Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


15. 15

“This is bullshit!” Rabbit screamed, “How are we supposed to find these knuckleheads if the whole neighborhood is loyal to them?” Sweetie Pie replied, “I don’t know!  Why don’t you tell us fur ball!” Rabbit looked at her furiously and started pulling out one of his hand grenades when he yelled back, “Why you little....” Santa grabbed his wrist and kept him from pulling the contact grenade out as he spoke, as if to stop/calm them, “Ho, ho!” Tina Tree spoke, as if annoyed, “Will you please tell him to stop saying that!” Rabbit looked at her and yelled, “That’s all he CAN say shrubbery!” Tina looked shocked and yelled in reply, “Shrubbery?” Marksman shook her head and said, “This is not going well.” She heard someone speaking in a low tone, as if praying, and she looked to her left and saw Witch sitting Indian style on the pavement with her eyes closed and her hands to her sides as she spoke in a low tone of voice, “Hyesha nomor imague. Hyesha...” Marksman asked, “What the hell is she doing?” Assassin replied, “I believe she is praying.” Marksman looked about in the wrecked parking lot and said, “We need to find a rat to tell us where they are.” Hyena yelped, “Found a rat!” They both looked and suddenly Hyena appeared, holding a rat by its tail as it squeaked and squirmed and Hyena spoke excitedly, “He won’t mind ratting out his friends!” Marksman and Assassin looked on in disgust and Marksman said, “Not that rat!  I mean’t one of the gang members!” Hyena continued to look on happily and replied, “Oh!” And he threw the rat over his right shoulder and it struck Witch right in the face and landed on her lap (not flinching as she continued to pray) and scurried away from her.  Someone yelled, “Looks like we hit the honeypot team!” Hyena and the others (except Witch as she continued to pray) looked up and about and saw eighteen men in dirty, white and blue baseball uniforms surrounding them, all armed with barbed wire (or other various sharp pieces) baseball bats or solid, round, metal balls.


    Hyena yelped, “Looks like the party has come to us!” One of Home Runners yelled, “You got that right!  Play ball boys!” The Home Runners screamed as they charged upon them and Rabbit screamed as well as he pulled out a hand grenade and threw it at one of the gang members.  The gang member screamed, “First Base!” And he swung, as the grenade came right at him, hit the grenade and it flew away, exploding in mid-air.  Rabbit looked frustrated and yelled, “Damnit!” And he pulled out his carrot knife and charged at the incoming gang member as he swung his bat at him only for Rabbit to jump in the air and landed on his face and chest and immediately began stabbing him at the left side of his face and ear.  As the gang member screamed bloody murder another gang member charged behind Rabbit, grabbed him and tried to pull him off when a dark shadow casted over them and a deep voice bellowed, “Ho, ho, ho.” Before the gang member had a chance to turn around a large sack came down and knocked him, Rabbit and the mauled gang member to the ground making a loud, cracker, crunch noise.  Santa looked shocked and immediately pulled back his bag to reveal the gang member he dropped on is crushed flat, with blood, mushed organs, muscles and small pieces of bone spread about the dead gang member.  Santa grabbed the head and shoulders (that weren’t crushed) of the dead gang member and peeled him back to reveal Rabbit lying motionless, fur and clothes covered in blood and drooling over the pooling, bloody face of the gang member he stabbed to death.  Santa put his finger on Rabbit’s throat to check his pulse and he sighed with a smile on his face and said, satisfactory, “Ho.” As the gang members charged at Sweetie Pie she twirled her star baton in the air and thrusted towards the group of gang members, creating a shock wave that sent three of the players flying back and the two burning vehicles and makeshift huts behind them blown away.  A gang member charged and jumped at Sweetie Pie from behind with his bat raised and yelled, “Fowl Ball!” Sweetie Pie swung around and turned her head just in time as the bat (riddled with glass shards) struck Sweetie Pie’s left shoulder and knocked her flat on her back (as she yelped in pain) while the gang member fell on top of her.  The gang member grinned down at her and said, “You’re out.” Suddenly Sweetie Pie kneed him between the legs, really hard, and he fell off her as he balled up, cringed and cried out in pain.  Sweetie Pie yanked the bat off her shoulder, as blood seeped through her fingers as she held her right hand on the wound, and she looked back at the groaning gang member, smiled and said, “And you lost all your balls.” Another gang member appeared behind her as she stood up and tried to grab her from behind, only for Sweetie Pie to swing around and stab the gang member into his right eye by the star of her baton and almost drove the whole star in as he gave a yelp before falling on his knees and looked shocked.  A gang member jumped behind her and swung his bat only for Sweetie Pie to rip the tip of her baton out of the other gang member’s eye (as a spurt of blood shot onto Sweetie Pie’s uniform and he dropped his face to the ground as if he is bowing to her) and elbowing the gang member behind her in the face, sending him stumbling back and bleeding from his nose.  Sweetie Pie then turned her attention to the gang member she elbowed, only to see him swing his bat again as he cried out in anger.  She leaned back as the bat  swung over where her head was and she took her star topped baton and swung at the back of the gang member’s neck and sliced it open, causing him to sprawl forward onto the ground with his right hand at the back of his neck and shivered uncontrollably.  Sweetie Pie grinned at her work when suddenly she was tackled by a bear size gang member and is knocked out.


    Assassin and Tightrope stood with their backs to each other and Assassin spoke aloud, “Cover me Tightrope!” And as the first gang members charged at her, Assassin swung her stick and began repeatedly hitting the gang members either across the heads or faces, or struck them across their bodies or legs, knocking them to the ground.  When the first gang member charged at Tightrope, Tightrope pulled out his grappling gun and fired a black taunt line at his attacker and it immediately binned his entire body (as the line came out of a spool on Tightrope’s right hip) before he flopped to the ground and squirmed, trying to get out.  Just as the gang member fell to the ground, another jumped on top of Tightrope’s back and began choking him with his bat.  As Tightrope whizzed for air he quickly made a hanging knot from fiber rope, slipped it over the gang member’s head behind, and in one yank he threw the gang member off him and in one jerk there was a sound of a snapping twig before the gang member fell on his back with his neck snapped.  Tightrope then looked at the bat the dead gang member dropped and noticed it is wrapped with barbed wire.  Assassin noticed Tightrope ignoring the chaotic scene around them as he grinned and made a satisfactory groan and Assassin looked at him and yelled, “TIGHTROPE!  GET YOUR HEAD OUT...” before she could finished she was struck in the side of the head by a plastic bat and fell to the ground before two gang members jumped her and as Tightrope picked up the baseball bat (he was looking at) and began examining it, three gang members jumped on him at the same time and tackled him to the ground as Tightrope squirmed, kicked and growled in anger.


    As the gang members charged (with various other gangsters joining the fight), Marksman quick drew her scoped 9MM sidearms and began picking them off like target practice.  Marksman yelled over her firing, “Follow me, I’ll get us out of here!” She heard Hyena’s voice yelped back, “Follow me, I’ll get us out of here!” When she ran out of ammo and made a quick reload she looked in Hyena’s direction and saw Hyena tackling a gang member (as he was swinging his baseball bat), pulled out a knife and stabbed the screaming gang member in each eye (laughing as he did it with wide eyes and a broad smile) deeply.  Another tried to hit the back of Hyena’s head only for Hyena to immediately turn and stab him between the legs, making the gang member scream like a little as he slumped forward and Hyena (in one swing) sliced his throat, sending out a light spray of blood over the rest that were pouring and the gang member grabbed his bleeding throat before falling onto his face.  As if ignoring the carnage Marksman yelled in Hyena’s direction, “Hyena, I’ve been through this before!  Just get the others!” Hyena repeated, “Hyena, I’ve been through this before!  Just get the others!” Marksman continued firing as she heard Hyena repeated what she said and glanced over at Hyena’s direction and yelled, “Stop repeating me and do as I say!” A Home Runner swung a bat at Marksman and she quickly fired and blew the top half of the wooden bat to splinters leaving the gang member look in shock and Marksman (for a split second) stunned till she shot him in the forehead as the bullet ripped right threw him and his eyes rolled up before he flopped onto the ground.  Hyena sliced a ragged gang member by the throat as he swung his blade as Hyena yelped, “Stop repeating me and do as I say!” Marksman immediately swung in Hyena’s direction and shook one of her 9MM’s in his direction as she yelled angrily, “HEY!  STOP SCREWING AROUND AND...” Before she could finish she was struck in the back of the head and she fell unconscious as a young teenager in a baseball uniform stood right behind her with a baseball bat.  Hyena laughed hysterically as he tackled another unsuspecting gang member and began repeatedly stabbing him in the face, as he first screamed, and Hyena yelled as he laughed, “Why aren’t you laughing?  Laughing!  Laughing!  Laughing!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Suddenly multiple gang members pilled on top of him, knocking Hyena unconscious, before dragging him and the others (including Witch as she continued to chant) away to the darkened, ransacked suburbs.

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