Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


14. 14

The door opened into a large hanger bay where a box shaped transport ship sat with its rear ramp down as Lord Valkyrie, Hyena (wearing his blue suit and green tie) and the others entered the hanger bay and Sweetie Pie and some of the others in the group looked around in awe as other transport ships, C-wing fighters and various other aircraft flew about as troopers and other personnel walked about.  Sweetie Pie continued to gawk at the site and said, “Whoah.” As Santa also said, “Ho.” Captain Cruz stood right behind Sweetie Pie and spoke aloud over the noises of the engines and talking personnel, “Move it!” Sweetie Pie gave a disgusted look at Captain Cruz before she and the others continued till they entered the transport ship, where Lord Valkyrie was waiting.  Hyena and everyone else strapped into their seats while Lord Valkyrie remained standing as he held onto the ceiling hand hold with his left hand and ordered, “You may launch Lt.” One of the two Pilot Troopers (Wearing orange and white armor) turned his head back and replied, “Yes sir.” Before turning forward and he and his co-pilot engaged the controls and the transport shuttle lifted off in the hanger bay and flew past the shield barrier from the side of the Space Cruiser Class ship and descended upon the dark surface of the planet below.  The transport shuttle shook and Hyena wiggled his feet and yelped happily, “Weeeeee!” While Sweetie Pie and the others (except Captain Cruz) held onto their seats tightly and do not look thrilled.  Lord Valkyrie turned to them (unhindered by the turbulence) and said, “We are landing what use to be Northridge Mall District.  It was considered one the best shopping areas within the capital of Perinea II, but is now overrun by gangs and racist thugs.” Hyena yelped, “Sounds like paradise!” Witch rolled her eyes while Sweetie Pie and Rabbit looked at him as if he’s crazy as Lord Valkyrie ignored Hyena’s comment and continued, “Your job is to hunt down a gang they call themselves, “Home Runners” and take them out by any means necessary.” Marksman asked, “Why this particular gang?” Lord Valkyrie answered, “This gang is the worst of them all.  From the intelligence reports from the local authorities, this gang is the central hub for all the other gangs in the district.  Once this gang is dismantled, all the other gangs and violent people will either leave or be easily apprehended when the city begins cracking down on the crime there.” The pilot called out, “30 seconds till landing!” Lord Valkyrie asked, “Any questions?” Sweetie Pie raised her hand, like a school girl, and Lord Valkyrie looked at her and said, “Yes?” Sweetie Pie put her hand down and asked, “What if we decide to bail?” Lord Valkyrie continued to look at her with his glowing red eyes on his mask and replied blatantly, “Then I will order the Space Cruisers above to lay waste to the district and kill everyone in it, including all of you.” Sweetie Pie shifted uncomfortably in her seat (as well as the others) but Hyena yelped and cringed happily in his seat, “Boy oh boy this is going to be great!” He slapped Marksman’s back to his right and said, “First blood is on me!  Hahahahaha!” Marksman shook her head as she looked away while outside the transport shuttle flew over a worn, bullet ridden suburb till a large, empty, trashed parking lot appeared before a boarded up, deserted looking large two story mall and the ship turned on its lights as it began its descent and landed onto the parking lot.  


    The pilot looked back and yelled over the engine noise, “We landed sir!” They all unbuckled their seats except Hyena and he yelped happily, “Wait a minute!  What if we decided not to leave?” Lord Valkyrie looked down at him and gave a low throat growling noise as Sweetie Pie looked on wide eyed, but Hyena (for the first time) made a sad face and said, “Oh, oh.” The rear ramp came down and Hyena yelped as he flew in the air and landed on his chin and chest, hard onto the wrecked pavement as Sweetie Pie, Witch, Rabbit, Santa, The Assassin, Tightrope, Tina Tree and The Marksman walked down the ramp till they exited the aircraft.  Once The Marksman was the last to step off the transport began flying up from the surface as they all (except Hyena) looked back either shocked or angered and Sweetie Pie called out (as she waved her hands), “Hey!  How are we supposed to get out of here!” A small communications device dropped onto the ground before her and Captain Cruz called out, “Call us when the mission is done!” The ramp closed as they all watched and the transport shuttle flew away till it reached the outskirts of the Mall’s parking lot and turned off its lights as it blended into the darkness, leaving Hyena and the other eight behind.

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