the Sealed Kingdom and A Fallen King

this story is about a King, the queen and princess died a misterious death (the King and queen on their thrones and the princess on her room the three from an unknown cause or.. something else?) and everyone in the Kingdom was killed by a strange being.. one that wielded a blood red sword

their bodies were left where they died and a strange darkness was surrounding the Kingdom and plagues, disease and corruption had a strong grip on the farms, forests and even the animals and materials in the area.. the Kingdom was then named the "Sealed Kingdom"


2. The Second Chance

And so.. it all started
a Journey to the order's main base of operations around the realm and most fortified city when they reached the main gates were enormous and mostly made of reinforced steel and bothe the gates and walls had runes and sigils to keep the corrupted beings at bay.. it seemed like magic was running freely in this world.. 70 years after Vladimr's strange death the whole world changed.. completely.


The second they arrived at the gates the sigils started to glow.. a feint purple and then the gates started to slowly open the gates made quite some noise due to the weight and strength used to open them.

then there was a Market with many kinds of beings, Vlad told Maria that they have arrived but she wouldn't wake up.. the Paladin was sleeping deeply and his words wouldn't reach her.


1 of the Order's Sentinels walked up to the caravan and asked "what is a Skeleton King doing in this Holy city and" then he pauses for a few seconds then continues "why is there a vampire and a Paladin in your caravan?"

Then Vladimr tells his whole tale and the sentinel with a surprised look says "Maria will need some medical attention and you should seek the high Priest... or a physician just in case" then both Vlad and the sentinel start laughing and then Maria wakes up just when the Caravan starts moving again.


But then he starts to think on what he said but when Vlad turns around the sentinel is... gone and nowhere to be found questions appeared on his head.. "skeleton King? and.. how could he sense Sofia and Maria? and how did he disappear?"

Then she looks around still with a sleepy face and points out at a place near a massive castle filled with even more Runes, Sigils and weird looking simbols then says "we can put the Caravan in there and someone will pick it up" her voice sounding like she will fall asleep at any moment.

Maria and Vladimr get off the Caravan then they cover Sophia in a blancket and take her inside the Castle.. Vlad follows Maria to the Library where the High Priest likes to stay in the afternoons after his morning scrying's and premonitions and when Vladimr and Maria arrived at the Library (with Sophia still covered in a blanquet) the High Priest said "Hello Vladimr Brenin, Maria and Sophia Brenin.. I was expecting you 3 to arrive" then he turned and sat on one of the Library's chairs while looking at them


He looked extremely old he had pale skin, a face filled with Wrinkles, eyes the color of ash, hair that looked like silver, his fingernails were slightly long and his body slim but with a strange white-ish glow that surrounded him and his black robe.


Vlad surprised asked "how did you notice us and" then he got interrupted by the High Priest who said "yes I know all about your questions and what you are going to say so.. I will tell you everything that I can at this moment.. and in time I will say the rest since the future.. is easily disturbed and before I start my name.. Is Nephysto one of the few that have been given complete immortality and the hability to see the future, past and present of everything I want.."


After all that was Said, Nephysto started telling the Tale about what happened.. 70 years ago.

His son Alucard wanted to save his beloved but failed.. death took her and he heard about an ancient and evil sword that not only granted someone the power to resurrect 1 person.. but also granted the person his or her vengeance in exchange for the soul, body and mind of the wielder.


Which wasn't told to anyone because the Grim Reaper Himself told Nephysto and the other 2 Elders not to say a word.. the one inside the Sword is.. his beloved the Reaper has Decided to ask the Gods to make Vladimr and his Child Imortal in any way they could so that His love could finally find peace because the second she was awakened and the sword had a wielder she would try to corrupt and destroy the world and the godly realms.



The gods told the Old ones and the Reaper about the Ritual that would save Vladimr and Sophia's souls from Alucard and the soul devouring sword but the price would be them becoming a random supernatural being and the only ones that wanted to come back were Vlad and Sophia.. the queen didn't want to come after they did the ritual.. the Reaper was the one that wanted to complete it he felt like this was what needed to be done.

A single tear fell from his empty eye socket right before he used his Scythe to cut the Chains that binded their souls to their Bodies, then he reforged them when they entered the River Of Memories.. made them resistant to some negative emotions and Vlad was made Imune to pain and turned into a being Similar to the Grim Reaper.. he was turned into the King of the dead.. also known as a Lich King or a Skeleton King/Lord.

Sophia was Turned into a Pure blooded vampire the strongest, fastest and most feared of all the supernatural races.


Both weren't ready to Face the corrupted one so it was an extremely wise decision to escape the castle it all went as the High priest has seen and now all that needs to be done is for Vlad and Sophia to train their habilities and learn what they can do, their weaknesses and strengths and for someone to find the Excalibur a sword that can. Banish all Evil, the only weapon that can defeat Alucard and destroy or purify the cursed sword (that part is up to the wielder)


All this was said and Vladimr got quite a few answers but the more answers he got the more questions he had... what usually happens when a person gets his answers from an old sage or a high priest of old.


Then while Vlad was Pondering on what was told.. Maria asked if there was a way to make Sophia able to walk in the sunlight again.

Nephysto looked at the shelves for a few minutes then pointed at the white book at the top shelves which were about 70 feet of distance from the floor and there was nothing in the Library that could be used to reach the book.


Sophia then jumped as high as she could and grabbed onto the shelf.. her fingers were 1 inch of distance from the book she pulled herself up a little, grabbed the book and let herself go.. she landed on the floor with a huge force enough to make a small hole on the floor (and quite a few cracks)


the blanket that Maria used to cover her was gone Sophia Pointed at Nephysto and there it was.. the blanket was in his back being used as a Cape.


Vlad and Maria looked at her and Nephysto in surprise.. out of the Blue the old man said "cheese" with a big smile and they all started laughing.


The librarian hearing all the noise said "some people are trying to study"


Hearing this Maria apologized to the Librarian and then they opened the book to search for the ritual.. 2 hours have passed and Nephysto found the spell.

Maria's Jaws where wide open when she saw what had to be done.. the ingredients were the blood of a pureblood vampire mixed with human blood and some bonemeal made from a Lich King's finger and a few herbs... they should be blessed and the vampire should drink the mixture inside a casting circle while 2 others chant the spell.


It will be Painfull but it has to be done.. They all went to the High Priest's ritual chamber, Maria and Sophia put their blood in a Bowl that Nephysto gave them.. and for Vlad's finger the smith was called to use his Hammer on the finger.. and break it off.


The Smith bashed the King's Finger 7 times with all his strength at the 7th time the finger broke and shattered then they turned it into Bonemeal, mixed it with the blood.. they prepared everything put the herbs and blessed the Mixture by the time they started chanting Vlad's Finger grew back.

When Sophia's lips touched the boul it started to burn her.. the chant was to turn the mixture into a potion while it was inside her they did the chant Vlad got out of the room to not see her suffer..

She was there Lying on the floor unable to move and trying to hold it all in.. the Ritual ended in only a few minutes with an explosion of power coming from her.


2 long pairs of wings grew on Sophia's Back.. 1 pair white as snow and the other darker than coal, her eyes glowed Bright and her fangs were sharper and longer than before and her hunger was out of control she charged towards Maria and bit her neck in seconds her blood was being drained fast, Nephysto was knocked unconscious by the blast and Vlad didn't head the explosion.


Maria thought that she was going to die but the second she fell unconscious the Young Vampire regained her control and when she did.. she released Maria.. she quickly put her in the small bedroll that was in the other side of the room almost crying she called out the Paladin's name several times asking if she was alright and for her to open her eyes then she did something desperate.. she bit her own wrist and gave Maria her blood to heal the wounds.

A few minutes passed and Maria's wounds started to heal and the Nephysto had also regained consciousness the princess worried asked if she just turned her
Nephysto smiled and told her "worry not Sofia a vampire's blood heals others and will only turn those that are killed after drinking it she is still alive so it will not turn her"



Sophia smiled and Vlad entered the room again he looked at the room and asked what happened.. the priest told him everything and then they just went to the remaining steps.


Nephysto called another Lich King and an elder Vampire that were residing in the Castle and asked them to help Vladimr and his daughter learn about their powers and how to use them both accepted to do it Both surprised by how much power the King and Princess had.


little do they know about the truth of what happened to the sword's inhabitant, and about what exactly happened to Alucard, Nephysto knows everything.. and plans to tell them after he finds the Excalibur and gives Vlad “the choice”.. to help Redeem Alucard or.. to end him.

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