Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile, disgusting and cruel villain/anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates even though they try to be good.


10. 10

A power plant type complex sat along a coastline with a loud klaxon alarm echoing in the air when suddenly Rabbit, Tina Tree, Santa and Marksman emerged from the water, gasping for air, and swam up to the embankment with Tina and Rabbit scrambling to the water’s edge first before the others.  Hyena suddenly popped out of the water, with hands raised high in the air as if surprising them, and yelled, “Surprise!” He then slapped both Santa and Marksman (as she coughed out water) in the back with a smile on his face and yelped with delight, “Wasn’t that great?” Rabbit stood up on shore first and shook his furry body, sending water flying everywhere making Hyena and the others to cover their faces and Tina yelped, “Hey!” Rabbit turned to Marksman, with his eyes turning red in anger and revealing his sharp, pointed, two front teeth as he pointed to her and yelled, “Don’t you ever kick me like that again!” Marksman grunted with frustration and replied in a low tone, “Got it.” The duffle bag Marksman was holding onto is yanked from her grasp and she looked behind with furious anger to see Hyena smiling at her as he slapped her on the back and said, “Thanks for holding my goodies!” Marksman grabbed him by the collar as she shoved the barrel of one of her sidearms under his chin and she rasped angrily, “I am not your dog demented fucker.  Next time I....” A male voice, through a breathing mask, spoke, “I wouldn’t do that.” They all looked up to see Lord Valkyrie standing before them with The Assassin to his right and a dark skinned man with black (shoulder length) braided hair, body armor and a thick black rope between his teeth stood to Valkyrie’s left.


    Hyena looked at Valkyrie with glee while the others looked on with blank expressions but ready to fight as their hands lowered and looked at Valkyrie (as he and the other two looked on) in silence.  Lord Valkyrie broke the silence when he raised his right hand and spoke, “That won’t be necessary.” Marksman and the others (except Hyena) looked on with puzzlement and tensed as they struggled to move and Rabbit made a sad like expression and stated, “Oh oh, we’re fucked.” Lord Valkyrie said, “Actually you are not fucked, the people that are fucked are the people that fucked you and are about to be fucked by me.” Rabbit looked a little baffled while The Assassin looked disgusted and Rabbit said, “That’s a lot of fucks in one sentence.” The Assassin (Sofia Demor) stated, “And I am disgusted.” Lord Valkyrie looked in her general direction and replied, “Based on some of their psychic profiles using vulgar language is the only way they listen seriously.” Hyena slapped his hand on the watery sand and pointed at him (with a sarcastic serious expression) and said, “Exactly.” Rabbit then exclaimed with annoyance, “Dude shut the fuck up!” Rabbit then looked surprised by what he said as Tina and Marksman rolled their eyes and Santa made a sorrowful expression as he lightly patted Rabbit on the back.  Lord Valkyrie spoke, “Now that we are on the same page I suggest it is time to leave.” Marksman asked, “And how do you suggest we...” Suddenly they all dematerialized leaving only footprints where Valkyrie and his two companions stood on the otherwise undisturbed beach.  Inside the wrecked complex (where Hyena and the others were held) the blue bubbling liquid Dani was dropped into continued to bubble till suddenly it stopped and sat undisturbed.  A guard opened the door and looked inside as if he heard something but only saw the busted one way window and the undisturbed blue liquid in the middle of the room before rolled his shoulders and left, closing the door behind him.  Moments after the guard left a white hand shot up from the blue liquid and grasped towards the ceiling before grasping the grating before it.

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