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5. chapter 5

*Ring Ringgggg Ring Ringggg*

I shut off my alarm clock as I sat up from my bed and started stretching.

Today is my first real day of work and I did not want to be late. I quickly get out of my bed and walk over to the bathroom to take a shower. Spacious, I think, as I step into the tub. I try to dress simply in jeans and tuck in my white dress shirt. Tying my hair into a pony tail, I check my reflection in the mirror to make sure no babies hairs are trying to escape. Giving myself a pep-talk, I try to boost my confidence.

"Ok (y/n), time to show these people just how much of an amazing composer you are!! HWIGHTING!!!!".

I grab a couple of light boxes that I would definitely need for today and head out the door. Once I'm in the elevator, I set down my boxes and call a cab.

♠️ 10 Minuets Later in the office♠️

The first time I open the door to my office, I'm kindof scared that someone else might be there, but after not seeing anyone, I go right in. I sneeze twice as I take a tour of my office. Jeez this place was seriously dusty. I dig around in the closet behind my desk and find a duster and some supplies to clean the piano. I decide to clean up first before doing anything to properly announce my arrival. I open up the windows, expecting to be greeted with the cheery blossoms but instead I'm greeted with a brick wall.

"You have got to be kidding me, of all the sceneries, I had to get the Brick Wall, huff".

No wonder the last person retired, I would seriously get bored and uninspired by my surroundings. What an office.

I sigh really loudly and when back to cleaning. The next job I had to tackle was the piano. After making sure that all the keys and pedals worked, and that it wasn't out of tune (because I seriously can not stand a out of tune piano, it makes me cringe), I begin to polish. Breathing in the scent of the lemon varnish always brings back memories of my childhood. I remember actually falling asleep one time at the piano and the next day I had key impressions on my face. I laugh thinking back at all the memories I had and I get this sinking feeling in my stomach. It's the feeling one gets when their homesick. Even though I was quite mad at my parents for rejecting my decision to come to Korea, I still miss them like crazy. Breathing in a heavy sigh, I continue polishing the piano and tried to put the negative thoughts out of my head.

♠️♠️♠️Yoongi's POV♠️♠️♠️

I almost couldn't stifle my laughter as I hear (Y/N) yelling by herself in frustration. I woke up early and had gotten coffee to offer her as a peace offering but she had already bet me to the punch and came to work before me. Crap. I had really wanted to surprise her. I look through the office window to see her fiddling around with the piano. She's probably checking to see if it was out of tune. Little does she know that I had a professional come in and fix the piano. It really pisses me off when the piano is out of tune and I guess she feels the same way.

Great minds think alike.

I smile at my cheesy thought and was too busy thinking about the many things we probably had in common when the door opens and out comes (Y/N) with trash bags in her hands.

♠️♠️Your POV♠️♠️

Why are we forever meeting like this? I think, as I set the trash bags in my hands down to my sides. Yoongi just stands there staring at me like he didn't expect me to be there. News Flash Buddy!! This is my office now!! I sigh really loudly and give him a pointed look that hopefully conveyed that I wanted him to move. When he doesn't move, I push past him and got out of the room. I realize that it was probably really rude of me to do that but Hey!! He was rude First, so this is just payback. I throw the bags in the trash bin that was located down the hallway and walked back to my office preparing to face Yoongi again but to my surprise he was gone. Who is this kid, Houdini?? I look around my office and thankfully he isn't there. I sit down on my chair too tired to even care about my posture. Why would he come to my office to only leave?? Did he want to talk to me?? I hope not cause the last time that happened he just gawked at me. I hear a knock at my door and being too lazy to open it and not thinking twice, I told the person to come in and I realize my mistake when Yoongi stepped in. I hadn't properly looked at him the first time so I gave him the once over now. He was wearing black ripped jeans with combat boots that had the Union Jack ( British flag) on them. He had on a white T-Shirt with a black leather jacket. I had to admit, he seriously looked good. He also had two cups of coffee in his hand and was slightly leaning from side to side as if he couldn't decided what to do.

I got up from my chair and stood in front of him. He suddenly shoved the cups of coffee in my hand and I jumped back in surprise when he bowed a full 90 degrees at me.

♠️♠️♠️Yoongi's POV♠️♠️♠️

"I need to apologize for my behaviour yesterday, I hope you can forgive me, Jebal, I was not myself. Mian-hamnida it will not happen again".

I found myself breathing heavily in and out after making my confession. Jeez. I hoped what I said was right. I had asked Namjoon yesterday to teach me how to apologize in English and I took his word for it. If what he told me was wrong and I somehow managed to make a fool of myself, then he was seriously dead. I could feel her looking at me but when I met her gaze she looked away quickly and was slightly blushing. I almost couldn't hide my smirk at the thought of me making her blush. Now my heart is racing even faster. Aish, what is this girl doing to me!! I knew that there was a slight chance that she might reject my apology because I was so rude to her last night but I really do hope she accepts it.

We literally stand in silence for what seems like forever so I decided to break the stillness.

"So ummm, you need any help cleaning?".

"No", she says rather clipped.

Ouch, I could feel the anger rolling off of her, maybe I should try something else.

"Do you like Caramel Macchiato?", I say, gesturing to the cups of coffee in her hand.

"I hate coffee", she says, this time shoving back the cups into my hands and crossing hers.

Double Ouch. I wonder if she got the reference I used from our song Coffee.

"Ok then, I'll remember that for next time", I say.

She raises one of her eyebrows at me and I can't help but smile at how cute she looks, even when she's angry. Her eyes are so beautiful, I would gladly get lost in them any day. I noticed that she had some dust on her forehead; probably from wiping her head by accident, and I move closer to wipe it off. I could not honestly tell you where all this courage is coming from because I'm usually so shy, but whenever I'm around her I feel much braver. She backs up a bit after seeing me move forward.

"Yah, you've got some dust on your head", I say bringing my hand up.

"Oh- that's ok- I've got it", she says as she turns around to find a rag to wipe it off.

"Here, give it to me, I can see it better".

I take the rag from her and use her other hand to pull her in closer to me. She's looks shocked by my actions but little does she know that I'm also shocked as well. Since I'm so pale I'm pretty sure she can see me blushing. She surprisingly doesn't fight back as I take her chin in my hand to tilt her head towards me. I wipe off the dust and try not to make eye contact. Hopefully she doesn't hear my heart beating like a drum. Because she is so close, I can tell that she smells like vanilla. Her scent envelopes me and it feels like I'm being hugged by a vanilla cupcake. After I'm finished she turns away from me and walks towards the door.



"Where are you going?".

"Back to my dorm, I need to get more boxes".

"I'll help you then-".

"No no uhh Aniyo, gwaenchana".

I move past her as I walk out the door. "I will help, yes, the work will get done faster".

She looks at me while narrowing her eyes. She bites her lip and tilts her head to the side as if she's thinking. She then finally shakes her head.

"We will have to walk, I cannot afford another cab".

" Gwaenchana, I'll just call up my driver yeah", I say giving her my best smile.

"Ok", she says and follows me down the hallway. I can't believe I'm actually helping her. Aigooooo my heart is Killing Me.

I pull out my phone and quickly dial the drivers number. He answers in the first ring. "Yah, hyung-nim can you help me with something, it wouldn't take long- Jinjja- yah gamsahamnida".

"Ok let's go".

I turn to her and she smiles at me. Like a REAL smile. Aigoooo the Butterflies are Back!!! She follows from behind as we head down to the parking lot. All the while as we're walking I cannot help but think how happy I was that she tripped me on the first day we met.

♠️♠️Your POV♠️♠️

I try turning my back to Yoongi as I enter the passcode to my dorm. It feels really weird having him here but I could not turn down his offer for help. When he was apologizing to me I can tell he was being sincere. I understood how he felt. If I were him I would have been slightly pissed as well if a stranger came into my space and tried to take over.

I flash back to earlier when he put his hands on my chin and wiped my face. I thought I would have exploded at our close contact but I managed to keep my cool. He was so pale and beautiful I wanted to- OMG What Am I Thinking. Nonono gurl you cannot be thinking about him like that, he's your colleague and friend.

Wait. Are we friends?

I mean he is helping me with stuff so I think we are, plus he was nice enough to get me coffee even though I hate coffee but it's the thought that counts. I had almost giggled when he asked if I liked Caramel Macchiato. Since I'm basically an Army and I have listened to the song Coffee, I made the connection instantly but thought I shouldn't point it out cause Yoongi might think I'm a weirdo.

As we both walk into my living room I sneak a quick glance over to him to see his reaction of my home. He just looks around and nods his head then turns towards me and smiles. Oh Crap, he caught me starring at him. I look away and walk towards the end of the room where the other boxes are.

"So if you could maybe take this box and I'll take this one, we could start working".

"Ok", he says.

He walks over to me and finds the biggest box and lifts it up. Well more like Tries to lift it up. He lets out a sigh of defeat and I cannot help but laugh.

"Here, why don't we start with the lighter boxes and then we can both lift the heavy one".

He nods this time and gladly goes for the lighter box.

We end up working perfect together and get the job done effortlessly. Now that it was time to tackle the bigger boxes we both stand with our hands on our hips and contemplate how we were going to do this.

"Ok I'll take this side and you take that side, yeah".

Squatting, we lift up the box with ease and carry it out to the car. We continue like this until we only have one box left to tackle. The biggest one. When we try to lift it, we barely get it off the ground and I end up falling back down on my butt.

"Do you think we should call for help?".

"Aniyo, we can do this", he says giving the box another go. This time he falls down on his butt and we both end up laughing.

"Ok, how about we take a break?".

"Gwaenchana", he nods and throws himself on the couch. I laugh at his actions and decide to go into the kitchen to see if I've got any snacks.

I find the food Jin gave me yesterday and decide to heat that up to eat. Grabbing two glasses of water I walk back to living room to give it to Yoongi but stop short when I hear snoring.

You have got to be kidding me, I thought. He's actually Sleeping!! I sigh to myself and set the glass down on the table. I sit down on the floor because there is nowhere else to sit and find myself looking at Yoongi. He looks really cute when he's asleep. He breaths in and out from his mouth which causes the hair in his face to slightly move up and down. Even though he had such pale skin there are areas on his cheeks that are red.

I wonder what he's thinking about.

I notice a little bit of lint in his hair and move forward to take it out. I try not to fidget or make any noise so as to not wake him up. I manage to free the lint from his hair but as I'm about to get up, Yoongi suddenly grabs my hand and pulls me towards him.

"Mwo-hae?", he says looking up at me.

I stare back at him and find myself looking at his lips. He brings his face closer to mine and I panic thinking that he was going to kiss me. I backed up a little bit and my back hits the small table which surprisingly upends, knocking over the glass of water. It falls to the floor with a crash and I'm too surprise to even move as I feel Yoongi pulling me onto the couch with him.

♠️♠️ ♠️♠️Earlier in BTS Dorm♠️♠️ ♠️♠️

"Yah, I hope our neighbour is ok? ", says Jungkook as he walks through the dorm room.

"Why do you want to know?", says Taehyung looking up at him from the couch.

"I just came from my run and when I came towards our door I heard some crashing noises coming from our neighbours dorm".

"Jinjja!!", Tae says now jumping up from the couch.

"Yeah, I wonder who- YAH where are you going??!!, Jungkook says as Taehyung now pushes pass him and runs out the door.

Taehyung rushes over to your door and opens it with out even knocking.

"Noona Noona are you ok? Noona whe-",

Taehyung stops short in the living room and sees you on top of Yoongi on the couch.

"Yah, what's going on? ", Taehyung says sounding mad.

"Taehyung what are you doing here?", I say getting up off of Yoongi.

"I heard a crash and I got scared".

"Everything is ok, I just accidentally knocked over the table and the glass to fall to the floor".

Taehyung stares at Yoongi and I can see on his face that he wants to know what he's doing here. Yoongi then gets up from the couch and stands beside me and at the same time Taehyung comes over to where we are standing. They face each other and I feel like they are having a silence argument over what I really don't know. After a few seconds, Yoongi shrugs his shoulders and walks towards my front door.

"Hey, where Are you going?", I say calling after him. "I thought you were helping me".

"I'm tired. Taehyung-ah will help you", he says slamming the front door.

What the hell was that about. First he apologizes and says he's going to help me and now he leaves me alone. This guy seriously needs some tissues for his issues. I turn around to face Taehyung and I see he already has the last box in his hand. Wow he is so strong. It took both me and Yoongi to lift that box ( struggling I might add), and he just lifts it with so much ease.

"Where are we taking this?", Tae asks.

"Oh- umm down stairs, there is a car waiting".

He nods and heads out the door with me trailing behind him. We take about ten minuets to offload all the boxes and we sit down on my office floor with some Bubble Tea that Taehyung bought from the cafe down stairs.

"Thank you for helping me, gamsahamnida".

"Gwaenchana, I wanted to", he says flashing me a boxy smile.

We finish our drink and Taehyung takes our empty cups and gets up to throw them away in the garbage down the hall. As he leaves I go towards my piano and sit down. I fiddle around with the keys and find myself playing I Need You.

God!!! Why does that song keep coming back to me?

I keep playing and Taehyung comes and sits beside me. I feel him watching me as I play the song. When I finish play he rests his head on mine. I hear him murmur something in Korean but I didn't quite catch it.

"What did you say, I couldn't hear you".

"Nothing", Tae says as he gets up from the bench and walks out the door. For some reason my heart is beating really fast and I can still smell his cologne in the air as if he is still sitting next to me. I'm surprised that I'm not internally fangirling and I guess I've grown out of that phase, but I have this really weird feeling in my stomach that I can't quite place.

♠️♠️ Taehyung's POV♠️♠️

"You are so beautiful", I say to (y/n) as I rest my head on hers.

"What did you say, I couldn't hear you".


I sigh and get up from the bench and leave the room. No doubt she's probably wondering what I said and why I left but there is no telling what I might have done if I stayed in that room. As I close the door I lean against it and try to steady my breathing. Never have I felt this way about someone but when ever I see her she makes me smile. She looked so professional and amazing playing her music just now I almost didn't want to interrupt her. I had found out yesterday that she was going to be our new composer when PD-nim came over to the dorm and told everyone and almost all of us were surprised.

I hope one day that we could compose something together.

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