Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


12. 12

The door slid open and Lord Valkyrie took a step inside when all of a sudden he dodged his head to the left just as a bottle flew past him and smashed against the wall next to the door as Hyena yelled, “MISSED!” Rabbit laughed as Santa made a belly laugh, “Ho, ho, ho!” As Hyena is sitting on top of the table (Indian style) and laughing.  Sofia and Marko tried to get around Lord Valkyrie, but he raised his hand and they stopped.  Hyena opened another bottle of alcohol and he pointed at Sofia and Marko and yelped with a smile on his face, “That’s it Assassin, Tightrope, listen to my brother like good little dogs you are!” Sofia cringed in anger as she tightened her grip on her stick while Marko growled and Lord Valkyrie spoke with a hint of satisfaction, “So you have read their files.” Hyena upped the bottle and took a long drink before replying, “Well yes bro!  I also know that you are looking for twelve individuals with special talents that would LOVE to create a little lovely chaos!  Ha, ha, ha, ha!” Lord Valkyrie’s monotone, deep, voice to his dark, calm composure replied, “Good, you all agreed.” Marksman spoke up (as Hyena fell back and continued to laugh drunkenly), “I am not so sure.  What do we get in return?” Lord Valkyrie replied, “Free rein to do whatever you please and a blank check for whatever you so desire to accomplish your missions.” Santa crossed his arms, smiled and said, “Ho, ho, ho?” As Rabbit looked at him with a smile across his face.  Captain Cruz tightened her grip on her rifle and asked firmly, “What did he say?” Rabbit turned to her and replied, “He asked does it include a killing spree?” Lord Valkyrie looked at them, pointed to them and answered, “If you fall back into your old habits the last thing you will see is me standing before you.” Suddenly one of the metal cups in front of Rabbit crushed into a ball of metal, forcing the liquid inside to spill out, and Rabbit and Santa looked at it in shock and back up at Lord Valkyrie and Rabbit replied (as if in a trance), “Okay.” Lord Valkyrie looked at Santa and said, “You, your name is not fitting since someone has already taken it.  Instead your codename is, Red Man.” Red looked puzzled and said, “Ho, ho?” Rabbit looked puzzled as well and asked, “Is that the best you can come up with?” Lord Valkyrie raised his gloved hands and rolled his shoulders in reply.  Captain Cruz touched the right temple of her helmet for a few moments before removing her hand and spoke, “Sir, we are approaching the Mons Kingdom.” Lord Valkyrie turned his head to the right side, nodded and looked back at Hyena and the rest of his party and said, “If you excuse us, we have other businesses to attend to.” He turned to The Assassin and Tightrope and said, “You two make yourselves at home.” Sofia was about to protest till Lord Valkyrie pointed to her and spoke, “No discussion.” Sofia looked disgusted and they both looked at Tina as she tried to cheer The Assassin up, “Don’t worry, soon you will be like baby trees planting thick roots in a nice, fertile land.” Hyena leaned over to her, took his left hand and grabbed her by the waist and spoke with envy as he smiled, “You know where I want to plant my thick root.” Tina looked both disgusted and shocked and in response to Hyena’s comment he was greeted with Tina’s punch across his face and he fell backwards off the table and onto the floor as his bottle of beer smashed on the deck as he fell.  Marksman, Red and Rabbit laughed as Lord Valkyrie turned back to The Assassin and said, “Enjoy yourselves.” He turned and walked out as Sofia replied sarcastically, “Thanks.” And when Lord Valkyrie left, she and Tightrope looked at the other five (as they continued to eat, drink and talk) and she spoke between her and Tightrope, “This is not going to be easy.” And Tightrope made an angry groan in reply.


    Everyone either slept in their chairs around the table, on the floor or on the couch with various beer bottles strewn about the room and Tightrope snored, but did not disturbed the rest of the crew in the room.  Hyena bolted upright on the table and yelped with delight, “Pancakes!” As he looked around he noticed no one stirred and he sighed with relief and said, “Good, I’m not smothered.” He then hopped off the table and danced his way to the food dispenser when he saw, on one of the small adjacent monitors, an older teenager with dirty yellow hair and two buns attached and wearing a dirty white and blue uniform and red knee high boots and a frayed blue skirt walking in handcuffs between two squads of Blitz troops with Lord Valkyrie leading the way and Captain Cruz bringing the rear.  Hyena stroked his chin as he continued to smile and spoke, “Hmm, maybe I should drop in and check out this hot action figure.” He then thrusted his right fist into the left control panel of the food dispenser and smashed it before yanking out the wires, snapped them and began reconnecting them to the other colored wires.  The Assassin groaned and nodded awake as she tried to sit up.  Her vision was blurred at first, but once it cleared she saw Hyena hunched over and reconnecting the wires next to the food dispenser.  Hyena held a yellow wire in his left hand and the red one on his right (as they are the last wires to connect) as he smiled sinisterly and spoke both menacingly and happily, “This is going to be fun.” The Assassin looked wide eyed as she is fully aware of what Hyena is trying to do and she reached out to him and yelled, “NO!” But it was too late as Hyena connected the last two wires and he yelped happily, “WEEEEEEEEE!” As he dematerialized and disappeared just as everyone else awoke.

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