the Sealed Kingdom and A Fallen King

this story is about a King, the queen and princess died a misterious death (the King and queen on their thrones and the princess on her room the three from an unknown cause or.. something else?) and everyone in the Kingdom was killed by a strange being.. one that wielded a blood red sword

their bodies were left where they died and a strange darkness was surrounding the Kingdom and plagues, disease and corruption had a strong grip on the farms, forests and even the animals and materials in the area.. the Kingdom was then named the "Sealed Kingdom"


1. A Tragedy

In the court the King was talking to his advisors and both him and the queen sharing oppinions about the kingdom's issues and how to resolve them.. the daily work of the king and queen of the realm, Sophia the King’s 16 year old daughter entered the throne room and asked if her father could send someone to replace the window in her room.


Vladimr (the King of the Realm) asked Sophia to find Alfonso the Carpenter so she could have the window in her room replaced as he told her to do when it broke the other times.
She left the throne room to look for him after that was said.


When she left Victor the oldest of the advisors, the king's closest friend and most trusted knight said something about a strange darkness and a creature but he could not pay atention to what was being said.. he wasn't feeling right then his eyes slowly started to close and then.. dead


He felt his soul leave the body and disappear into the darkness and he heard something telling him "vladimr.. awaken" again and again countles voices started saying the same until he opened his eyes and when he did he noticed that he was in a dock and that a small boat was at the end, and in there a dark robed figure was awating him


when he noticed him the figure aproached got closer and slowly asked

"who... are you?" with an old and strangled sounding voice

when the figure asked, the King saw it's face.. it was the reaper a powerful skeletal entity that guides the souls of the dead to the other side

after being asked he said

"my name is vladimr Brenin" then he asked "am i really.. dead?"


The reaper started laughing and said "Yes Vladimr you are dead, the music stopped as well as your heart but worry not because you and another have granted a chance that no mortal has ever been granted.."


Vladimr confused asked "a chance you say?"

After that the reaper gave the king a gesture to follow him and enter the boat and when the king entered the reaper said.. "your daughter also had a chance she came here before you.. some.. time ago" the reaper looked sad for a few seconds then added "she misses you very much so when you arrive go look for her in her room.. and hurry because time is short"


They sailed the seas for some time then, the seas turned completely white and then the reaper told the king to jump.. and so he did, next thing that happened?

He woke up on a throne.. an extremely old one.. on a familiar court inside a familiar palace.. he looked to his side and he saw a skeleton wearing his queen's clothes looked around and saw bodies on the court then he asked to himself "for how long have I been... dead and is this.. my wife?" then he noticed that he wasn't feeling anything.. no heat, weight, nor the throne he was sitting on then he looked at his hands and what he saw truly chocked him.


His hands were made of bare bone.. nothing else then he looked at the mirror in is thone and then he knew that he wasn't alive.. nor dead and that his whole body was only bones and his eye sockets burned with a purple flame he got scared and panicked then he screamed as loud as he could but It looked like.. the recently resurrected king has been dead for decades.. and his palace was completely void of life so no one heard his screams.


He though to himself "no.. I must find someone I must know what happened to my wife.. my people and.." he paused for a few seconds and remembered what the reaper said and then he shouted "SOPHIA!!" and went running as fast as he could to his Daughter's room.


when he arrived and opened the door he saw his daughter on the floor almost covulsing in pain, burning because of the sun, it was passing through the broken windows on her room she couldn't reach her bed nor the cortains.. couldn't cover herself from it.. she couldn't even scream or move she was mute and paralized and had a stake on her neck he was chocked out of his mind he then grabbed the Curtains in her room , covered her and brought Sophia to the throne room where the sun couldn't enter and where the windows were still stable.


He stayed close to his Daughter until nightfall.

when it became dark outside she could move again.. she looked at the King and asked "father.. is.. that you?" then a small shining tear fell dripped out of his eye socket and he said "yes Sophia.. and.. I am back" then Sophia got up and hugged his father and asked "why.. are we like this father? and what happened everyone.. mama and everyone is.. is.." she started crying and then the king said "I don't know and I will find out what has happened to everyone and who killed my people and us" then they heard someone talking in the Royal Gardens in front of the Throne room it looked like a young man's voice "screams.. in here? I remember killing.. everyone"

Vladimr and the princess after hearing that got filled with rage but also.. curiousity because that voice sounded familiar they peeked through the keyhole of the throne room's great doors and saw something terrifying.. they didn't see a man but something else.. a true abomination twisted and corrupted with a human voice.. a blood red sword fused with his wrist.. his flesh and bone where the handle of the cursed blade he was wielding.


Lips he had none, teeth as sharp as a shark's and just as pointy

Eyes glowing red just as his blade and as Sophia's eyes
His skin parts of it were pale and the rest was rotten

most of his flesh was bloated and parts of his armor decayed and fell off

everything in him screamed Evil and Danger.

Vladimr and Sophia ran away through the secret door in the throne room behind the royal painting and through a gap in the painting they saw how powerfull and fast he was.. he charged through the great doors of the throne room and the doors fell easily... he screamed "I heard.. you.. I heard someone! HAPPEAR AND LET ME DEVOUR YOUR SOULS!!"

The princess and the king then disappeared through the tunnels and appeared outside the castle what they saw was terrible and made them wish they never saw it, it was like.. another world.

Pestilence, decay and corruption was everywhere animals became hellish fiends, fields filled with crops and farms were destroyed and a battlefield filled with bones, rusted weapons and armors, the trees where enough to haunt a person they looked like they had faces and were looking at them, the night sky was dark red.. it was a sight that made them wish they were blind or didn't exist it was hell to watch.


Then.. Sophia heard someone fighting inside the cursed forest.. curious she asked Vlad if she could se what it was and then run back to tell what was in there.. Vladimr agreed but as long as he was not far from her location.. and so they proceeded with her plan.

When sophia arrived close to who was doing all the noise she saw an armored woman with 2 swords fighting the beasts in the forest injured and yet fighting with skill that could rival her father's


She ran to tell her father and when she told him.. he rushed to her aid and Sophia followed.

The young woman tripped and the beasts charged towards her.. Vladmir tackled 3 of them with incredible force and speed and then started fighting them and aksed Sofia to flee with the woman.
She ignored him and fought the remaining 2 instead of running away.


Sophia was much stronger and faster than she looked she put the beasts unconscious in seconds and Vladmir was also stronger and faster he easily killed the 3 beasts with only his fists.

the woman was confused but stood silent to see what would happen curious about how he could talk and about them protecting her.

Vladimr looked at his daughter.. surprise was visible even though he didn't have any flesh on his body then he asked "Sopjia.. did you.. already know you had.. so much power?"

Then Sophia told him that she was like that for 2 days and that she had adapted to it a little and about her newly gained powers then he remembered and asked the woman "hello miss, might I have the honor of knowing your name and what brought you here?"

Even more surprised than before she said "my.. my name is Maria a Paladin sent by the Order of the eternal Scale to investigate this disturbance or the source and find an evil creature with a cursed sword.."


the king interrupted "CURSED SWORD?!?! I saw an abomination with such a sword in my castle it was fused with his wrist and he is extremely powerfull with our powers.. i don't think we would have a chance"

Maria then said "what!? is this really true?? then I must tell the order and.. may I know your names?"


Then the kind said "my name is Vladimr Brennin and this is my daughter Sophia"

Maria asked "the ancient ruler of this kingdom and the princess?? you died.. 70 years ago! how did.. you both come back from the dead and become diferent undead beings?"


Sophia and Vladimr told Maria what happened after they died.. it was the same for both of them The reaper told them to jump into the white ocean, about the gods granting them a second chance and told them that some time passed.. he told her to wait 2 for her father to wake up and also helped her get used to some parts of her in the other side to help her prepare and also about the being that they saw in the castle and to go to the Order of the eternal scale to stop the end of the world.

Maria after thinking for a while asked "would you two Join me? I will need to go to the order to see what must be done and they will most likely want to talk with you" then She noticed that Vladimr's arm was healing.. the cracks in his arm were disappearing then surprised she said "the cracks.. your arm is healing!"

Then sofia and Vladimr looked at the cracks and the 3 of them got surprised yet again and then Sophia said "father.. are we going to get surprised again?" then Maria replied "it's better not to ask that or another unexpected thing might happen" Sophia and Vladimr nod in agreement.

Then Vladimr asks "are you sure we will not be attacked when we arrive at the order miss?"

Maria laughs and then says "no in the order there are some vampires and skeletons but.. no regenerating ones" then adds "you are an unusual one and also incredibly powerful.. both of you, even for what you two are"


After all that was said Maria asked again "now.. will you two come with me? you will be of great help to the order and I won't be able to survive long without help.. these woods are more dangerous than I thought"


Both the King and princess agreed to go with the Paladin but after a few steps Maria looks at Sophia and asks "you didn't drink any blood since you came back 2 days ago am I correct?" with a slightly sad face Sofia nods and says "i'm a little thirsty but.. I don't think I will be able to bite anyone"


Then Maria looks at the dead creatures and says "if you want I could give you of my blood if you want.. I heal fast and I will be fine as long as you don't drink too much" Sofia with some hesitation accepts the offer.


The after hearing that the Young paladin takes off her bracer and puts her wrist near the princess's mouth.. Sophia’s canine’s grow slightly and turn into small fangs but she is still afraid of what might happen then Vladimr says "don't hesitate Maria is offering you her blood and that is an extremely rare offer.. you will need it"

After hearing her father's words Sophia slowly bites Maria's wrist.. her fangs slowly penetrate her skin and blood starts to drip out.


The young vampiress drinks some of the paladin's blood and then lets go of her wrist, with her thirst quenched she says "I feel more powerfull and your blood tastes.. wonderfull is it because I am a vampire that blood tastes better?"

Maria smiles and says "yes that and because I'm not old" she laughs then says "well.. now that you aren't thirsty and your father's arm is healed.. we should go before day arrives"

all agree with Maria and then on the other side of the forest there is a caravan near a lake and 2 horses Vladimr then asks "is that caravan yours by chance?"

Maria nods and says "the high priest of the order told me to bring one.. I didn't know why but he is known to be able to see the future and talk to the gods.. I guess he knew about this day because he also chose me for this"

Vladimr then thinks for a while and says "interesting..." Sophia then starts losing her strength and collapses Maria Grabs Sofia and puts her in the caravan and asks Vladimr if he could help her with the horses.


After they are done with everything Vlad tells Maria to go have some rest and asks her if she could tell him the directions then Maria asks "thank you for telling me to rest.. that we need to go to the other side of this road.. it will be a day's Journey so before we get there I will be alright" after a few seconds Maria adds "The order is inside an enormous castle the gate will have a Scale sculped in it"

With Maria's words Vladimr says "a scale.. I think I know were that castle is.. thank you Maria and have a good rest"


With a smile Maria enters the caravan and puts Sophia in a more confortable position, covers her better and sits beside her while Vladimr starts driving the caravan towards the order after a few seconds Maria falls asleep as well as Sofia and this.. is the end of the beginning and the Tragedy.

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