Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


18. 18

The moment Hyena snorted the green gas his laugh changed to a higher pitch as his eyes turned bright yellow and his pupils contracted and stretched to transform into lizard type pupils.  His smile grew so broad that his lips and the corners of his mouth ripped and bleed out that his lips are covered with his own blood and his teeth transformed into long, razor sharp blades as blood dribbled from the gums of his mouth.  The skin on his face turned chalk white with green veins popping out from the far sides of his cheeks and stretched back as the rest of his head transformed as green tentacles came out and his blond and black hair fell off to reveal more green snake like tentacles.  His body then grew in height and his suit ripped as he got bigger and muscular and the skin of his body turned green and had green bands that go around his body and limbs that are about two inches apart.  When his transformation stopped he stood over 9 feet and the only way to identify Hyena through his monstrosity is his horrifying face and high pitch laughter.  There is a sound of a bus horn and a large public bus covered with metal platings and a large rammer in the front smashed through an improvised shack, a flipped over wrecked car and multiple garbage cans as it barreled straight at Hyena.  Hyena turned his attention at the bus with his permanent, crazed smile and when he stretched out his right hand at the bus, a pillar of wrapped, thick, green tentacles shot forth as the bus driver looked on in sheer horror as the tentacles came straight at him, struck the bus head on, and the driver exploded into bloody chunks and the bus is ripped completely in half before both shredded halves struck the wall behind and to the left and right of Hyena.  Mark smiled as he put his bat on his shoulder and yelped, “WOAH!” He pointed at Hyena and continued, “Now that, is what I call firepower!” The other Suckers continued to look on at Hyena either shocked or sheer horror till they were interrupted by the sound of the large mob of gangsters and thugs that charged after them (including the ones that still pressed on behind cover and using military tactics) and stood ready to fight when all of a sudden a wave of green tentacles flew right through them and shredded the onrushing mob into bloody pieces, sending body parts, organs and blood flying into the air as more gang members charged in their vehicles or on foot, as if they ignored Hyena’s terrifying power.


    The tactical gang members fired at Hyena from cover with their armor piercing bullets and threw hand grenades, only when they struck Hyena (as he made a blood curdling laugh) the bullets struck him and the grenades exploded and tore threw his green flesh (sending green liquids and chunks flying into the air) Hyena’s body rapidly healed itself and did not inflict any pain.  One of the gang members (even though he is wearing a face mask) stopped firing and looked at Hyena in horror before he turned his head back and yelled, “How in the fuck are we supposed to kill that thing?” Before any of his comrades nearby could respond, Hyena extended both his hands and shot two pillars of tentacles at the gang members and they smashed threw all the obstacles in their path and the gang members that were caught in the tentacles’s paths were instantly exploded sending large pools of blood, flesh and parts of their bones and organs flying into the air.  Hyena kept smiling as he made his blood curdling laugh and swung his tentacles with sheer force that they smashed/incinerated the gang members that tried to hide or charged after him or they speared threw the gang members and ripped their bodies to shreds (as if they were fly paper) and smashed apart their vehicles as well.  A gang member, wearing body armor, looked shocked beneath his mask at the carnage and screaming other gang members around him and he immediately got down on the ground and looked around the corner to see if Hyena is looking away.  He looked and saw Hyena was looking away to his left, as Hyena threw screaming gang members high in the air with his tentacles before spearing them or ripped them apart, and the gang member quickly crawled away and behind an upturned, wrecked armored car.  The gang member reached the car only for a tentacle to wrap around his right leg and yanked him up into the air as he screamed and flipped upside down as another tentacle grabbed his other leg.  The gang member grunted as he stretched up to reach the knife on his belt and grabbed it, but before he could stab the tentacle on his right leg he noticed Hyena’s large, hideous smiling face starring at him and the gang member looked on in horror.  Hyena’s voice boomed in high pitch, “Time to make a wish!” The two tentacles holding the gang member’s leg pulled in opposite directions and the gang member screamed in agony as he began stabbing one of the tentacles as he was being pulled apart.  The tentacle, that the gang member is stabbing, continued to pull as dark green liquids sprayed/oozed out and Hyena continued to glare down on the screaming gang member with crazed fascination.  The Suckers looked on either shocked or horrified (including Sweetie Pie as she covered her mouth with both hands and looked up with wide eyes) as they watched Hyena tearing apart the gang member in his clutches while also holding back the rest of the various gang members by repeatedly swinging his tentacles viciously.  Tears began streaming from the gang member’s face as he screamed loudly and continued to stab the tentacle repeatedly till he fell back down (as if he was forced) and he gave an ear splitting scream as blood formed around his crotch and a sound of tearing meat and flesh as his body is ripped in two, sending bloody and chunks of the gang member’s internal organs flying/falling in the air as Hyena’s high pitch laugh echoed around the abandoned parking lot.  Hyena raised the longest half, hanging from the left tentacle, as blood dripped in a steady stream from the wide mouth, gapping gang member’s dangling head and where his right shoulder use to be as Hyena continued to smile broadly and made a single cackle before he spoke in his high pitch squeaky voice, “No split personality here!”  A pickup truck barreled through a pile of debris before running over a couple of dead bodies of other gang members (making a liquid squashing noise in its path) and a gang member aimed a single rocket turret at Hyena and fired an RPG.  Hyena looked at the truck just before the left side of his face exploded, sending green blood, his left eye and parts of his skull and brain flying everywhere.  Sweetie Pie screamed, “HYENA!” Rabbit pulled out an impact grenade and was about to throw it up as Mark pulled his bat back when all of a sudden they heard Hyena laughing.


    After half of Hyena’s face exploded and his head pulled back from the impact, his face and head began to heal quickly and once his dangling jaw is relocated he began to laugh till his face fully healed and one of his tentacles shot out and zig zagged, spearing multiple gang members through their hearts or chests before the tentacle tore back out and the rest of the gang members immediately took whatever cover they could find away from Hyena’s tentacles that zigged zag and speared whatever gang members that stood exposed.  Hyena laughed, “What a rush!  Now for taste of happiness!” One of his tentacles wrapped around the gang member, that was behind the rocket turret and as he yelled he pulled out a knife from his belt and began repeatedly stabbing the tentacle as he was yanked up into the air.  When he was pulled before Hyena he stopped stabbing, looked up at Hyena’s wide smile and saw the rows of long sharp, bladed teeth in horror.  Hyena opened his mouth as his laugh bellowed from his throat and the gang member made a terrifying scream as he was pulled halfway into Hyena’s mouth before Hyena’s jaw closed and his teeth knives sliced through the gang member and shredded him in half, sending blood and pieces of his bodily organs flying/falling out of Hyena’s bloody covered mouth before he began to chew.  There is a juicy/crunchy sound as Hyena chewed and swallowed the half eaten gang member (all the while The Suckers watched in horror as some tried to keep from barfing) and Hyena threw the uneaten half away as he smiled, revealing his blood stained knifed teeth, and laughed, “Thirst quenching!” A gang member appeared from behind an up turned pickup with a spear gun rested on the bottom of the truck and aimed at Hyena when all of a sudden there is a sound of repulser engines and a spotlight appeared and shinned on Hyena, The Suckers and part of where the gang members were hiding.  As they looked up they noticed it is the same transport that dropped off The Suckers and as the transport began its descent, Hyena began transforming back to his former form.  When the transport landed and dropped its ramp it revealed Lord Valkyrie, Captain Cruz and as they walked out two squad’s of Empire Blitz Troopers charged out and formed a perimeter around the entrance of the transport.  


    Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz (with her rifle at the ready) walked up to The Suckers as if ignoring the angry/nervous gang members that surround them.  The gang member, that was aiming his spear gun at Hyena, turned his spear gun at Lord Valkyrie and he yelled, “Hey asshole!  Give up your ship or....!” Lord Valkyrie waved his left hand at the gang member and before the gang member could finish the truck before him flipped over on top of him and made an audible snap noise as the gang member’s spine snapped and is crushed beneath the truck.  The other gang members either remained hiding or continued to watch behind cover as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz stopped before and between The Suckers and Hyena.  Lord Valkyrie stated, “So, you have the leader of the Home Runners join you after all.” Marksman reloaded her sidearms and replied, “It’s either that or be incinerated like the rest of them.” Mark asked, “Who the hell are you?” Lord Valkyrie turned to Mark and replied, “Lord Valkyrie, ruler of The Empire.” Hyena interrupted, “And my brother!” They all looked at Hyena and as he approached Marksman pointed at him, as she took a step back, and spoke aloud, “You are fucking crazy!” Sweetie Pie looked upset and added, “Crazy?  He’s a freaking lunatic!” Lord Valkyrie said, “True, but he saved you all nonetheless.” They looked frustrated and just as Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz turned back towards the transport a gang member stood up behind a garbage can and aimed a double barreled shotgun at them and he yelled, “NORTHRIDGE HO....!” The top of his head blew apart/incinerated as Captain Cruz fired her rifle and his eyes rolled up before he dropped dead.  Marksman made a single nod and said, “Hmm, nice shot.” Captain Cruz stepped forward (as if ignoring Marksman’s comment) as she followed Lord Valkyrie on his left side, as they walked back towards the transport, and The Suckers followed behind them as well and relaxed thinking the worst is behind them.  A handful more gang members stood up, as Lord Valkyrie started to pass, and had their assault rifles raised as they yelled, “Northridge Hoods!” But at the same moment they took aim Lord Valkyrie waved his right hand (as if swatting a fly) and the gang members and debris before and around them were thrown back as if struck by an invisible shock wave.  The Suckers stopped momentarily as some of them gasped or looked on with shock or fascination while Hyena pointed where the gang members were and laughed, “Ha, ha, light weight!” They then continued on, as if ignoring Hyena’s comment, till they reached the transport and the Blitz Troopers followed behind (as they continued to cover the landing ramp) and when all the troopers are inside the ramp closed and the transport lifted off as the surrounding gang members appeared from cover and fruitlessly tried to charged at the transport till the ship flew off, leaving the angry mob behind as they made obscene gestures and yells at the transport as it disappeared into the darkness. 


    The transport flew from the planet’s atmosphere and flew towards a spear tip shape ship with various building structures along the top from one end of the ship to the other (along the center body) with the tallest T shaped structure in the middle with a single large gun turret on the bottom of each rung of the T and all along the top and bottom edges of the ship is ringed with a dozen twin barreled gun turrets facing outwards as the transport approached an opening in the bottom even though it is protected by a blue energy barrier and Captain Cruz spoke, “ESS Valkyrie this is Eagle One, request permission to land in Hanger 1A.” A reply came by one of her clones, “Permission granted Eagle One.” The energy barrier dissipated and the transport entered the maul and flew up the short, 45 degree angled deck before it flattened out to reveal H shaped fighters hanging along the ceiling, C fighters docked along the sides in four, stair like rows and two troop transport aircraft sitting on the deck undergoing maintenance.  Eagle One stopped before a welcoming committee of two rows of Blitz Troopers leading from the exit of the hanger bay and Eagle One turned about and descended as it’s landing gear came down till the ship landed.  The ramp lowered and the Blitz Troopers snapped to attention as Lord Valkyrie stepped out, followed by Captain Cruz and The Suckers.  


    The Suckers (except Hyena) looked in awe or curiosity at the large hanger as they followed and Hyena caught up to Lord Valkyrie and asked anxiously, “Who are we going to kill next bro?” He ran from Lord Valkyrie’s left side to his right (from behind) and continued, “Gang bangers?” Back to the left, “Grumpy old people?” He then jumped in front of Lord Valkyrie and walked backwards as Lord Valkyrie continued to walk as Hyena cringed and had the look like he was thinking as he held his hand out to Lord Valkyrie and continued, “Wait don’t tell me.....” He brightened as he snapped his fingers and said, “Politicians!” Lord Valkyrie replied, “I’ll tell you.” They reached the doors that exited the hanger and they slid open as Hyena maneuvered to Lord Valkyrie’s right, but Lord Valkyrie stopped, turned to Captain Cruz (as she stopped as well and faced Lord Valkyrie as she stood at attention) and ordered, “Take the others to their common quarters captain.” Captain Cruz replied, “Yes sir.” And she turned and stated aloud, “Follow me!” And she turned to the left as she walked through the doors and the others hesitated at first but followed as they looked either alert or relaxed and Hyena hoped as he clapped his hands and spoke in a squeaky, eager voice, “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!  I can’t wait to....” Once The Suckers left Lord Valkyrie raised his right gloved hand at Hyena and Hyena levitated off the floor and clawed at his throat as he started to choke and Lord Valkyrie firmly, “I find your attitude annoying.” Hyena gasped, “Okay....I’ll...Shut....Up!” Lord Valkyrie lowered his hand and Hyena dropped to the floor and gasped for air before standing up and nursing his neck and Lord Valkyrie spoke, “What I am about to say maybe some interest to you.” Hyena looked at him to hear more, with his smiling face and Lord Valkyrie continued, “We are heading back to where we rescued you and your colleagues because there is a new development.” He then began to pace around Hyena as he continued, “We have located two more people that have been transformed like you and your colleagues on Karmel IV and we must persuade them to join us before the people that have imprisoned and tortured you get to them first.” Hyena clapped and replied happily as giggled, “More people to play with!  When are we leaving?” Lord Valkyrie answered, “Immediately, once I inform Captain Cruz.” Hyena punched Lord Valkyrie on the left shoulder and said, “Then inform her bro!” Lord Valkyrie looked at his own left shoulder (where Hyena punched him) before looking back up as his eyes grew dark red and Hyena gave a sarcastic cringe of fright as he backed away and said, “Whenever your ready.” Lord Valkyrie looked away and stood, as if meditating, as Hyena put his hands on his hips and looked around (bored).  A few moments later he began to make a rhythmic popping noises and a few moments later he looked back at Valkyrie and asked, “Well?”, No reply and Hyena asked again, “Hello?” Still no reply and Hyena walked around and saw Lord Valkyrie looked like he was staring straight ahead and Hyena waved his hands over Lord Valkyrie’s red goggle shaped eye pieces of his mask and asked (as if trying to get his attention), “Big bro?” Nothing and Hyena extended his fore finger as he proceeded to touch the fore head piece of Lord Valkyrie’s mask when Hyena’s hand is snatched by Lord Valkyrie and he squeezed as Hyena looked wide eyed in pain and is about to kneel as he squeaked, “Okay, okay!” And Lord Valkyrie let Hyena’s hand go and Hyena turned away as he nursed it before saying, “Man, you need to work on your social skills.” Lord Valkyrie ignored his comment and stated, “I have informed Captain Cruz and we are now proceeding to Karmel IV as we speak.” Hyena threw his hands up in the air exclaimed (as nearby Blitz and various troopers and personnel in the hanger looked at him either with annoyance or frustration), “Finally!” He looked back at Lord Valkyrie with anticipation and continued, “When...” Hyena was punched directly in the face by Lord Valkyrie and he stumbled (drunkly) as his eyes rolled with confusion before he fell to the deck passed out.  Lord Valkyrie looked down at Hyena and said, “Finally, some peace and quiet.” And he grabbed Hyena by the back with his right hand and carried him to the nearest wall of the hanger bay and dropped him.

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