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So I didn't exactly write this, but my best friend is super weird and he wrote this creepy, hilarious, a lil' bit sexy fanfic. So I'm doing this favor for him and posting this since he doesn't have an account. Hope you enjoy. Please comment and I'll pass it on.


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So this is one time story, so its short. But comment if you want more, I think I can convince him.


So this is my friend's story, enjoy!

NOTE: I just chose a fnaf place because I can.

DISCLAIMER: This includes fetishes that come from sick fucks like me, Hannah I hope you like the following:




Slime person

And probably something else.


“I could’ve chosen any FUCKING job except this. Hell, even Taco Bell is better than this, though Trump might shut America’s Taco Bells soon.”

Man, I really have a sick mind for writing this. (Oh hello Hannah!) You’re the delivery guy for Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, you wanted to apply for night guard, but you didn’t want to spend even 30 minutes in a building with creepy fuckers. You had to work overtime for one last delivery, two extra large sausage pizzas and a box of cupcakes. The house was 45 minutes from the Pizzeria, and it was five in the evening so you had to stop at the closest Seven Eleven to chug some Monsters, coffee flavor.

The house looked pretty sweet and you even thought that you read the delivery wrong. Two-stories with a garage, freshly cut grass, a mango tree and a giant shrub that was trimmed to look like an NES controller. You ring the doorbell and almost dropped the pizza when all of the sudden you hear,

“Do you want AMMMM or FMMMM?!”

The door opened and you see a tall man who looked like Christian Grey, but only sexier.(I can’t believe I said that)

“Who the fuck are you?” he says in a Markiplier voice.

“I’m the delivery girl for Freddy’s Pizza, is this your order?” you ask, feeling confuzled.

“Aw shit… MIKAEL, DID YOU FUCKING ORDER PIZZA AGAIN? I’m sorry, please come in.” He smiled weirdly and gestures you in, and you almost dropped the pizza again.(Clumsy Bitch) Inside, the walls were light blue and white, with stairs going up to the second floor, and another flight going to the basement. You then hear an almost familiar voice, and see an asian man with a fedora on, but is also wearing a weeaboo anime cosplay.

“I was hungry again.” he replies in a deep and cracky voice

“We still have that fucking big ass bowl of sushi that you got an hour ago.”

“Not my fault my body wanted pizza, and at least I got you cupcakes.”

“Just take your pizza fatass.”

Mikael quickly takes his pizza upstairs and you immediately hear “SHIT GODDAMMIT YOU CHEATING PIECE OF SHIT!” The Marki-Grey sets the cupcakes on the coffee table and takes off his suit, “Sorry for that shit, my names Arin-”

“Yeah I’m really tired, and I don’t care. Can I get a tip?”

Arin reaches in his wallet but all he finds is $12(just for the delivery), a pensacon card and a condom packet which he throws across the room for a split second. “Sorry, I don’t have enough for a tip.” You look disappointed and head for the door.

“Oh wait, I think I got something to pay with.”

You turn around and find the sexy Christian sprouting 8 tentacles from his back. (you know where this is going) One of the tentacles wrap around your waist is he carries you into the basement and shuts the basement door. You find yourself bound in the air, as he rips your clothes off and smiles again.

    “Let’s make this as quick as possible, so please, no squirming.” You shudder in pleasure and awkwardness as he licks your armpit and starts to sexily move his hand to you crotch. “Isn’t that cute, your moist clit is making me so hard.” He begins to finger your clit as you moan in pleasure, while another tentacle pleasures the small and tight anus.

    You moan even louder, almost in pain as his hand gets replaced by a tentacle the size of a golf ball forcefully tries to push its way into your virgin puss.

“NO please stop, it won’t fit!” you plead

It’s already too late, as the tenta-dick penetrates your now bleeding puss, you scream in pain. You start to beg for him to stop, but another tentacle stuffs itself into your mouth. It turns slightly liquidy, like an Icee, but it’s a dick, and you feel your belly bulge.

    Meanwhile your clit is being jackhammered by the tenta-dick, with Arin turning into just a blob of slime, entering your body as your breasts becoming double C, and your belly becomes the size of a beachball. You moan in pain as your belly grows even larger as Arin gradually inflates your belly like a balloon, from the inside. You can hear an almost gurgly voice scream “I’M GONNA CUM!”

    The dick overfills your belly with black slime as your belly becomes the size of a yoga ball. You lay in a corner, free from the slime tentacles, and you’re pretty sure that you’re gonna end up being late for work again.

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