Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


13. 13

Somewhere within the ship, in a dark room (lit only by a single lightbulb in the ceiling), a young, dirty brown hair, woman wearing dark green underwear sat Indian style on the far corner of the room mumbling (with her eyes closed) to herself as a metal mouth guard held her mouth shut and had chains locked from her wrists and ankles to the corner when a growing voice called out, “WEEEEEEEE!” As Hyena rematerialized and the woman opened her eyes and looked startled as she jumped into the prone position and backed into the corner till Hyena fully materialized as he continued calling out till he yelped happily, “That was fun!  Now...” He stopped himself as he looked around the darkened room, looked puzzled and said, “This is not right.  Where is....” He saw the woman and in a blink of an eye approached her quickly and kneeled nose to nose with her as he smiled broadly and his hands resting beneath his cheek bones and spoke, “My, my, my, somebody has been very naughty.  What did you do, forgot how to give a proper blowjob and bite somebody’s dick off instead?” The woman glared at him and moaned angrily and loudly, as if trying to yell, and reached out to grab him by the throat only to have both of her chained wrists grabbed hold onto Hyena’s hands and he laughed loudly and said, “And a feisty one too!” The woman mumbled angrily and Hyena rolled his eyes and said, “Blah blah, blah blah, blah blah, I can’t understand what your little hole is saying.” He let go of her hands, grabbed both ends of her mouth guard (connected to a head brace) and in one pull ripped the metal mouth guard off of her black colored lips and tossed it over his shoulder and asked (as if not caring), “What were you saying?” The woman said, “Mosque mos santen. Mosquovan dosque dosminq.” Hyena made a quick nod and asked, “I’m sorry I didn’t quite get that pretty?” The woman looked at him, wide eyed, and repeated what she said and Hyena rolled his eyes and open and closed his right hand to form a mouth and he said, “Blah, blah, blah, I don’t understand blah babes.” The woman cringed in anger and said, “Your mind has too much filth for me to manipulate so easily.” Hyena made a sarcastic shock as he slapped his hands on his cheeks and spoke, “My, you ARE one dirty girl!” The woman groaned in anger and spoke through her teeth as she tried to keep from yelling, “I am Cara “The Witch” Divine you freak.” Hyena shoved his right hand at her and exclaimed, “Wonderful to meet you!” Cara looked at him and his hand with a weird expression and asked, “Why are you here?” Hyena stood up, put his hands on his hips, looked around before looking back at Cara and said, “I was trying to transport to where my brother is taking on a new passenger.” Cara looked at him with a puzzled expression at first and then quickly changed as her eyes widen and said, “Wait a minute.  Is your brother, Lord Valkyrie?” Hyena made a single clap and held his hands wide open and exclaimed, “The one and only!” Cara made a single laugh and said, “A freak like you, I doubt it.” Hyena stared at her, menacingly, and replied, “A freak?  You haven’t seen me, freaky, yet babes.” Suddenly Cara lunged at him and just barely grasped his throat, as the chains on her wrists held her back, and she yelled, “It’s Cara you psychotic...!” To her surprise she was throttled back as Hyena shoved her to the ground and he pulled a spray can from behind his back and exclaimed happily, “You asked for the psycho baby!  Here I am!” He yanked and threw away the cap of the spray can before sticking the spray tip into his nose and sniffed hard as he pressed the spray button and Cara looked at him as if he is crazy till she suddenly looked terrified and began walking back in the crouched position till she backed into the corner of the room.


    Hyena snuffed hard and as he snuffed his eyes changed to full yellow and his pupils transformed into lizard slits, his smile broaden almost to his ears and his teeth became almost razor sharp and his laugh echoed high in the room.  He then threw the can away and in a flash he pinned Cara to the corner and the tip of his nose barely touched hers as he smiled broadly at her while she, on the other hand, looked pure terrified and her skin became almost bleached as her face moistened.  In a high pitched voice (high enough to make Cara cringe in pain) the Hyena yelped, “GIVE ME YOUR BEST SCREAM BABY! HAHAHAHAHAHA!” As he laughed Cara screamed, “STOOOOOOOOP!” Suddenly there was a bright green flash from her body and Hyena was thrown back till he hit the floor.  He sat up with a look of crazed satisfaction as he saw a green/black mist radiating around Cara till it dissipated and Hyena spoke happily, “Wow!  You are certifiably gifted indeed babes!” He got up and walked towards Cara with menacing tempting eyes and said, “I can tell a girl like you gets a kick out of a craze like me.” Cara glared at him as he approached her and she replied, “You are not human, are you?” Hyena paced around her and spoke to her in a low but tempting tone (as his face returned to its previous form), “No, I am not ordinary.  I am, MUCH more.” She stopped glaring at him and looked at Hyena to hear more as Hyena stopped in front of her and continued, “I know six others that are gifted as well, and would be VERY interested in you.  Hopefully seven, if I find that other hot stuff.” Cara then showed a hint of curiosity and asked, “Six?” Hyena replied, “Seven, including me.” Cara leaned forward and put her knuckles to the floor as she looked at him with an interested expression and asked, “What are you people?” Hyena stroked his chin and replied, “We’re working on that name, but we are all, gifted.” He smiled more broadly at her and Cara gave a hint of a smirk and asked, “Any room for a goddess like me?” Hyena smiled, as he held his head back and made a low cackle before grabbing her shoulders, looked at Cara with his satisfying yellow eyes and replied, “Witch, there is always room for more.” At that moment the Witch gave a small (almost unrecognizable) smirk and Hyena showed his bare white, perfectly formed, teeth as he opened his mouth and smiled and gave a low cackle before the door to the room suddenly slid open.  Both Hyena and the Witch snapped their heads towards the open doorway and Hyena gave a broad smile and wide open eyes (as if a parent brought out the birthday cake for a little boy to eat) while the Witches eyes gleamed transparent yellow/green as she stared, hungrily, at the doorway till they saw the forms of Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz standing outside with their large body forms blocking the exit.


    Hyena threw his arms wide open and yelped, “BROTHER!” Captain Cruz suddenly pointed her rifle at Witch, but before she could pull the trigger, Witch screamed and Captain Cruz is throttled back and hit the wall behind her.  Witch turned her eyes over at Lord Valkyrie (as he stood calm, cool and collected) and Lord Valkyrie began to raise his gloved right hand till Hyena suddenly jumped between them as he smiled broadly and yelped happily, “Hold it muscle boy!  This hotness is mine.” Lord Valkyrie lowered his hand as Hyena swayed and grabbed hold of Witch and licked her right cheek and she cringed and tried to push him off as she spoke, “Get off!” Captain Cruz immediately recovered and was about to aim her rifle again and Witch crouched (as if ready to pounce) till Hyena moved in their way and drew a short blade from his side and ran the sharp part of the blade between his teeth, as Hyena smiled even more.  Lord Valkyrie immediately broke the tension when he ordered calmly, “Captain Cruz stand down.” Captain Cruz looked at Lord Valkyrie (even though her helmet hid her surprised expression) and Lord Valkyrie (sensing her surprised expression beneath her helmet) said, “It’s under control.” Captain Cruz spoke, “Sir, I highly advise...” The blond woman (in the dirty white and blue uniform Hyena saw earlier) came up behind Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz, as two Blitz troopers tried to pull her away, and asked highly, “Hey, who’s throwing a party?” The girl and Hyena locked eyes and Hyena looked at her with a happy, hungry, expression as the girl licked her lips as she smiled and Hyena walked towards her with his arms and hands open as he talked, “What do we have here!  Hot girl in a sailor like uniform turns all types of ...” He then wiggles his finger tips as he placed his open hands at the side temples of his head as he continued, “...crazies on!” And Captain Cruz was about to stop him till Lord Valkyrie held his hand up (on the side) indicating her to stand back and she did as Hyena walked past and stood/swayed before the girl and ran his index finger along the bottom of her chin (as his face is about an inch from hers) and asked in a deep, hunger, voice, “What is your name sweetie?” The girl smiled and replied, “Sweetie Pie.” Hyena closed his eyes as he made a low cackle, rolled his head back and placed both his hands to the sides of Sweetie Pie (as she continued to smile but looked at both of his hands with worry) before placing his forehead to Pie’s, looked into her eyes as he stopped cackling and said, “Aren’t you sweet, sweetness.” He then removed his hands and asked, “And what is your...” He shook his head as he continued, “...speciality?” He licked his before he began walking around her (as he checked Pie out) and she answered, “With my Star Wand I can use it as a boomerang, create supersonic sound-waves and heal people I want.” Hyena stopped in front of her and flicked at the red crystal (making a soft ding noise) on Pie’s tiara as she cringed and Hyena asked, “And this tasty jewelry?” Pie replied, “Temporary blindness.” Hyena then made a sarcastic sad face and asked, “And what happens if I take that away from you?” Pie made a sarcastic sad face as well and replied, “Then someone is going to call mommy.” Suddenly Hyena was punched squarely in the face (as he gave a yelp) followed by being kneed between the legs and fell to his as he moaned in pain and put his hands to his crotch.  The two Blitz troopers immediately grabbed Pie and yanked her back (as they cuffed her hands behind her back) and Captain Cruz aimed her rifle at Pie’s face and Lord Valkyrie (not flinching at the incident) looked down at Hyena and asked in his monotone, emotionless, voice, “Brother, are you alright?” Hyena made another groan as he got up and suddenly looked at Lord Valkyrie with glee and yelped, “I like her!” Both Pie and Witch looked at him with an odd expression and Hyena pointed to Pie with both hands and said, “She’s definitely on the team.” 


    Witch looked surprised at first, but then cringed in anger and pointed at Pie as she seethed, “She’s a fake witch.” Pie looked at Witch with a smile on her face (as the troopers still held her back) and replied, “Good, then I’m not as filthy as a real one.” Witch scavenged towards her, with her arms outstretched, till Hyena got between Pie and Witch with his hands up and said, “Girls, girls, there’s enough room for both real and fake witches in our band.” Pie smiled at Hyena and yelped, “Band?  I love to play music!” Lord Valkyrie cut in, “Not that kind of a band.  You all need to work together if you all are going to stay alive and not get arrested.” Pie asked happily, “Can I crush people’s skulls and torture them till they die?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “As long as you don’t kill innocent civilians, yes.” Pie yelped, “Then I’m in!” Lord Valkyrie turned to Captain Cruz and ordered, “Captain Cruz, escort them to where the others are and watch them till I arrive.” Captain Cruz stood at attention and replied, “Yes sir.” And Lord Valkyrie walked away with his black cape flowing behind him and Captain Cruz turned to the Blitz troopers, that were guarding Witch’s cell, and ordered, “Release her.” Without question they walked in and undid the shackles on her feet and wrists and she walked out massaging her wrists when she looked up and saw Captain Cruz standing over her (casting a dark shadow) and she ordered, “Move it.” Witch gave a snarling expression before walking out with Hyena (swaying his hips as he stretched while he walked and made a cackle) and Sweetie Pie with two Blitz troopers ahead and behind them with Captain Cruz following behind with her rifle at the ready.


    The door opened and Rabbit, Santa and the others sat up as Witch, Sweetie Pie and Hyena entered as he waved his hands up in the air and yelped, happily, “Hello dikes and dicks!” Rabbit yelled back, “Fuck you Hyena!” Hyena yelled back happily as he pointed at Rabbit, “And you too fur ball!” Before Rabbit could yell back Hyena called out, “Let me introduce you to pretty ladies that are joining are gang!” He put one arm around Sweetie Pie and said, “Sweetie Pie!” And another arm around Witch and held both women tightly and said, “And Witch!” Witch cringed and squirmed from the embracement while Sweetie Pie looked on happily but also tried to pull away till Hyena let them go and he called out, “Make yourselves at home ladies!” Sweetie Pie sat in one of the lounge couches, next to Rabbit, and began petting Rabbit on the head as she smiled and said, “I love rabbits!” Rabbit looked shocked at first but then accepted her petting him and spoke in a low tone, “At least somebody likes me.” Witch walked towards a replicator next to a dressing room and began scrolling through it as Hyena flopped onto a lounge chair and drank a beer that is sitting on the table, all the while Captain Cruz right in front of the door at attention and watched.


    The door opened and Captain Cruz stepped to the side as Lord Valkyrie entered and Hyena and everyone else stood up and gathered around Lord Valkyrie and Hyena yelped, “Took you long enough brother!” At that moment Witch stepped out of the dressing room with her face cleaned up and her lips not black anymore, while wearing dark green and black underwear underneath a see-through diamond green and black dress, and she asked, “Who are we finding this time?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “We are going to see if you can work together as a team.” They all gawked at Lord Valkyrie and it was dead silent in the room till Hyena began laughing hysterically (as he sat on the table Indian style while holding an empty beer bottle on one hand) before pointing at Lord Valkyrie and yelped, “You are going to enjoy this sit-com!” Suddenly the table beneath him opened and he fell with a yelp only to be brought back up by a series of sea chests with Hyena, Rabbit and the other nine people’s names printed on them and Hyena yelped (as the others watched in astonishment) with satisfaction, “What is this?” Lord Valkyrie crossed his arms over his chest and replied, “Your weapons.” Before Hyena knew it, he was yanked by Santa and thrown to the side (like a toy doll) as he yelped and Santa and the others approached their labeled sea chests and opened them.  Sweetie Pie threw her hands up in the air and screamed in enjoyment before reaching into her sea chest and pulled out a thick pink painted stick with a gold star on top and she cuddled it up against her right cheek as she smiled while Rabbit pulled out a belt with holders in them and various size and painted hand grenade shaped devices as he looked at them with curiosity before putting the belt on and setting the grenades in their holders on his belt.  Marksman pulled out two Colt .45’s, examined them before pulling out her twin gun holsters and putting her guns away, and she pulled out a white painted mask with a red heard painted on the forehead center and looked at it longly before putting it on and covering the top half portion of her face.  Tightrope pulled out various forms of rope, wire and cables in their spools, as he looked upon them wide eyed and made a hideous satisfactory groan before putting them on the back brace of his suit he pulled out and The Assassin pulled out her stick, examined it and pressed a button on top (that activated the control box on the end) of it before holstering it on her back.  Santa pulled out a bullwhip, pulled on a piece of it with both hands, and made a low but scary voice, “Ho, ho.” Santa then pulled out a heavy sack with the sound of bricks, metal bars and cement blocks rubbing against each other inside as the bag is attached to a metal poll, all the while Tina Tree pulled out a pair of green gloves and an almost tight body suit that looks like the bark of a maple tree.  Hyena approached his chest and when he opened it his eyes and smile grew wider as he saw his gas (spray) cans littered his chest with only a pair of short, very sharp, knives on top and he pulled them out and examined them with satisfaction, all the while Witch looked on in the background.  After a few minutes watching them gear up and enjoying their joyous occasion, Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Follow me to the transport shuttle, now.” He left the room, as the others watched him, and when they did not immediately follow Captain Cruz tightened her grip on her rifle and made a low, angry, throat growl.  Rabbit and the others tensed up, except for Hyena as he danced towards the door, looked back as he pointed at Lord Valkyrie’s direction and exclaimed, “Come on people’s!  Let’s party!  hahahahahhahaha!” And he danced out as Rabbit shook his head and spoke, as if talking to himself, “He’s hopeless.” And they all left the room either cocky, relaxed or alert with Captain Cruz following close behind.

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