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7. Chapter 7

♠️♠️BTS DORM♠️♠️

"Are we all here?".

"Ani Namjoonie-hyung, where is Suga-hyung?".

"I'm here, I'm here", said Suga slightly panting as he had just ran up to the building as fast as he could. He flopped down on the chair next to J-Hope who moved over to make room.

"Ok since we're all here, I'll begin", said Namjoon.

"Are we in trouble, is everything ok?", asked Jimin.

"They are kicking you out of the group because of your height Jiminie", said Jungkook and that sent Taehyung into a fit of laughter.

"Yahhhh!!! That's not funny", Jimin says slightly pouting.

"No one's getting kicked out don't worry Jimin", reassured Namjoon. "Stop teasing him about his height Kookie, this is a serious meeting".

The room got quite as they realized that father figure Namjoon was in the house.

"I just had a meeting with PD-nim".

"Annnnnd??", interrupted Hobi.

"We have a broadcast scheduled in the next month our so".

All the members shouts of happiness could have probably been heard next door as they cheered. But they soon stopped as they noticed their leader was not joining in.

"Yah, are you not happy??", asked Jin.

"I am but, there's more to it".

Everyone settled back down after that comment.

"We are seriously behind on our album, if we do not make an effort into actually finishing this project we could be done. We also need to make it to the top. This comeback could seriously make or break our career. I'm not saying this to make you guys feel hurt but we need to step up our game. We have yet to place first place in anything and although I have faith in Army to vote for us, we also need to make our music the best it has ever been. Within the next month, I want all of you to chip in and help out with the album. If that means helping out with lyrics or choreography or even laying down some beats and music, anything will do. I have faith and I know you guys can do it. Let's show the world how BTS rolls. What do you say?".

Namjoon looked up and made eye contact with every single member. The Maknae's were almost on the verge of crying and the older Hyungs were looking at him with respect.

"Did I ever tell you the reason why I joined BigHit?", said Jungkook, barely holding back his tears.

The members collectively shocked their heads.

"It's because of you Namjoonie-hyung, I saw what a great musician,artist, song writer you were that I wanted to be like you. I knew that if I was being lead by you that our group would go far. Even though other companies wanted me I chose to stay because I thought that one day I would become someone like you. Hyung I will show you how much I have grown musically and we will make an amazing album. I want the world to know that I had the help and guidance of a great artist like you. I hope we will stay together forever and continue making music for Army and for the world to hear".

Jungkook wipes his eyes as he is now crying and the slight sniffles of Hobi can be heard. Taehyung takes his arm and wraps it around Jungkook. Namjoon looks at Jungkook and gives him a dimpled smile.

"If I was good at half the things you were good at I wouldn't be jealous, we do not call you the Golden Maknae for a reason. Thank you for trusting and believing in me. I thought I was getting 6 band members but what I got was 6 new brothers".

"GROUP HUG!!!", shouted J-Hope.

Everyone crowded around and formed a big pile on top of him. They all laughed and giggled as they hear Namjoon silently screaming for then to get the F off.

"Ok guys we can do this, HWIGHTING!!!", yelled Jin.

"Bangtan Bangtan", said Namjoon.

"Bang Bang Tan", replied all of them together.

♠️♠️ YOUR POV♠️♠️

I was just coming out of the shower when I slipped and banged my knee on the side of the tub. My phone, which was ringing, scared the living day light out of me, which is why I'm rubbing my knee with one hand and holding the phone with the other. I didn't look at the caller ID which I probably should have done.


"Hello is this (Y/N)?".

"Mom!!! Yeah it's me mom".

"I think our connection was bad just now I couldn't hear what you were saying".

"No ma , you heard right, I was speaking Korean".

"Oh, so you've learnt their language".

"No mom, only some words".

"I hope you haven't forgotten English".

"Mom it's not like I was abducted by Koreans".

"I'm only letting you do this so you can see how wrong you are, some people need to learn from their mistakes before they realize what's the right thing".

"Mom if you just called to tell me that this was a mistake then fine but hurry up I have work to do".

"Are they paying you well?".

"They're paying me more money than you have ever had".

"Don't lie to me, there probably just swindling you for your talents".

"These are honest people mother, just because no one has ever taken an interest in you doesn't mean they can't like me".

"I don't know what your talking about".

Now I'm seriously getting mad.

"Was I speaking Korean mother or did you not hear me".

"Whatever just do what you want but don't come crying back home and telling me how right I was".

"Never, you'll see, I will go far in this business and you'll be begging to come see me".

"Anyway I called to tell you your father wants to talk to you".

You have got to be kidding me. All that and all she really was calling about was so my dad can talk to me!!

"Hey Honey", I hear a husky male voice say.

"Hiya dad".

"How have you been?".

"Great actually despite whatever my mother has been telling you".

"You know she only means well right?".

"Well she's got a funny way of showing it".

"Anyway I just called I hear your voice, I miss you".

"I miss you too dad".

A tear escapes my eye.

"If you ever need anything just call me ok".

"I know dad, I will".

"I am so proud of you (Y/N), you're doing the one thing you love, not everyone gets that opportunity".


"We'll talk later ok, I have to go, I love you".

"I love you too dad".

I hear the dial tone on the phone and I know he's already hung up. Of all the things i miss in Washington, my dad is the one person I miss the most. He had supported me in every way possible. He was basically my cheerleader at every composition and event I went to. He even use to carry around a huge sign with my name on it.

I laugh at the memory of how he would cheer so loud that one time the judges personally came to him and told him to be quite. He is always proud of me and I want to make him proud by succeeding at my job. Today at my meeting with the other managers, PD-nim told us that if we don't get a win by the next comeback, we might be done for. I do not want that to happen to us especially since I know BTS is so talented and has so much potential. I wanna make music that gets them noticed. Maybe even wins a daesang!!

I pull on a random T-Shirt and shorts and flop down on my desk to go on my laptop. I have this small space in my room where I have set up a kind of music workstation. It overlooks the park near our dorms which gives me inspiration. I decide to get a head start on composing a few things I have been working on. Hopefully the boys like it. I was probably sitting there for only a few minutes when I hear my door bell ring.

"Who could that be?".

I walk to the door and the person on the other end keeps ringing the bell.

"I'm coming, just wait!", I yell.

Peeping through the hole, I see it's Taehyung who looks like he's got ants in his pants since he keeps hopping about. I open the door and he instantly calms down and gives me a wide smile.

"Hey Noona, are you busy?".

"Um actually I'm-".

"Great!", he says getting ahead of me. "I want to ask you something, well more of a favour".

"Ok", I say and invite him in. We stand in the threshold of my hallway and he continues his speech.

"So I was wondering, I mean I know you're busy but-". He pauses for a second and looks at me.

"What? Is something wrong?".

"Noona, your shirt", he says, blushing all over.

"What wrong with my-". I look down thinking the shirt maybe had a stain on it but it's something much worst. Maybe I should have looked in the mirror before I got dressed. I'm wearing one of my BTS shirts and it's not just any BTS shirt!! It's a shirt that basically says in bright pink letters "I'm V's wifeu, deal with it". I try to cross my arms in front of me to defuse the situation but I can tell I've already caused damage, so instead I try to talk my way out of it.

"Look, Taehyung I-".

"It's ok, just as long as your bias isn't Jungkook, I'm fine".

"But it's not-".

"Don't worry, I wouldn't tell anyone you have favourites, even if it is me", he says grinning.

"So your ok with the fact that your my bias?".

"I mean- there's no way you work in this company and not have a bias, the front desk Noona's bias is Namjoon-hyung sooo".

"Oh- ok, why don't you sit on my couch and I'll go change my-".

"No!! I- I mean I don't want to trouble you with that I already told you I don't mind".

"Ok then, I'll go get us some drinks".

I leave the room and as I enter the kitchen I have to lean on the fridge door to not past out.

"OMG I cannot believe I just told Taehyung he's my bias". "Ahhhh why does the universe hate me!!".

I was actually quite surprised that he's taking this so well. I mean he probably gets love confessions every day so he's use to it. My heart is beating so fast right now, I would have gave anything for a hole to have formed in the middle of my floor and have it suck me in. I wonder why he was blushing too. I mean it's not everyday your co-worker come and tells you that they like you. God I'm so stupid!!!


Well whatever it's out now so there's nothing I can do. If he's ok with it I'm ok with it.

I open the fridge and grab two cans of coke. Using my foot to kick the door closed, I take a deep breath and walk back into the living room.

"Taehyung I hope you like coke cause that's all I've got, Tae??".

I look around and find that he's no where to be seen.

"Did this guy just leave like that?".

I hear the faint sound of music coming down the hallway.

"Omo don't tell me he's in my room, Where all my BTS posters are??!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh.......".

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