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6. chapter 6

♠️♠️ 2 Weeks Later♠️♠️

"Ok so what do you think about this part?".

I go over the bars of piano music I was playing for Namjoon. Both him, Yoongi and Jungkook are in my office right now trying to work out some new music and compositions.

Life has been a whirl wind since my first day on the job. Almost everyday I would have either Namjoon or Yoongi or Hobi be in my office coming up with new music. PD-nim also stops by periodically as well to check up on our progress. I haven't seen much of the other members since they are mainly vocal and do not participate majorly in the lyrics and music making. I have tried to encouraged them to participate but because of their busy schedule I cannot meet them. Namjoon would mostly write lyrics or rap bars and have me look it over and make up notes to match the type of rhythm he wants. It's a tiring job and we would sometime pull all nighters to get it done because of BTS's packed schedule. It's fun having a job where I can do the things I love and also the members appreciate my music as well. So far we only have drafts of some songs but it is going well. Right now we are working on a song called Love is not Over.

"I think you should play the last part one octave lower and also add a diminished fifth", Yoongi says to me after I finish play the piece.

I take his suggestions and play the piece over again and I've got to admit it sounds Way better. Yoongi seriously knows his music. With Namjoon writing lyrics and Yoongi making the music, they are one awesome team.

I erase the original notes I had on my paper and add on some new ones.

"Jungkook-ah, how are those lyrics coming?", asked Namjoon.

We all look up to see Jungkook with his head still down not paying attention.

"Yah!! Kookie, are you listening?", Yoongi asked.

Jungkook looks up from his paper slightly blushing. He tries to hide his paper but Namjoon is faster and grabs it from his hand. He looks at the paper then looks at me and handed it back to him with a look of disapproval. I'm curios now as to what he has written down so I move forward to see as well. Jungkook tries to hide the paper behind his back.

"Hey, Jungkook I wouldn't judge your lyrics. I'm the worst lyric writer there is so you cannot possibly be worst than me".

"Noona it's not-".

"Come on let me see!!".

He reluctantly hands over the paper and I'm stunned by what's on it.

It's a drawing.

Of me.

His drawing is me sitting at the bench playing the piano. I'm surprised and happy that he chose to draw me, even though that's not what he was suppose to be doing. I look up from the paper and see Jungkook looking down playing with the ends of his shirt.

"Jungkook this is- I mean- you made me look so beautiful", I say beaming at him.

"Noona I didn't do that, you are already beautiful", he says rather shyly.

I can feel the heat rushing to my cheeks.

"Umm do you think I can keep this".

He shrugs his shoulders and I take the paper over to my desk, find some tape, and tape it to my wall.

"Jungkook-ah you need to take this seriously", Namjoon says to him.

"Mian hyung, sorry noona".

"It's ok Kookie, we can have fun sometimes", I say to him winking.

He gives me a cute bunny smile and goes back to writing lyrics.

Just then someone knocks on the door and Kookie gets up to open the door to let them in. It's J-Hope.

"Yah, Hyung-nim(their choreographer-sorry I don't know his name. I Promise I'll look it up later😁) is calling us, we've got practice".

"Ohhhh what song are you guys dancing to?", I say excitedly.

"It's for the new song Dope, remember that song I played for you yesterday?".

I nob in agreement.

"Wow your choreographer works really fast if he already came up with dance moves!".

"Well he had a little help from me sooo of course it's finished", Hobi says proudly.

I give him a round of applause and be bows to an invisible crowd. They leave the room soon after and I'm all alone. I'm so use to having all of them around me that a moment of silence is quite rare. Not that I'm complaining!! I love being around the guys. They make me feel at home and are basically my only friends. I have tried making friends with the other staff members but I can't carry on an entire conversation with them because of the language barrier.This is basically my dream job but never did I think I would feel so lonely.


I throw myself on the couch picked up my phone to surf the net for a while. I look up my social media accounts and like,favourite, repost, and heart anything BTS related.

Gotta support my boys.

I close the apps after a while and go into the "Clocks" application. I look up what time it is in Washington to see if my parents are awake.

It's 2:30pm here in Korean so that means it's 1:30am in Washington. I hate time zone differences. I'm never awake at the right time to call my parents and neither are they. I lay down on the couch for some time listening to music. I feel my eyes become heaver as sleep tries to take over. The last thing I remember before falling asleep is the sound of Yoongi's voice as he raps his part in the song Tomorrow.

♠️♠️Yoongi's POV♠️♠️

My legs seriously feel like jello. That was one of the most intense dance practices we've ever had. I literally wanted to just sit in one spot and go to sleep. I swear to god I would gladly be a rock in my next life time. Even though we only learnt half of the chorio it's looks really good so far. I've gotten so use to dancing that I can pick up steps much easier. But that doesn't mean I Want To. Nor am I any less lazier.

"Hyung, we're going to grab some lunch, are you coming?", Jimin says.

"Yeah just give me a sec I left something in (Y/N)'ah office.

I leave Jimin standing there and head back down the hallway. I didn't really leave anything in her office, I just wanted to see her. I knock on her office door but I hear no response.

Wait did she already leave?

I open the door and I see her lying down on her couch. She is sleeping uncomfortably in her hand so I decide to move her into a more comfortable position. I walk silently to her and lift her head while putting a pillow underneath. I take her earbuds out and put her phone on the table. Before doing that I seek a pick at her phone to see what she's listening to.

Let Me Know.

I smile thinking she's probably been listening to our songs to learn our styles. It's ironic she's listening to the song that perfectly describes our situation.

Girl let me know.

I really what to know whether she has feelings for me and if maybe we can be more than just work friends. I haven't been able to have a moment of alone time with her because of our busy schedule and most of the time the other members are around.

Aigooo she looks so cute sleeping.

I sit down on the piano bench and decide to play something to help her fall asleep. I play some quite classical pieces first then venture into some of my own music that I've composed. I love the feeling of getting lost in my music. It centres me and helps me calm down. My hands become a bit cramped since I'm already tired as it is so I stop. I turn around to find (Y/N) looking at me. I guess I woke her up, which wasn't the plan in the first place.

"I'm sorry for waking you up".

She's doesn't reply for some time but then finally says something.

"Don't you think it's kindof weird?".


"It's just- I find it ironic that your a rapper but yet you play the piano so elegantly, you could have easily became a professional but you chose to do this instead".

I'm taken aback a bit by what she's saying. No one has ever pointed out or asked me about this. It's a very touchy subject of mine.

"I mean- all I wanted to be was a bad ass rapper but my parents still insisted I play the piano".

She laughs at my joke and I manage a smile.

"So are you working on anything lately?".

"I've got this intro piece I'm working on, it's still in the early stages so it might not sound good".

"Wahhh, who cares, let me hear it".

I reluctantly turn back around. I play the intro and begin rapping. When I'm finished I look for any reaction in her face that might suggest it wasn't good but all she gives me is one big smile.

"You know, even though I couldn't understand some of the works you were saying, I though it was amazing. Your a really good rapper as well".

"I don't know, it's still ah- what's the word- losing something".

"You mean missing something".


"Let me see the sheet music", she says stretching out her hand.

I had her my phone which had the notes on it and she looks through them. She taps the side of her face and begins drumming her fingers on her thighs. Suddenly, she jumps up.

"I've got it", she says going over to her closet and taking out a really big case.

It's her cello.

It's been a while since I've seen her play so I was rather excited about what she has in mind. She sits back down in the couch and sets up her cello. Going into a players stance I hear her exhale out really loudly.

"Ok can you play the intro for me again?",

I play the intro and I see her miming playing. She's can probably hear the notes in her head and is just trying to get the right sound in her mind.

"Ok again, this time play a little more softly".

I play the first two notes and nearly mess up as I hear a deep rich sound coming from the cello. It sounded so beautiful.

Like everything she plays.

She perfectly matches my tone without over baring it. Our instruments are almost fighting in a way but it somehow sounds harmonious. I hear her stop playing so I stop as well.

"So, What do you think?".

I honestly couldn't speak because I was at a lost of words at how amazing she is; I nodded my head instead.

"Jinjja!! You like it!!".


"Aigooo, I'm so happy- oh wait I should probably write this down before I forget it".

We take the next 20 mins or so to finish up and finalize the details. We then play it one last time after I hear (Y/N) tummy rumble.

"Why don't we go out for lunch and then come back and finish?".

"Ok", she says rather shyly.

I smile at how cute she looks when she's embarrassed.

As we walk out the building, she turns left, which is the opposite direction of the restaurant.

"Yah, where are you going?".

"Um home??".

"Why don't you come to the restaurant, the other members are there".

"I don't want to intrude-"

"Aniyo, it's ok, we like having you around".

I like having you around.


We walk to the restaurant that's located in the bottom floor of or building. I see the other members in the back and hear them arguing about what to eat. It's like this everyday. We argue about it and then end up getting something totally opposite of what we wanted. Some things never change.

"Yoongi-hyung, what took you so long?", Jungkook says as he is the first one to see us.

"Chinguuuuu", Hoseok screams as he sees (Y/N), "come eat with us!!".

She gives him a big smile and waves to the other members who are calling out there hellos as well.

We sit down beside each other at the already cramped table. Our elbows and shoulders are constantly touching; not that I'm complaining. We all chat about our day and what we are planning on doing next. (Y/N) is included in every conversation as I think the boys are trying to make her feel comfortable. When the food arrives we all clap for no reason and I sneak a glance at (Y/N) to see her laughing along with the others. Her smile makes me feel more energetic and ANYONE can tell you I'm such a Lazy person so that's saying something.

"So what are we having?", she asked.

"Black Bean noodles with pork and kimchi", Namjoon translated after Hoseok tried to talk to her with his mouth full of food.

"I've never had Black Bean noodles".

"Yahhhh, it's so good; try it!".

Jin-hyung heaps a generous portion onto her plate and she thanks him. After taking a sniff, she brings her chopsticks to her mouth and takes a bite. We all pause and watch as she slowly chews.


"I think Jin-Oppa's Kimchi is better".

We all laugh even though we know it's true and continue our meal. Having finished our food, we thank the Ajumma that cooks for us and head back up to the Big Hit Building. We all chill in the practice room too full to do anything. PD-nim came to get (Y/N) because they have some meeting, and Namjoon went as well. I would have gone but I'm too sleepy. I decide to leave the Maknae's with Hobi and head down the hallway. I pass Pd-nim's office where I see Namjoon and (Y/N) in deep conversation with the other managers. Whatever it is must be important for them to have called her in.

I find myself in front of (Y/N)'a office and go in without caring if anyone saw me. I throw myself on the couch and get into a comfortable position. I turn on my side and find myself looking at the drawing of her that Maknae did. It was really beautiful. He perfectly captured her in the best way possible. Aish!! Seriously, the Golden Maknae is good at Everything!!

I didn't realize I had fallen asleep because I now jump up. The whole room is dark which means I've been sleeping for some time. Shit the others are probably worried about me. I sit up from the couch and a blanket falls off me.


I don't remember throwing a blanket over myself, someone much have came in and done so. My heart is beating fast as I'm hoping it was (Y/N). I mean, she's the only possible suspect cause no one's going to come barging into her office without permission. Wait, isn't that exactly what I did?!. Aigo I hope she's not mad. But still, it was sweet of her to think about my well being.


I'm snapped out of my day dream as my phone rings.

" Yeoboseyo".

"Yahhhh where the hell are you?, I got scared something was wrong, you weren't answering my messages and we've all tried calling".

It's Namjoon.

"I was sleeping".

"Where?? We looked everywhere".

"What's so urgent that I'm needed?", I say trying to doge his question.

"I'm calling a group meeting, I need you here, it's important".

By the tone of his voice I can tell it's something serious.

"Ok I'll be there in a sec.".

I hang up the phone and rush out the door. Making sure no one saw me leave, I make my way down the hallway and back to the practice room.

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