Hyena till suddenly he let go and plummeted over forty stories to the ground below him (directly where the last remnants of the police and SWAT stood, trying to hold their ground) as he sang, “OHHHH, BABY!” He then turned to face the ground with his arms spread open and smiled as he closed his eyes with delight and continued, “Can’t do this to me, baby!” Witch, Sweetie Pie, Santa and Tightrope looked up to see Hyena falling in shock and (amongst the chaos surrounding them and the police and SWAT were no threat anymore) watched him as he fell all the way down.  Detective Rosen (face and upper body all covered in blood) staggered as he struggled to sit up as he moan and whipped the blood from his eyes and when he looked up (as well as some of the police officers and SWAT in the immediate vicinity) he saw Hyena falling down straight at him and looked shocked at first, but then his eyes glinted yellow and cringed as he gave a single (barely audible) laugh before Hyena crushed him on impact.  The impact created a crack/explosion sound as a small crater formed on the cracked/broken pavement and partially crushed two of the nearest police cars and created a small shockwave that threw back both the crazed and unaffected police and SWAT away from the impact area and the tentacles that have been slaughtering the people in the courtyard and ripped apart the high rises that surrounded the courtyard were disembodied from Hyena’s Insanity Form and began blindingly ripping apart anything or anyone in their paths, this time beyond the courtyard and into the rest of the city.  


    Ice reached out, hopelessly, and screamed through pain and tears, “NO!” Flamethrower and Rabbit grabbed her and kept pulling her back as she tried to fall out of the chopper to the small crater below and Rabbit yelped, “ARE YOU CRAZY?” Flamethrower yelled, “Take us down, now!” The pilot looked back to reveal herself as Assassin and took Flamethrower by surprise as she glared at him and replied calmly but firmly, “I can hear you, vermin.” Flamethrower looked frustrated but stifled a reply as Assassin returned her attention to the controls and flew the helicopter down towards the small crater.  As the helicopter flew down, Witch and the others approached the impact crater (cautiously) as the police and other people surrounding the crater, staggered and tried to overcome their shock and dizziness till Hyena shot up from the hole in the ground and took Sweetie Pie, Witch and the others by surprise as Hyena had no bruise or other marks except silt and his blue suit is torn and ragged as he squeezed his fists and shook them before him as he sang aloud with delight, “Just gotta get out!  Just gotta get...” The helicopter hovered between Hyena and the rest of The Suckers as rope from both sides dropped and Marksman screamed, “HAUL YOUR FUCKING ASSES!” Tightrope fired a line of rope from his right wrist to the inside of the helicopter and reeled himself in as the others quickly grabbed the rope and pulled themselves in while Hyena looked up with delight and removed his torn blue suit jacket as the helicopter began leaving and the end of the line was just about out of reach till he jumped and grabbed on as he sang, “...Right outta here!” The helicopter lifted off while around them the air is filled with people screaming and buildings collapsing or being ripped apart mixed with screeching sounds that came from the tentacles as many of The Suckers and Flamethrower watched on surprised or horrified by the horrific and chaotic sight.


    The skyscrapers and high rises that made up the central part of the city and surrounded the courtyard collapsed as the tentacles ripped apart the insides and support structures of the buildings.  Masking the sounds of the people screaming below, as they were also slaughtered by the tentacles, is the rumbling and crashing sounds of concrete, metal and glass as the people below desperately tried to escape from the falling buildings, attacking tentacles, crazed living manikins and police and SWAT only they could not.  The helicopter hovered over the apocalyptic destruction and The Suckers, Flamethrower and Ice watched on either surprised or grim expressions as they forgot the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” continued to play on the radio and Hyena climbed into the cabin and looked out and down at the destruction smiling like a birthday boy and turned his body towards the cockpit as he looked at the destruction before him, humped the air and said, “Oh yeah, oh yeah!” And a few moments later, the central part of the city is covered by a thick cloud of dust and debris and the rumbling of the falling buildings grew dim and the tentacles were nowhere to be seen even as the rumbling stopped.  Even though the radio went silent, Hyena continued singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” as he waved his right index finger in the air and to his head as he sang, “Nothing really matters.” He then waved his hand out to the cloud of dust and debris that was the central part of the city before them and sang, “Anyone can see.” The Suckers (except Assassin as she watched the controls), Flamethrower and Ice looked at Hyena still shocked and horrified by what they saw as Hyena continued, “Nothing really matters.” Marksman looked frustrated and yelled, “NOTHING MATTERS?” She then waved her right hand at the destruction below and asked aloud, “IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS?” Hyena continued (as he waved his right index finger in the air before pointing to himself as he sat back comfortably while smiling hideously), “Nothing really matters, to me.” A deep emotionless voice spoke from the back of the helicopter, “Now you have done it.” The Suckers and everyone else (except Hyena) were taken by surprise as they looked back and saw Lord Valkyrie sitting up against the back panel with his arms crossed and sat calmly (even though he is still wearing his mask) as Lord Valkyrie continued, “You now leave me no choice, brother.” Rabbit and some of The Suckers in the cabin looked frustrated as he asked Lord Valkyrie aloud, “What do you mean?” Suddenly the side doors slid shut and locked and the rotors stopped spinning and an engine noise took its place as The Suckers, Ice and Flamethrower (except Hyena again) looked around either surprised or more frustrated when Assassin called out with her hands away from the controls (as if she touched something hot), “Hey!  Something has taken control of the aircraft!” Lord Valkyrie spoke (as if answering her question) calmly, “This aircraft is under autopilot from my command ship.  There is nothing you can do till we land.” Rabbit was about to talk back till Home Runner covered his mouth and Rabbit looked at him in anger while Home Runner looked grim and shook his head before he replied, “It’s no use.” After a moment, Rabbit turned calm as he realized what Home Runner meant and he sat back as he crossed his little arms, cringed in anger and glared at Lord Valkyrie as he and The Suckers sat back calmly and helplessly while Ice and Flamethrower looked about and outside, still confused by what’s going on.

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