Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


11. 11

Hyena, Lord Valkyrie and the rest of their comrades rematerialized and Rabbit, Tina and Santa looked around in apprehension even as they saw Captain Cruz standing before them and Marksman immediately drew her side arms as she and Captain Cruz pointed their guns at each other.  Marksman yelled, “What the hell is this?” Hyena jumped between them, as he faced Marksman, with his arms open and he exclaimed happily, “Hey cute pie, this is my brother’s girl!  She’s on our side!” Captain Cruz (still aiming her rifle at them) spoke firmly, “Bodyguard.” Hyena waved his left hand behind him as he gave a whatever expression and said, “Whatever.  The point is we’re all cool!” Lord Valkyrie looked at Captain Cruz and raised his hand up and spoke calmly, “Stand down captain.  There is no danger.” Captain Cruz lowered her rifle and shouldered it as she pointed it away and Lord Valkyrie looked upon Marksman and the others and stated, “You are all safe here onboard the Nova Destroyer Frederica.  Your new friends Sofia Demor and Marko Russo will show you to your quarters and the recreation room that have been prepared till we reach our home world Apocalypse.” He then walked off the large pad with Captain Cruz following behind him as the two Miranda Cruz clones snapped to attention in their white uniforms behind the control console as Hyena yelled out to Lord Valkyrie, “Are you going to welcome me back?” But Lord Valkyrie and Captain Cruz ignored him as the doors closed behind them.  Hyena made a sad face and said, “Guess not.” Sofia and Marko looked at him and his comrades with a firm gaze and Sofia picked up her rod and spoke firmly, “Come on, I don’t plan on eating my dinner on the floor.” They stood up, still with curious expressions on Rabbit, Santa and Tina’s faces, and followed Sofia as she led the way with Marko following behind.  


    They walked down the maze of grey and white hallways as they looked around with curiosity or bewilderment as they saw various droids and military personnel walking about till Sofia stopped in front of a door, pressed a button on a small panel and the door opened before they entered.  Inside, there is a large conference room with a large round table before them and Sofia pressed a button on the side and the diagram of the room and two adjacent rooms with one that has a circular hallway connected to a dozen smaller rooms and a large square empty room to the right of the conference room as Sofia pointed to them and stated, “These are your quarters for the time being while next door you have a training room you can utilize yourselves.” She cringed angrily at them and said, “Do not try to blow yourselves up.” Hyena smiled as he opened his hands before him and replied happily, “Wouldn’t dream of it, right boys?” He slapped Santa and Marksman on the backs but they looked at Sofia with blank or frustrated expressions on their faces.  Sofia ignored their gazes and she walked back to the entrance, where Marko stood, and she said, “We will be back when Lord Valkyrie is ready, so I suggest you all get some rest before we come back.” The door slide opened and she turned back one more time and pointed at the three slots and computer panels on the far wall and said, “Those nourishment replicators will provide you all the food and drinks you need in the meantime if you so desire.” She walked out with Marko following behind before the door slide shut and there is a sound of a lock making Tina and Rabbit look up wide eyed and Rabbit spoke, “I take it they don’t like us very much.” Marksman spoke with a regrettable tone, “At least we are given a VIP treatment.” Hyena clapped his hands and turned to one of the replicators, as if he is ignoring the others, and he said happily, “Lets see if these things can keep up with our stomachs!” And he smiled down at one of the nourishment replicators before him before he began pressing the buttons on the food panel. 

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