Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


2. 2

Raphael found himself unable to speak as he tried to grasp what the dark man said and how to reply till he finally said, “Michael?” The figure made a single nod, over its ominous breathing noises, and suddenly Raphael looked ecstatic and before anyone in the room knew it, Raphael was embracing Michael around the waist as he hugged him and yelped, “BROTHER! I am so glad to see you!  I have trying to find you for so long I thought I will give up hope!” At the same moment Michael raised his hands up as he seemed he was surprised as well (under his helmet) as Raphael embraced him and began cuddling up to him while all around the soldiers stood still as if under their helmets they were either completely stunned or baffled by what they are seeing.  Michael noticed the soldiers were staring at him and Michael said, “Brother, you are embarrassing me.” Raphael looked up and saw the soldiers as he looked wide eyed and said, “Oh.” He then stood up and looked at Michael and the soldiers and said, “Hey Michael, what’s with the getup?” Michael replied, “That name has no relevance anymore.  I, am Lord Valkyrie.” He raised his right hand and indicated to the soldiers beside him and continued, “These are my blitz troopers, and we are here to liberate you from Serenity’s thugs and give you a purpose.” Raphael waved at him and looked like he didn’t care and replied, “Aww whatever bro.” Raphael’s capture gasped, “No, you can’t be.” Raphael and Lord Valkyrie looked at the man and saw his shocked expression as he was held up by two Blitz troopers and he further spoke, “Lord Serenity and Queen Tranquility said you died when their ship crashed on Wol IV.  How can...” Suddenly Lord Valkyrie drew his sword and immediately pressed a button on his hilt and the steel sword lighted up red as he swung his sword out and decapitated the man (all the while the two blitz troopers stood their ground) and once the head of the dead man fell with a fixated shock/terror expression the two blitz troopers let the dead man’s corpse crumpled to the stone floor as Lord Valkyrie pressed the same button and the red light surrounding his blade disappeared and he resheeved his sword.


    Raphael looked shocked and said, “Dude, that is so....” He then looked extremely thrilled and shook his fists with glee and yelled, “Awesome!” Beneath their helmets some of the blitz troopers looked at Raphael as if he is weird as Raphael turned to Lord Valkyrie and yelped, “Can I have one of those?” Lord Valkyrie turned to him and replied dryly, “No.” Raphael sarcastically frowned with sadness and Michael continued, “Come Raphael, its time to leave.” Lord Valkyrie turned and walked out with his black cape flowing behind him as Raphael followed him (still looking at the blitz and breacher troopers with curiosity) as the rest of the troopers stood at attention and then followed behind Lord Valkyrie once he passed them and ascended the stone steps.  


    They reached the top and Raphael saw, to his amazement, various people in fancy robes and expensive clothing huddled along the walls of the ballroom when on the other side of the room (directly in front of Lord Valkyrie and Raphael) the glass viewing windows were already blown in and in the center is a ramp leading up to a one deck sized ship with four large fins making a 45 degree angle upwards from the sides and 45 degree downwards while the Blitz Troopers faced the crowd with their blaster rifles drawn and pointed at them.  Then a red version trooper (with a black cape and black lensed googles holding a larger version of the handheld blaster with both hands) approached Lord Valkyrie and she said, “Sir we have secured the area as you ordered.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Very good Captain Cruz, prepare the Stun troopers.  Our mission is accomplished here.” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes sir.” She then turned away and marched off as Lord Valkyrie headed towards the ship with Raphael following him.  Just as they approached the ramp dark purple colored troopers approached (with big radio like backpacks strapped onto their backs) and replaced the roles of the blitz troopers as they stood behind them and the Stun Troopers pulled out handheld spotlights and pointed at the terrified crowd on each side of the ballroom as they yelped and screamed when suddenly the spotlights began to flash white lights.  Lord Valkyrie said (dryly), “Brother, its best that you look away.” Raphael did and at first the people screamed or cried out as they covered their eyes till after a few moments of constant flashing white lights they stopped yelling and it was deathly quiet as the people lowered their hands and looked at the lights as if they were deers on the middle of the road.  


    Captain Cruz stood on the sidelines and called out, “Hold your fire!” The Stun Troopers turned off the flashing lights and put them back on their belts and Cruz commanded, “All troopers report back to the shuttle now.” Raphael looked in amazement as he saw the rich peoples faces and he made a short laugh and said, “Looks like they are ready to go on the highway!” He then walked up the rest of the way as Captain Cruz marched up the ramp with blitz, breach and stun troopers following behind and as the last trooper stepped onto the ramp, the ramp closed. 

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