Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


19. 19

Hyena nodded awake and when he looked up, he saw Lord Valkyrie standing before and looking straight at him.  He stood up (as he giggled while nursing his head) and stumbled at first before he looked at Valkyrie and said, “Your staring is freaky bro.” Lord Valkyrie walked up to Hyena and, before Hyena could brush his hand off his left shoulder, once Lord Valkyrie touched him they suddenly disappeared from the hanger bay and reappeared on a sidewalk next to a fancy restaurant called “Club 9”.  Hyena jumped in and yelped, “Yikes!  How did you do that?” Lord Valkyrie ignored his question and stated, “In here.” And he walked up to the restaurant as Hyena followed but still looked around, as if trying to process his surrounds even as Lord Valkyrie ordered a table under the psydium, “Michael Clark”.  The waiter lead them to their table but when Hyena did not follow (as he still looked around) Lord Valkyrie grabbed him by the back collar of his blue suit and forced Hyena’s attention and followed before he could have been dragged to his seat.  The waiter asked, “Can I give you two gentlemen a drink?” Hyena smiled and replied (all the while the waiter looked confused), “A bottle of Jack, scotch, vodka, moonshine....” Before he could ramble on Lord Valkyrie covered his mouth and interrupted (As Hyena still continued to speak even with his mouth covered), “We need nothing at this time.” The waiter looked at him and Hyena questionably but replied, “Yes sir.” And he walked away as Hyena mumbled something as he looked on at the departing waiter before looking back at Lord Valkyrie and continued to mumble till Lord Valkyrie removed his hand allowing Hyena to say, “Party pooper.” Lord Valkyrie looked on at him and replied, “We are not here to drink.  We are here to retrieve.” Hyena slouched his shoulders, sighed and rolled his eyes and head before he asked, “How are we supposed to....” Quoting with his fingers on each hand, “RETRIEVE without a little tipsy first?” Lord Valkyrie pointed at him and before he spoke the doors (between the entrance and the rest of the restaurant) at the front bursted open and a female familiar voice spoke aloud, “Hello!” Lord Valkyrie and Hyena looked up and Hyena looked like he has seen a ghost from his past as he looked on somewhat shocked (with a grin).


    The chalk skin woman with eye piercing white hair, dark blue lips, eyes and finger nails (along with dark blue tight leather pants, corset and jacket) stood next to a caucasian, dark haired man with a deep red leather flight jacket and pants and a strange round device that is lighted red in a metallic casing and is over where his heart should be with metal straps running over his left and right shoulders and around his left ribs till they connect on the center of his back.  The people in the restaurant sat silently, as they looked on with fear or shock, as the woman walked to her right with her right hand raised and a blue/white mist appeared over her upturned clawed hand and the people either moved back in their seats or began to curl up in fear and the woman gave a small chuckle and said, “Don’t worry little sheep.  Ice Bitch and Flamethrower won’t slaughter you.” Flamethrower spoke, “Yet.” Ice looked at Flamethrower and they both laughed heartedly till Hyena asked, “Why not now?” They looked at Hyena and saw him looked at them with an eager expression before he clapped twice and yelped, “I love a good slaughter!” Lord Valkyrie shook his head and put his right hand to his forehead as Ice and Flamethrower looked baffled at Hyena before Flamethrower looked angered and asked in a threatening tone, “Do you want to die idiot?” Hyena pointed at Ice with his left open hand and answered as he made a single bow, “It all depends on Dani here!” Winter’s face curled up in anger as she walked up to Hyena (as he looked up happily) and the mist over her right hand blew harder (as if ready to explode or fire) and she spoke in furious anger, “That is not my name!” Hyena stood up with both arms raised (as if greeting a crowd) and he spoke with a deep satisfying voice, “Oh but it is my dear.” He then pointed at her with his left hand as his right drew back and continued, “You’re just in simple denial.” Ice threw the ball of mist at Hyena’s lower body and from the waist down Hyena looked on (with a big grin) as his lower half is frozen to the floor.  Hyena looked back up at Ice with amazement as Ice looked at Lord Valkyrie and asked, “Is your friend stupid all the time?” Lord Valkyrie looked at Ice (still sitting in his soft chair in a calm manner) and replied, “That friend is my brother Raphael.  When he was tortured his...” Hyena flapped his left hand and cut in, “Blah, blah, blah, blah, and as a result my deepest, darkest humor has come into li...!” Suddenly Hyena is frozen as ice water shot forth from Ice’s hands before she stopped and stated, “That should shut him up.” Winter looked at Lord Valkyrie (as if he’s crazy) and spoke, “Raphael?  That sounds weird.” Lord Valkyrie replied, “For some reason, you loved my brother when I had you baby sat him when I had to conduct my business.” Winter looked frustrated and asked with growing anger, “What business and what club?” She then pointed at Hyena and continued, “And I don’t remember falling in love with this creep!” A rasping voice spoke, “Creeeeeeee...” Ice looked around but her attention is immediately caught when she looked at Hyena and saw the ice surrounding his menacing wide eyes and broad smiling face and body began to crack when suddenly it broke apart as Hyena tore himself through the ice, grabbed Ice by the throat (as she looked stunned) and finished, “....p!” Ice stood (as if unable to move) and looked terrified at Hyena’s sharp white teeth and wide smiling face (with glaring eyes) as he continued, “I hate that name.” Lord Valkyrie stood and Hyena stepped away and Ice took a step back as she looked alert and moved her right hand behind her back and began forming the same misty sphere in her hand as Lord Valkyrie asked, “You really don’t remember him, do you?” Standing ready and alert, Ice replied angrily, “All I know is every time I tried to remember my past, I always get a brain freeze.” Lord Valkyrie looked down (as if pondering his thoughts) and said, “Hmm.  Then I should remedy that.” Ice Bitch suddenly drew her right hand out (as if to strike Lord Valkyrie) and cringed in anger when Lord Valkyrie shot out his right hand and grabbed her face and Ice Bitch stopped in mid-motion (as if frozen) as Ice Bitch looked on in shock as her view is suddenly immersed in the blackness of Lord Valkyrie’s right gloved hand.


    Flamethrower cringed in anger and raised his hands as he screamed, “LET HER GO!” And he fired a flaming torch at Lord Valkyrie only as the tip of the flames reached him they were stopped by an invisible barrier that shielded both Lord Valkyrie, Ice Bitch and Hyena.  Flamethrower stopped, as he noticed his ability to burn Lord Valkyrie were futile, and he turned his right and left hands towards the people that were sitting at their tables and he yelled, “Let Ice go or I will burn them all!” Some of the women screamed (or turned away in fear as their husbands/boyfriends held them close) while others sat back in their seats in fright as Flamethrower stood ready to burn up half the guests of the restaurants when out of the cries and gasps of fear that surrounds the scene, someone began to laugh.  Flamethrower and many of the people of the restaurant looked and noticed it is Hyena that is laughing and looked on (including Flamethrower) in dismay till Flamethrower yelled angrily, “What’s so funny freak?” Hyena laughed (as he pointed at Flamethrower) as he replied, “You, have no idea, who, you are screwing with!” Flamethrower snarled in anger and pointed his left hand at Hyena and his hand lighted up when suddenly Lord Valkyrie let go of Ice and she stumbled back a step as did Lord Valkyrie.  Hyena then turned to Lord Valkyrie only for Lord Valkyrie to wave his right hand (signaling that he is all right) at him before Lord Valkyrie sat hard in his seat and spoke, “I am fine.  Do not disturb me as I meditate.” Hyena gave a puzzling expression and said, “Meditate?” He then smiled as he opened his arms and yelped, “But we are just having fun!” Lord Valkyrie ignored Hyena’s comment as he rested his arms and hands on the arm rests of his soft chair and sat back straight as he looked (that is his mask) straight ahead.  Ice Bitch staggered with her hands to her face (as if drunk) and Flamethrower moved towards her and asked with concern, “Ice are you all right?” She looked up at him, just barely, and replied, “I’m, I’m all right.” While the rest of hostages in the restaurant looked on with fear or anxiety, a middle aged man with a short trimmed beard slyly reached down into the pocket on the right side of his pants and grabbed something large that is concealed along the side of his upper right leg and quickly, but quietly, pulled it out.  Hyena snapped his fingers in front of the red lenses of Lord Valkyrie’s mask as he looked at Lord Valkyrie with a concerned sarcastic expression and Lord Valkyrie did not move or flinched.   Hyena stroked his narrow chin and spoke, “This could be a pickle.” Ice Bitch looked up and about her (as if waking up from a trance) till she stopped when she looked upon Lord Valkyrie and Hyena and glared at them as she asked in a threatening tone, “Hey, freak, what did your friend do to me?” Hyena turned his attention to her and rolled his shoulders and opened his hands as he smiled and replied, “Sorry Dani, your guess is as good as my smile.” Ice Bitch looked confused for a few moments (as Hyena returned his attention to Lord Valkyrie and began making weird, silly faces) till she said, “Dani.” She then looked at Hyena seriously and asked, “How do you know my name?” Hyena stopped (as if frozen in time) for a few moments before turning his attention back to Ice Bitch with a broad, freaky, smile on his face and he spoke, “Oh, dearly.” He stood up and pointed, gay like, at Ice Bitch and continued, “You know exactly how.” She started to look frustrated and an ice ball began to form on her right hand (along her side) and she asked in a threatening tone, “Enlighten me.” Hyena stood and looked up, as he sarcastically thought aloud, “Hmm. If my demented happy mind thinks correctly, you told me your name after my bro dropped me off at your room at the back of “Dance Y” before we became...” He smiled broadly and wide eyed as he continued, “VERY intent.” Ice Bitch looked confused only for a few moments till she looked at Hyena with wide eyes and her mouth almost gaped in shock before she spoke, “Raphael?” 


    Hyena cringed, as if his ears hurt, before he replied, “Don’t like to hear that...” He then straightened and looked up brightly as he continued, “but yeah.” Ice Bitch looked at Hyena from head to toe, with a look of confusion, before she asked, “Ho...What happened to you?” Hyena gave a sarcastic serious look as he pointed to himself and asked, “Me?” He then threw his arms in the air, cringed, and yelped happily as he continued, “I am beautiful!” Ice Bitch, including Flamethrower and the hostages in the restaurant, looked at Hyena with a weird expression and Hyena dropped his arms, sighed (as he smiled) and rolled his eyes before he spoke, as if bored, “After they dumped you into a pool of some weird blue chemical they electrocuted me with a high enough voltage that it fried the part of my brain that holds back my true feelings, sanity and altered my appearance permanently.” Ice Bitch then looked sorrowful and spoke, “I’m sorry, for what happened to you.” Hyena sighed again and replied, “I accept, especially since you forced me to visit depressing memory lane.” Ice Bitch looked shocked when all of a sudden a man yelled, “FREEZE!” Ice Bitch and Flamethrower looked at the direction from where the man yelled but before they could use their powers they noticed a man in a suit with a neatly trimmed beard pointing a single barreled shotgun like handgun at them.


    Ice Bitch and Flamethrower looked on in frustration as they stopped from using their abilities and kept their hands down as the man pointing a gun at them stated aloud, “I am Officer Eduardo Hermanez and I hereby arrest both of you on multiple accounts of robbery and threatening use of force!” Flamethrower said, “Damnit.” As Ice Bitch sighed but Hyena made a farting noise and spoke, as if hurting in the inside, “Come on, this is boring!” Everyone looked at Hyena either dumbfounded or as if he is crazy till Officer Eduardo spoke, “Sir, I suggest you return to your seat.” Hyena smiled and barred his sharp teeth as he held his hands up, as if to welcome Eduardo, and replied, “But I don’t want to sit down!” Officer Eduardo then pointed his gun at Hyena and spoke aloud in a serious tone, “Sir, sit down, now!” Hyena approached Eduardo with a menacing hunger expression, as he smiled, and spoke in a deep tone, “Do it.” Ice Bitch looked at Hyena in shock while Eduardo began to look nervous as Hyena swayed and moved towards Eduardo (all the while looking down the barrel of Eduardo’s gun) as if drawn to his gun and Eduardo spoke aloud as if nervous, “Stay back!  Sir! I mean it!” Hyena grinned and spoke a little louder, “Do it!” Ice Bitch began to hold up her right hand (as if to calm Hyena) and spoke seriously, “Ralph wait!” Eduardo immediately pointed at Ice and yelled, “STOP!” Ice held up both her hands as she took a step back and looked with alarm even as Hyena got better Eduardo and Ice and is less than an arms reach of Eduardo’s gun as he spoke menacingly, “Come on big boy.” Eduardo yelled, “SIR IF YOU TAKE ONE MORE....” Hyena yelled (as if begging), “PULL IT!” Ice Bitch took a step towards Hyena and reached out with her right hand (as if to stop him) and begged, “RALPH STOP!” Eduardo began to point his gun at Ice again when suddenly Hyena grabbed the barrel of the gun, shoved it in his own mouth (as he cackled) as Eduardo pulled the trigger.  The gun went off (as Hyena laughed) and the back of Hyena’s head exploded before his eyes rolled back and he dropped onto his back to the floor, still showing his sharp, pearly white teeth as he smiled, and laid motionless while everyone in the room looked on in shock (except Flamethrower).

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