Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


17. 17

Just as they began walking, they were suddenly surrounded by various gang members in torn and filthy clothing, carrying various weapons, all the while as they hooted and hollered and the Suckers stood almost in a circle with their backs to each other.  A gang member with wild white and black long hair stood before the others, carrying a machete, and called out, “Mark, why did you turn against us?” Mark replied aloud, “Got a better contract dumb shit!” The gang members grumbled as one of them yelled, “WASTE THEM FUCKERS!” Others began yelling, “Yeah!” And, “Spill their blood!” And there were loud various clanking and smacking sounds as they rattled or smacked their various blunt or sharp weapons against metal objects and Marksman and the other Suckers (that have weapons) raised their weapons and stood ready when unexpectedly Hyena sang aloud as he sat and teetered tottered from side to side (all the while smiling), “Is this the real life?  Is this just fantasy?  Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.” The gang members looked at each other or at Hyena either confused or laughed as the long haired gang member (that spoke earlier) asked aloud, “Hey, is your friend crazy or what?” And Marksman and Mark looked at each as they do not know how to respond and Hyena looked up, opened his hands before his eyes and made a wave like gesture with both hands towards the sky as he continued singing, “Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see.” He then looked down at the ground and continued, “I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy.” The Suckers made glances at Hyena and Rabbit kicked him from behind (even though Hyena barely moved) and spoke low and harsh, “Hey, idiot, shut the fuck up!” Hyena ignored him, looked up and moved side to side before raising his right hand up and lowering his left hand as he sang, “Because I’m easy come, easy go, little high, little low.” He then reached out with both hands (as if in an exploding gesture towards the sky) before pulling them back close to his chest and shivered as he continued singing, “Any way the wind blows doesn’t really matter to me,” Suddenly he appeared right behind Witch (as she stood unaware) and lightly stroke her left cheek as he spoke low and menacingly, “to me.” Witch yelped and swung around, as if to strike him, only that he disappeared again and reappeared exactly where he sat before (as if he didn’t move the whole time) and continued singing, “Mama, just killed a man.” The gang member with the long black and white hair seethed in anger, indicated Hyena with his machete and said, “Somebody please kill...” In a blink of an eye, Hyena appeared to the right of the long haired mana shoved the barrel of a six shooter against the gang member’s right temple (as Hyena continued to smile) while holding the left side of the gang member’s throat and he sang, “Put a gun against his head.” The gang member tried shoving Hyena away, but to no avail, as he spoke both angry and annoyance, “Dude, get the...” The left of his head exploded, sending blood, brain matter, blood and pieces of the gang member’s skull flying onto the pavement as everyone else looked on surprised by what they just saw as Hyena continued, “Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead.” Hyena then dropped the lifeless body to the ground, almost at ease and sang, “Mama, life had just begun.” He then looked up and sang, “But now I’ve gone...” He then swung his right arm out towards the gang members (as he turned to look upon them) and continued, “...and thrown it all away.” 


    It was dead silence.  The Suckers looked around to see all the gang members, that surrounded them, looked at Hyena with growing rage as Hyena still had his arms up and smiled broadly at the gang members behind and above him and Rabbit leaned over to Mark’s direction and spoke in a low tone of voice, “We’re screwed.” A gang member screamed, “KILL THEM!” Marksman pulled out two special 9MM, smiled and said, “Yeah.” And as the gang members charged at her, she began firing her sidearms, rapidly, shooting the gang members directly in the faces or foreheads and when she ran out she quickly recharged from the clips attached to her forearms (while discharging the used clips at the same time) and continued rapid firing.  Hyena immediately spun around, pulled out two sharp blades from his sides, smiled broadly and said, “Time for fun.” A gang member charged at him from behind with a machete till Hyena came around and stabbed him through the bottom of his jaw and mouth.  In a fluid movement, Hyena ripped his blade out, tearing the man’s jaw with it, sending blood and the man’s tongue flying out/spraying along with the gang member’s jaw before he fell back, grasped where his mouth was and made a gurgling sound as he drowned in his own blood.  Just as Hyena ripped his blade out he swung his other, as another gang member charged at him, and sliced halfway through  the gang member’s throat, sending the gang member falling back as blood poured/sprayed out of his throat.  A gang member tackled Hyena and when they both hit the ground and the gang member is on top, Hyena rapidly stabbed the gang member in the throat and left side of his head as Hyena laughed as he stabbed repeatedly.  Another gang member appeared as he jumped towards/over Hyena with his machete raised and as he came down Hyena quickly moved his head to the side and forced the other gang member’s (he was repeatedly stabbing) head in the way as the machete came down and stabbed through the back of the dead gang member’s head and onto the floor.  Hyena laughed aloud, “He ain’t getting a blowjob anytime soon!” The gang member yanked the machete out of his dead comrade’s head and was about to stab Hyena again till Hyena pulled out a pistol out of the dead gang member’s gun holster and shot the other gang member in the face, blowing apart his nose and part of the back of his head exploded outwards before he dropped dead.  


    The seeming endless sea of gang members charged at The Suckers and Rabbit yelled up at Mark behind him, “Hey, former Home Runner!  How fast can you swing?” Mark looked down at Rabbit, curiously, and answered, “How fast do you want me?” Rabbit screamed over the angry cry of the approaching gang members, “LIKE YOU LIFE DEPENDED ON IT!” Mark pulled his bat out, as if ready to swing, and called out, “Call your bombs out so I know what I am hitting!” Rabbit yelled, “You got it!” Rabbit first pulled out a sky blue designed grenade and threw it up into the air as he called out, “Grenade!” Mark swung, struck the grenade and it flew straight into the on rush of gang members and it exploded, sending a handful of gang members falling onto the ground and screaming in agony from the explosion and debris as more gang members still continued the onslaught.  Mark yelled behind himself, “Sweetie Pie, Assassin!  Cover our asses!”  Rabbit threw up another painted designed grenade and called out, “Willy Pete!” Mark struck it with his bat and the Willy Pete flew straight through a crowd of gang members and exploded behind them and the gang members in front and surrounding the exploding grenade, fell to the ground as either their entire bodies or their backs burned from the liquid fire and screamed in pure agony as they rolled on the ground and clawed their skin, trying to get the burning jell off.  A gang member surprised them from the right and he yelled in anger as he raised a steel pipe to bash Mark’s head in when all of a sudden a black nylon rope appeared out of nowhere and wrapped around the gang member’s body and caused him to drop his pipe as he fell and struggled to untie himself with his right free hand.  The gang member cursed and yelped in anger as he struggled while Rabbit and Mark looked behind them to see Tightrope loading a new rope end to his rope gun (that is attached to his right forearm) before he looked up, grinned through a rope that ran between his teeth and grunted with satisfaction.  Before Rabbit or Mark could thank him they immediately resumed their attention to the gang members that were still charging at them and continued to pitch/hit various explosion grenades at the onslaught and Tightrope fired a yellow nylon rope at a gang member that is charging right at him and the gang member’s arms and legs were wrapped together and the gang member fell, cursing and yelling as he fruitlessly tried to free himself.  A large swarm of gang members charged at Tightrope and he looked up, pointed his right point finger up at a street light and fired his rope gun, sending the end of a thick, black rope (attached to a grappling hook) towards it and pulled Tightrope up before the gang members could grab him.  Tightrope crouched on top of the street light (once he reached the top) and immediately fired a white fiber rope at two of the gang members and wrapped around their necks.  Tightrope immediately slammed his right fist on top of the U curved street light and had his rope gun retract the fiber rope he shot and the two gang members yelped as they were yanked off their feet and hung off the street light as they squirmed and made choking sounds as they hung back to back on the single rope.  The other gang members drew their guns and started shooting at Tightrope, but Tightrope is faster and he aimed and fired another line at another street light before he jumped and swung at it and when he swung over he detached from the rope and immediately aimed at two other gang members, fired and the two gang members were immediately yanked up by their throats and hung below the street light (Tightrope swung from) before Tightrope quickly aimed back forward and fired another line at the street light in front of him and swung from it before he hit the ground and repeated the process with every one or two gang members. 


    Sweetie Pie immediately fired a blinding light at the large wave of gang members behind The Suckers, forcing them to drop their weapons and grasp their faces and cover their eyes with their hands as they cried out in agony.  Once she blinded the gang members she immediately fired her sonic shockwave, sending all the gang members before her flying back high in the air before falling on top of a new wave of gang members that were charging after The Suckers.  Assassin immediately pressed a button on her stick and when the first gang members approached her, with metal poles and machetes raised, a flaming torch emerged from Assassin’s stick and engulfed a few gang members in flames and they squirmed and flailed they're burning arms in the air as they screamed in agony as Assassin moved her stick from side to side sending more gang members either up in flames or running back to keep from getting torched.  Sweetie Pie and Assassin stood back to back and Sweetie Pie asked, “Having fun yet?” Assassin scowled and replied over the angry yells of the gang members, “Shut up and keep killing!” Sweetie Pie smiled and made a short giggle before a gang member charged after her, with a wooden sharp stick raised, and Sweetie Pie immediately kicked him between the legs, forcing him to fall on his knees (making a low cry in agony) and Sweetie Pie swung her star baton and made a deep gash mark across the gang member’s face before he fell onto his back.  As a group of gang members charged at her, Sweetie Pie swung her baton and stab one gang member through the throat and ripped it out, forcing the gang member to fall with his hands on his throat and gurgled through the blood that spewed/bubbled from his throat.  She continued and sliced another gang member’s face, forcing him to stumble back and yelp in pain as he covered his bleeding face, before another grabbed her hand (that held the baton) and tried to pull it from her grasp.  Sweetie Pie brought her face down on his grasping hand (while the gang member also tried to grab her hair) and ignored the gang member trying to pull back her hair as she bite hard onto the gang member’s hand (specifically his thumb) and she crunched her teeth as the gang member yelled in pain while also pulling her head back by her hair.  With a crunching/tearing noise she ripped the gang member’s thumb off, sending blood spraying from where his thumb was as the gang member looked on with sheer horror and screamed before Sweetie Pie flipped in the air and kicked him across the face with the heel of her red boot, dislocating his jaw and knocking him out cold and she and Assassin continued fighting the angry mob using only their martial arts or their blunt weapons, sending loud cries of pain and agony (mixed with spatters of blood) into the air.                


    Santa stood stunned as the large, angry mob of gang members began charging at him and the rest of The Suckers and on instinct, Santa grabbed the metal pole (that held his sack of cement blocks and other heavy blunt objects) and immediately began swinging his sack, smashing a large number of gang members and punks with each swing.  For every swing, Santa made, there is a sound of meat or flesh smacking against one another and crunching noises as skulls and other bones being crushed by the gang members being struck by Santa’s bag, leaving sounds of ear splitting screams of pain and suffering in its wake and Santa smiled broadly with each stroke and bellowed happily, “Ho, ho!” And not long after the brawl began, all the gang members that charged after The Suckers began running away and Marksman yelled, “Yeah you better run!” But just as the gang members retreated there were loud hooting and chanting cries in the distance, surrounding them and The Suckers stood back to back in a circle (except Hyena kept carving up a dead gang member’s body with a knife, sending blood and gore oozing out of the corpse).  The Suckers took notice of Hyena’s cackling as he continued to cut deep into the flesh of the dead gang member and they looked disgusted (including Tina as she turned away and threw up) and Marksman stated, “That’s disgusting.” Hyena soaked his hand in the gang member’s blood, ran it along the left side of his face (nearly covering it with blood), inhaled deeply has he moved his head back, smiled and spoke with hysterical satisfaction, “Hmm, the smell of sweetness!” And he laughed.  Witch cringed with disgust and said, “That psycho does more harm than good.” She raised her right hand (as if she is about to cast a spell) and was about to speak till Mark smacked her hand away, pointed his bat at her face and spoke with growing anger, “Not now. Don’t forget you and Tree girl just coward behind us while we did all the fighting!  Especially the psycho that did more harm than good!” Witch glared up at Mark and spoke in a threatening tone, “I don’t help mortals.” Mark took a step closer to Witch and spoke in a low, menacing tone (with his bat in between them and lightly tapped her chest with each word he spoke) and gave a menacing smile, “Don’t tempt me, Witch.” Witch scowled as she looked away and Tina looked up, as she wiped her mouth, and Mark looked at her and asked, “What’s your excuse?” Tina looked shy and was about to speak when they heard the sound of an angry mob approaching from all around in the darkness and resumed standing combat ready back to back and Mark called out, “Remember!  We must work together if we are going to get out of here alive!” Marksman yelled back, over the noise and the sounds of vehicles approaching at high speed, “Easier said than done!” The mixture noises of yelling, hooting and the revving of engines and tires squealing grew louder and louder in the darkness that surrounded The Suckers, making them either tense up more than before or shiver in fear (Tina) while Hyena laughed and yelled, “This is going to be great!” And as if on cue, the wall of angry various gang members appeared and came charging after them.


    Hyena pulled out a .44 Magnum as he looked to his left (with a crazed/hunger expression) and yelled to no one in particular, “Time for some killing’!” The Suckers unleashed their full fury as Rabbit threw up various grenades and Mark swung, hitting them within the mob of gang members causing many to fall and scream in agony from the explosions and incendiaries and Mark yelled, “And the crowd goes wild!” Marksman pulled out her handguns and began rapidly firing onto the wave of gang members, Sweetie Pie fired a blinding light from her crown and, as the gang members (that were blinded) cried out or groan in pain with their hands to their eyes, fired her sonic boom that blew the gang members and vehicles away (causing one vehicle to crush a few gang members beneath it and another exploded as it fell before another group of gang bangers).  Assassin immediately swung her stick and knocked a gang member’s teeth out (as it struck across his cheek) before swinging it again and knocking out another as she flipped in the air and kicked two more in their faces before more charged after her and she began repeatedly swinging her stick, kicking and punching other gang members while Santa bellowed, “Ho, ho, ho!” As he swung his sack and smacked/crushed gang members in his path and when a 4x4 with a battering ram speed after him, Santa swung his sack and it crushed the right front of the truck and caused it to flip over and crushed the screaming occupants that sat/stood in the open hood.  On cue, and standing side to side, Witch threw up her hands towards each approaching gang member and echoed curses that caused the gang members to either explode into flames or flashed into skeletons and fell  to pieces while Tina threw up her hands and caused tree roots to appear from her hands and spear threw/sliced the gang members to pieces, sending blood and gory unknown body parts flying into the air.  A pair of heavily improvised armored cars charged after Tina as gang members screamed/hooted in delight (while waving machetes, handguns, various blunt objects outside their passenger windows) and she screamed in anger as she fired/swung her tree roots after them and caused the car to explode into pieces as the gang members screamed (as they were being decapitated), leaving only the floor boards and the bottom part of the car intact as it veered away and the other car was throttled to the right in the air, causing many of the gang members to fly off as they screamed while the rest remained in their seats as they echoed their last screams before the car came crashing down and tumbled (crushing other gang members in its path) till the vehicle stopped upside down and blood pooled out from the top door frames.  A heavily armored car charged after Tightrope as the driver and passengers next and behind him screamed madly and Tightrope quickly aimed his right forearm at the driver and fired a line of rope that smashed through the windshield and tied the wheel to the driver wrists, causing the driver to panic and veer the car away and smashed a few of his comrades causing exploding water balloons of blood, bone and gore to cover the front hood and windshield.  The driver franticly began backing up the car as his passengers screamed at him in anger as Tightrope approached and got it in gear.  Just as the driver began backing up his vehicle, Tightrope fired a long line of rope that wrapped around the throats of all six of the passengers and driver of the vehicle and forced them to drop their weapons and try to pry the rope lose as they began choking.  More gang members charged after Tightrope and he repeatedly fired lines of rope that wrapped a pair or three gang members together by their throats (causing them to strangle each other to death) or tied their legs, arms and wrists together, causing them to either fall and squirm on the ground or stop where they are as they tried to untie themselves.  


    Hyena fired his magnum at the first gang member that charged straight at him and hit him right in the forehead and caused the back of the gang member’s head to explode before falling flat on his face.  Hyena made a single laugh before turning his gun at another screaming gang member (that ran after Hyena with a metal pipe raised) and shot the gang member through the throat creating a large see through hole as the remaining parts of his throat showered another gang member behind him as the gang member fell to the ground and had only enough time to grasp his throat before he bleed to death and made a gurgling sound.  Hyena laughed as he continued firing and shot the gang member (behind the one shot through the throat) that ran over his comrade through his open mouth as he yelled in anger and caused the back of his head to explode as well before his eyes rolled up and dropped dead.  A gang member jumped from behind and grabbed Hyena before he tried pulling his gun away.  Instead, Hyena turned as they struggled, shoved the barrel of his .44 into the gang member’s right eye and Hyena laughed as he pulled the trigger.  The gang member’s head exploded like a water balloon with red dye, covering Hyena’s hysterical face with blood and bits of the gang member’s head, leaving only the gang member’s jaw where his head was.  Hyena wiped the right side of his face, as he continued to laugh hysterically, and yelped, “NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL A BLOOD WAR!” Suddenly a gang member appeared from his right, swung a metal pipe and knocked off Hyena’s gun off his hand with a loud snap as he broke Hyena’s wrist.  Hyena yelped and jumped back as the gang member stood before him while he looked upon his broken wrist.  Hyena then laughed as the gang member raised his pipe but looked at Hyena, puzzled, till before his eyes he looked shocked as Hyena’s wrist reset as there was a sound of bones snapping back together.  Hyena rolled/stretched his wrist to see it fully healed as he made a satisfying cackle and he pulled two knifes from beneath his coat and held them before him and spoke menacingly with a broad, hideous smile, “Time for fun!” And he laughed hysterically as he swung his blades and slashed the gang members that charged after him.  A gang member raised his machete as he screamed but Hyena jumped up and repeatedly stabbed him in the eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks as he laughed till all of a sudden his knife broke.  For a brief moment he looked at it with a sour face till he pulled out an ice pick from his jacket pocket, smiled and yelped, “Time to break some ice!” A biker gang member appeared from behind and swung a metal pipe as he yelled, “Die punk!” Hyena dodged it while at the same time he stabbed the ice pick in the biker’s left armpit, then his left lung and his ribs.  The biker fell and dropped his pipe as he began making sucking noises and blood bleed from his left side before Hyena stabbed him with the ice pick through the biker’s left ear and the biker stopped making sucking noises.  Hyena laughed, “No air sucking for you boyoh!” Suddenly there was an explosion on Hyena’s left side and he was thrown to the right and grunted in pain.


    Hyena got up on his hands and knees, looked up and saw the gang members that are attacking them are now wearing body armor and carrying military grade equipment as they moved from obstacle to obstacle for cover as they continued their attack.  The Suckers were forced back as Witch raised both hands and created an invisible shield as bullets and explosives struck the thin air and Witch cringed under the pressure as she backed with the other Suckers behind her till they stopped as they reached a wall of an abandoned mall while (unknown to the others) Hyena veered off from the group.  Witch yelled, “Can’t hold much longer!” The rest of The Suckers stood ready as they looked around for another escape route when Sweetie Pie yelled, “Hey!  Where’s Hyena?” They looked around till they saw Hyena to their left, backing away from the group, with a crazed look on his nearly half blood stained face (left side) and pulled out what looked like a gas grenade before pulling the pin with his teeth.  Mark looked both confused and shocked and he called out, “Hyena what the....” Before he could finish the grenade went off to reveal a green gas at the same time Hyena snorted where the gas came out and The Suckers stood in shock as they watched Hyena transform.

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