Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


20. 20

Everyone in the room (except Flamethrower) were still stunned by what they just saw and Flamethrower gave a single laugh and said, “I knew that was coming.” Eduardo pulled himself from the shock and pointed his gun both at Ice Bitch and Flamethrower and stammered as he tried to speak in a serious tone, “All, all right, you two!  Put your hands behind your back and don’t move!” Flamethrower obeyed while Ice Bitch looked away from Hyena and looked down and stood as if in a trance as she is still in shock and her body is numb when Eduardo yelled, “Lady!  Do it or I will have to use lethal force!” Ice did not move and began to close her fists as they turned frozen and Eduardo aimed his gun at her when a voice yelped, “WOO!  What a rush!” Everyone looked at where Hyena laid but instead saw him standing up and Ice Bitch first looked shocked but then smiled (through tears) and she was about to approach Hyena as she yelped, “Ralph your....!” Then she stopped when Hyena whipped the back of his head (as it was putting itself back together) before licking the blood and pieces of his brain on his hand.  He then chewed the small pieces of his old brain and swallowed (while someone in the background threw up) before he smacked his lips, smiled and said, “Hmm!  Hm!  I didn’t know my brain taste this good!” Eduardo turned pale and gagged while Ice Bitch first looked shocked, then disgusted and covered her mouth with the back of her hand.  Eduardo (still shocked) asked, “How?” Hyena licked up the rest of his blood from his hand and replied happily, “Easy!” He threw his hands up and yelped with a broad smile across his face, “I’m immortal!” He then grabbed a carving knife from the table beside him and looked at Eduardo with menacing eyes as he smiled, showing his bloody sharp teeth and said, “My turn.” Eduardo looked horrified and immediately pulled the trigger but when the gun went off it was pointing straight at the ceiling (as Hyena shoved both his arms up), exposing his chest and torso, and Hyena immediately (as if in desperation) began stabbing Eduardo in the stomach multiple times.  Eduardo screamed at first but then gasped as he looked at the ceiling wide with shock till his eyes rolled to the back of his head and Hyena stopped stabbing Eduardo as he fell to the floor onto his back.  


    Blood began pouring/pooling out of Eduardo’s stomach and onto the floor surrounding his mid-section as Eduardo still gasped like a fish trying to breath out of a fish tank and Hyena looked down at Eduardo and gave a menacing cackle as he licked the blood off the carving knife in one stroke, looked down at Eduardo and spoke as if trying to contain his thrill and hunger, “Let’s see what you taste like.” Eduardo looked up slowly (as he still gasped) and Hyena set the knife back on the table, dropped down to Eduardo’s stomach and with both hands grabbed the largest stab hole near the middle of Eduardo’s abs and pulled (as if opening a box) creating a dull, liquid type tearing sound as Hyena ripped open Eduardo’s stomach allowing his intestines to pour out and a light steam brewed.  Many of the guests (close by) threw up or gagged at the sight (including Ice Bitch and Flamethrower) as Hyena took a deep breath as he drew his head back, grinned, and said, “Hmm, smells like BBQ turkey and mashed potatoes.” He smiled down with a look of hunger as he continued, “My favorite.” He then dug in and began to chew as Ice Bitch (barely overcoming the smell and the gory sight) spoke as if she is going to throw up, “Ralph, stop.” Hyena kept feasting till Ice Bitch (summoning her strength in her voice) spoke louder, “Ralph!” Hyena stopped as he cringed (as if his ears hurt), turned his head to his right (away from Ice Bitch) and yelled, “That is not my name!” Hyena began to turn his attention back when Ice Bitch spoke again (ready to throw up), “Okay, Hyena, for the, love of god, please, stop, eating, him!” Hyena looked up and was about to speak when they heard the sound of sirens outside and Hyena stood up with a look of puzzlement as he grinned and scratched the top of his head while the people in the restaurant either looked relieved or startled (including Ice) except Flamethrower.  Flamethrower grew red in the face (filled with rage) as he breathed through his nose, looked up and around the ceiling before looking back down and straight at Hyena and spoke (as if trying to keep from yelling), “Great.  Thanks a lot you fuck up.  Now we are all screwed.” A firm male voice spoke aloud from a megaphone outside, “We have you surround!  Come out with your hands or we will come in and use lethal force!” Hyena grinned happily and clapped twice (eagerly) and said, “Oh, sounds like they are in a hurry to have fun!  Lets go bring them the entertainment!” Hyena bolted as Ice tried to intercept him as she yelped, “Hyena wait!” But missed him, while Flamethrower walked briskly as he rolled his eyes and sighed with annoyance.  


    Hyena is the first one out the double doors, as he ran out, and stopped himself as he looked upon half a dozen police cars with policemen standing behind them (for cover) as more than a dozen police officers pointed either their shotguns or side arms at Hyena.  When Ice and Flamethrower came out as well, they saw the police before them and Hyena and further back they saw more police cars, trucks and SWAT vehicles parked around the courtyard as they took cover within the courtyard’s large potted plants, walls and benches or behind the vehicles, all pointing their guns at them.  A grey haired, large (almost heavy set) man in a brown suit appeared from behind one of the police vehicles before them with a megaphone in one of his hands held to the side as he aimed his side arm at them and spoke aloud, “Ice and Flamethrower! This is Detective Rosen, raise your hands so we can see them!” Ice clinched her fists as ice started to form around her whitening hands as she replied firmly, “Or what?” Suddenly there is a sound of boot falls from behind and along the outside entrance of the restaurant as a woman in a fire retardant suit, helmet and gloves stood behind Ice with a flamethrower raised and ready as a team of firemen appeared behind Flamethrower with a firehose aiming right at him.  Both Ice and Flamethrower looked on with frustration before Ice ceased freezing her fists and opened her hands as she and Flamethrower raised them up.  Hyena (looking back at Ice and Flamethrower as they were apprehended) pointed at them as he gave and sarcastic shock before he laughed and when he looked forward the police shifted their aim at him and Detective Rosen spoke aloud, “You too Mr!” Hyena gave a sarcastic sad expression as he slouched, but suddenly he brightened up, smiled and pressed the play button on a miniature single speaker (attached to one of his right belt loops) as he turned to his left and looked back at Ice with a sarcastic sad expression as he pointed at her with his open right hand (as if reaching out to her) as he began singing the lyrics to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody (as the song played from the small speaker), “Mama, ooh!” He ran his right index finger from his right eye and down his cheek as he continued, “Didn’t mean to make you cry.  If I’m not back again this time tomorrow.  Carry on, carry on.....” He then turned forward, slouched his shoulders as he sat on the ground and looked down as continued, “As if nothing really matters.” Flamethrower looked puzzled as he asked aloud, “Is he really singing?” Ignoring Flamethrower’s open question, Rosen ordered, “Cuff him!” Two cops came from behind one of the cop cars and approached Hyena (with one of them holding a pair of handcuffs while the other still had his gun aimed at Hyena) when suddenly Hyena looked up with a crazy smile taking both cops by surprise as they jumped back and the one holding the gun shot Hyena in the chest.


    When the cop shot Hyena, blood began running out of the gunshot wound (staining Hyena’s purple vest beneath his sky blue suit) and Hyena sang (as if unfazed from being shot), “Too late, my time has come.” He put his fists in front of his face and pulled them down as his body shivered and then ran his hands down his sides as he sang, “Sends shivers down my spine, body’s aching all the time.” Hyena jumped up and swung his outstretched hands and arms wide as he spun around (smiling) as he continued, “Goodbye, everybody, I’ve got to go.” He then looked back at the cops (still pointing their guns at him) and flattened his hands down (as if on a table top) below his chest and spread them parallel out as his quivered his fingers as he continued, “Gotta leave you all behind...” He then ran his right hand across his face (from one side to the next) showing his broad smile in one view, but when his hand went over his face his teeth changed from regular pearly whites to sharp, pointed teeth and his smile broaden as his eyes gave a sinister look and Ice looked at Hyena with wide eyes and sweat forming on her forehead as she looked terrified till she glanced over Hyena’s head and mysteriously gave a silent sigh of relief but remained looking terrified while Flamethrower (and the SWAT and cops surrounding him and Ice) took a step back as they looked at Hyena with cautious expressions as Hyena continued with his voice changed into a deep, spine crawling tone, “And face the truth.” Hyena then extended his hands at Ice and sang, “Mama, ooh, I don’t want to die!” Hyena walked up to Ice and they put their right/left arms around their waists as they threw their other arms and hands to the air as they sang, “I sometimes wish I’d never been born at all!” Two cops in body armor yanked Hyena and Ice away from each other and the cop holding Ice’s hands cuffed hers behind her back while the other, holding Hyena, began to cuff his when suddenly Hyena yanked his hands loose as the cop screamed from the knife in Hyena’s hands that sliced the cop’s as he failed to cuff Hyena.  Flamethrower and the cops nearest Hyena stepped back with their guns and tasers aimed at him as Hyena held his knife out in one hand while the other held what appears to be a gas grenade as Hyena spoke in a deep and spine tingling tone, “You, should not have interrupted me.” He looked at the cops and Ice with his sinister smile (that made some cops sweat with terror) and deep throat cackle before pulling the gas grenade to his mouth, yanked the pin with his teeth and shoved it to his nose when it made a pop sound, followed by a whizzing noise till it died out and nothing came out. 


    Hyena pulled it away from his face, looked at it (with a sour expression) and said, “Hmm?” The cops still had their guns trained on Hyena as Detective Rosen yelled out, “Hyena!  Put your hands in the air or we will shoot!” Hyena ignored him and slammed the dud gas canister to the ground as he yelped angrily, “Shit!” He then ran his hands through his hair as he took a deep breath (as if to calm himself down) before spreading his arms and hands out and wide as he smiled and sang, “I see a little silhouette of a man.” Ice smiled and tried to stifle a laugh when in a blink of an eye, Hyena disappeared and reappeared behind and between two cops as he continued with his crazy smile and wide eyes, “Scaramouche...” The cops jumped and looked at Hyena, only for him to disappear again and reappear behind another pair of cops and frightened them as Hyena sang, “Scaramouche...” Ice tried to follow Hyena (as she still smiled in humor) till he reappeared behind and to the left of her left shoulder as she looked startled at first but sang (along with Hyena) as she and Hyena looked at Rosen, “Will you do the Fandango.” Rosen pointed at them and yelled, “TAKE’EM....” One of the lights popped and short circuited from the restaurant’s neon lit sign above Hyena and Ice and the cops and SWAT instinctively aimed their guns at the source and were about ready to shoot as Hyena pointed up with his open right hand and sang, “Thunderbolt and lightning...” He drew his hands to his face as he crouched a little and gave a sarcastic frightened look as he continued, “Very, very frightening me!” The police and SWAT aimed their guns back at Hyena as he pointed at them with his open right hand and sang, “Galileo!” He leaned his right ear over at the officers (as if waiting for them to say something) but no one spoke except his small jukebox, “Galileo.” Hyena repeated, “Galileo!” But put his right hand to his ear and still the officers did not say anything except his jukebox, “Galileo.” Hyena then extended both his arms at the officers and SWAT before him (as if welcoming them) as he smiled and sang, “Galileo figaro...” He then put his open hands to the sides of both his ears, as he smiled, waved his hands as he continued (with his jukebox playing the chorus), “Magnifico!” The cops, Ice and Flamethrower looked on as if he’s crazy or odd as Hyena dropped to his knees and ran his right hand across his right cheek, as he smiled and sang, “I’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me.” The city and the surrounding areas were lit in the night except the sea, past the harbor, leaving a big, black, silent, open void.  The silence then became disturbed by the barely audible sound of helicopter rotors as a big, black helicopter appeared from the darkness with its side doors open as it flew into the city unchallenged where inside the dark helicopter, Hyena’s voice came over the radio as he sang, “He’s just a poor boy from a poor family.  Spare him his life from this monstrosity!” Hyena then danced around Ice (happy gay like) as the cops, SWAT and Flamethrower looked at him as if he’s crazy by their astounded looks while Ice gave a fake smile as she is not far behind as Hyena sang, “Easy come, easy go, will you let me go?” Rosen opened his mouth till Hyena stopped, faced his direction, shook his fist (as if pounding on a table) and gave a sarcastic serious look as he sang, “Bismillah!  No...” A few blocks back and to the right of the restaurant, a sniper team sat and watched Hyena through their sniper scopes on the corner rooftop of a fifty story building when one of the snipers looked up as he heard a faint whipping sound.  He looked to left and right and saw nothing that is the source of the faint sound till he felt a small breeze from behind and the sniper sat rigid for a few moments before he looked back and saw nothing at first till he looked up and his eyes widen with shock at what he saw.

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