Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


16. 16

Hyena nodded awake as he was kicked in the side to see his other comrades have already awoken when one of the Home Runners yelled out, “Behold!  The man who still holds the record for the most home runs!  And the most hits!  The undefeated player and coach of the Northridge Home Runners!  Mark Hohl!” A medium built man with a short trimmed beard and mustache in a dirty white Home Runner uniform appeared with a wooden baseball bat at hand as there is a standing innovation and hooting from the other gang members.  Mark opened his arms as he welcomed everybody and  smiled as he spoke aloud, “Greatness has stepped up to the batting plate!” There is a bigger cheer and yelling from the gang members before Mark pointed his bat at Hyena and his comrades and Mark asked aloud, “What’s your team name and who is your coach?” Hyena tried to jump up but was forced back down as he yelped happily, “I’m the coach!” Marksman looked at him and spoke aloud, “The hell you are!  Out of all these freaks I might as well be the leader!” Rabbit looked at her and yelped sarcastically, “Well leader, then explain how you let us into this!” Sweetie Pie spoke, “My thought exactly!  I nominate myself!” Tina yelped, “Bull crap!” Hyena laughed and Marksman yelled, “There is no vote, I am clearly the leader!” Mark and the other Home Runners looked on in shock or wonder as Sweetie Pie yelped, “Screw you hoe!” Marksman yelled back, “Speak for yourself hooker!” Sweetie Pie yelped back, “Cat fucker!” Mark yelled, “Hey, hey, language please!” Marksman, Sweetie Pie, Rabbit and Tina looked at him and yelled at the same time, “Shut up!” Mark raised his bat and touched the tip at each of their chins as he spoke seriously, “Oh really.  You want me to test my batting swings on your heads, especially you Rabbit?” Rabbit gave him a cautious look as Mark pointed the tip of his bat at his face as Mark continued, “I bet you I can make a home run easily with your head.” They didn’t utter a sound and Mark rested his bat over his shoulders with his hands on top and walked back and forth in front of them and spoke, “Now obviously we know what you guys lack, and its communication and trust.  Hell, you are not even a team!” Hyena slapped the ground, pointed at Mark and said, “Exactly!” Mark pointed his bat at him, with a serious face, and Hyena cringed back with a sad expression and resumed his Indian style as Mark continued, “I bet you guys don’t even have a team name!” They glanced at each other as no one spoke and Mark waved his hands (as if calming them down) and said, “Okay, okay, even though you are not going to live for long I might as well give you a name.” He looked up and stroked his chin as he said, “How about......” He then snapped his fingers and pointed at them as he said, “The Sucker Squad!”


    Marksman and the others (except Hyena) looked at Mark as if he’s crazy when Rabbit spoke, “Really?  You are  calling us suckers?” Tina spoke matter of factually, “Well, we are here thanks to Hyena and his brother.” Rabbit looked frustrated and then down and said, “Oh.” Mark said, “Now, why are you here to destroy our paradise?” Marksman replied, “To clean your team and the other gangs out, according to the authorities.  We have no choice due to this idiot’s brother.” She nodded her head to Hyena as he yelped happily, “Yep!  And if you want to you can join our squad and be spared of all the misery and depression!  Plus you can keep your home run record!  HAHAHAHAHA!” Mark stood before Hyena with his bat resting against Hyena’s left cheek (as Hyena continued to smile) and said, “Maybe I should just bash your heads in and call it a day.” Hyena chuckled and grinned broadly, “Oh I would like to see that!  And see my brother Michael, or Lord whatever, come and blow this place straight to hell and cover the streets with your blood and noodle brains!” Marksman added, “His brother is Lord Valkyrie, if you’ve heard of him.” Mark looked at her with fascination and replied, “I’ve heard rumors.  I also heard that he himself buried the entire race of the Birdmocks with his bare hands.” The Assassin spoke up, “It’s true.  I even served with him before he had me reassigned to his crazy brother here.” Santa agreeable said, “Ho.” Mark laid his bat behind his head and over his shoulders as he rested his hands and paced before them for a few moments (as if thinking) and looked at what’s left of his battered Home Runners till he stopped with his back to the Suckers and said, “Suppose I do agree with joining your rag tag squad, then what?” Hyena said, “Then you can make all the home runs you want!  And all your hits will be legal!” One of the Home Runners yelled, “Bash that fuckers brains in!” Another yelled, “His brain is an easy homer!” The others hooted and hollered till Mark raised his bat up and they went quiet.  Mark turned back to Hyena, smirked and said, “If I join there is going to be some changes in your team’s structure for leadership.” The Home Runners looked at him and Hyena with confusion as Hyena looked up with glee and said, “Consider it done!” The Home Runners turned their attention on Mark with angry expressions and began picking up their bats when one of them spoke aloud, “Coach!  You are hereby e...” Witch suddenly opened her eyes and in an instant all the Home Runners flashed into balls of fire before they could scream and just as they caught fire the flames vanished, leaving only ashes and burnt baseball uniforms, shoes and hats behind and the bats (that some were able to grasp) clattered to the ground all in black as the wood burnt to the flash fire.


    Marksman and the other Suckers looked in shock while Hyena jumped up, clapped and yelped excitedly, “That was awesome! I never knew people can burn faster than paper!” He looked down at Witch with wide eyes and spoke excitedly, “Can you do it again?” Witch glared up at him and replied, “Do you have marshmallows so I can cook them over you?” Hyena laughed hard and fell on his back as he laughed hysterically while Mark and the others looked at him (as if Hyena’s stupid) and when Hyena was able to speak as he stood up and brushed his blue suit he said aloud, “I didn’t know you make killer jokes!” Mark laughed heartedly and helped untie the Suckers before they stood up and gathered their weapons and Sweetie Pie poked at the burnt ashes and paper burnt like remains of the incinerated Home Runners and said, “I say this mission is well done.” Mark turned to Rabbit and spoke, “Hey, fur-ball.” Rabbit scowled at him as Mark continued, “Can I practice my swings with your hand grenades or are they sensitive balls?” Rabbit contemplated as he tried to look away and looked back with a sure expression and replied, “Yeah, you can practice, but only ones that I tell you to swing it.” Mark smirked with satisfaction and slapped Rabbit in the back (making him hop a little) and said, “Rabbit, I believe you and I are going to get along very well.” Rabbit looked at him frustratingly, but then gave a smirk before Marksman called out, “All right Suckers!  Lets move out!” And they all headed out to where they landed earlier to wait for the transport shuttle.

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