Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


21. 21

The sniper yelled, “HOLY SHIT!” And the other four snipers and spotters around him looked up either surprised or angered till they looked in the yelling sniper’s direction and they looked surprised as well and immediately ran or took cover as the same black, silent helicopter appeared and fired its twin .50 caliber mounted machine guns and blew apart the building’s corner, sending the sniper that yelled flying off the roof as he was blown away as Hyena’s voice sang out from the helicopter’s radio, “We will not let you go!” On another corner rooftop a sniper team looked up from the sound of the explosion and saw the helicopter as the radio from within played a chorus sound, “Let him go!” On the ground Hyena repeated his pumping fist and bellowed, “Bismillah!” The leader of the sniper team pulled out his radio, only it is too late for them to call out to the authorities below as the helicopter fired it’s fixed .50 Caliber machine gun and blew them away as Hyena sang through the radio, “We will not let you go!” Two floors down from another rooftop, the sniper team looked up and immediately started moving their rifles and equipment from looking at Hyena and the courtyard to the left and ahead to immediately to their left in someone’s corner apartment as the chorus played from the helicopter, “Let him go!” Again on the ground, Hyena (this time) extended his right hand (open) towards Detective Rosen and sang, “Bismillah!” Just as the sniper team were repositioning as their leader pulled out his radio, the helicopter flew by revealing Marksman as the right door gunner wielding a .50 caliber machine as she fired point blank range at the sniper team and blew apart/shredded the apartment they were occupying (causing the sniper team leader to explode from the armor piercing bullets) as Hyena sang through the radio, “We will not let you go!” In the far left alleyway, from where the barricade where Detective Rosen stood and a chorus from the jukebox sang, “Let me go!”, Home Runner (Mark Hohl) led a five man squad (Santa, Tightrope, Witch and Sweetie Pie) quietly down the alley and looked back, pointed at her head before looking onward and pointed at Rosen and the cops and SWAT as Hyena sang, “Will not let you go!” On the helicopter the chorus sang on the radio, “Let me go!” As both side door gunners cocked their guns (Rabbit on the left wielding a gatling gun and Marksman on the right with the .50 Cal. As the helicopter turned on the same street and aimed at the growing crowd of police, SWAT, TV crews and bystanders at the courtyard where Hyena sang, “Will not let you go!” And Hyena threw his hands up in the air as he sang along with the chorus on his small jukebox, “Let me go!” While at the same time, Rosen looked frustrated and ordered aloud, “This ends now!  Take him!” The cops and SWAT, nearest Hyena, rushed Hyena when he sang, “Ah, no...” Hyena whipped out a long blade before rushing and sliced open the throat of the first SWAT person and many cops and SWAT surrounding him began opening fire (allowing both the shooting and jukebox to drown out the screams of pain that would be inflicted) as Hyena’s jukebox sang, “No...” Hyena stabbed a cop further back in his right temple till it touched the hilt of the knife and Hyena’s hand before Hyena ripped it out (sending blood and brains flying out of the wound) and the jukebox sang, “No...” Hyena stabbed a cop to his left into the bridge of his nose (as Hyena smiled with his own pride) before ripping it out as the jukebox sang, “No...” Hyena stabbed a SWAT behind him in the front collar before twisting the knife and yanking it out as the jukebox sang, “No...” Hyena then stabbed another SWAT, this time directly in the throat, before twisting his knife and yanking it out, ripping apart the SWAT’s throat sending vocal cords and other juicy parts that make up the SWAT’s throat flying into the air, as the jukebox sang, “No...” Hyena knocked a cop down before dropping on top of him and in one vicious drop, stabbed the cop directly in the face (his right eye) and smashed part of the cop’s face in the process as blood splattered on Hyena’s hideous smiling face as the jukebox sang, “No!” As if in sequence the firing stopped and everything was quiet as Hyena smiled down at the bloody mess that was half the cop’s face he stabbed.


    Everyone looked on in shock or terror as they saw the small carnage Hyena left in his wake and in a flash Hyena stood before Detective Rosen, on the opposite side of the cop car Rosen is standing behind, and Hyena grabbed both sides of Rosen’s face (as if embracing a lover) before slapping Rosen’s left cheek twice and drew close as if he was about to kiss him, smiled and spoke menacingly, “I can’t wait to show you my toys!” Detective Rosen immediately came to his senses, knocked both of Hyena’s hands away (forcing Hyena to stumble back), yanked an automatic rifle out of the cop’s hands to his right as Hyena walked fast (backwards) till he was back over the dead SWAT he stabbed in the face and Rosen yelled (as he fired on Hyena’s chest and upper torso), “KILL HIM!” Hyena fell to his knees (almost falling backwards till he caught himself) and looked down till he snapped his head up and looked at Rosen as the bullets had no effect, as Hyena’s jukebox sang, “Oh mamma mia, mamma mia!” Blotting out Hyena’s laugh as he stuck out his snake like long tongue.  The black helicopter flew past an office high rise on its left and Rabbit screamed in delight as he fired his gatling gun, ripping apart another sniper team through the glass windows/walls as the radio in the helicopter played Hyena’s jukebox as it sang, “Mama mia, let me go.” Hyena pulled out two gas grenades as he smiled hideously, while Rosen lowered his rifle and looked on in horror, and spoke menacingly, “Lets have some REAL fun!” While at the same time Hyena’s jukebox sang, “Beelzebub has a devil put aside...” Hyena pulled the pins of both of the grenade’s, with his teeth, before falling onto his back and slowly waved the issuing green/grey gas from the gas grenades close to himself as he made his high, throat pitch laugh as his jukebox continued singing, “...for me.” Rosen screamed as he reached for his gas mask, “MASKS ON!” The cops closest to Hyena were too late and the cops around Rosen were unable to move (as they were still shocked) as they looked upon the approaching and spreading gas as Hyena’s jukebox sang, “For me.” Hyena lifted his head and upper torso up (as he looked upon Rosen’s direction) as he laughed louder and louder as his jukebox sang, “For meeeee...” And Hyena’s yellow eyes grew so wide they look like they were about to fall out as the corner’s of Hyena’s lips bleed as he smiled broadly and laughed as he cut in, “...eeeyahAHAHAHAHAAA!” Ice and Flamethrower watched with stunned expressions when suddenly a deep voice yelled, “HO!” And before they could look for the source they were tackled to Ice’s right by Santa, just as Hyena exploded.

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