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4. chapter 4

Goddamnit!! He remembers. Should I say something. Should I apologize. I was about to explain myself to the other guys since they were giving me weird looks when my phone rang.



"Annyeonghasimnikka Pd-nim".

"Your tutor just contacted me, he said that you hadn't arrive yet and I got worried that you got lost or something".

"No I'm fine. Actually I was having trouble with my door so I asked my neighbours for help".

"Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that Bangtan will be your neighbour. How are you finding them?".

"Great actually", I say looking around the room giving everyone a smile. "They have been really helpful".

"I'm glad to hear that, anyway, please do not make your tutor wait any longer".

"Ok Pd-nim I understand".

"Ok then annyeong and have fun!".

"Annyeong Pd-nim".

I place my phone back in my pocket and look up to see everyone starring at me.

"Was that Pd-nim?", asked Jin.

"Yeah, he says my tutor is waiting for me".

"Oh so are you not having lunch with us anymore?", pouted Taehyung.

"I'm sorry Taehyung-ah, I've got to go".

Taehyung just nodded his head and sat down at the table. I almost didn't want to go seeing how sad he was and to be quite frank, I really wanted to have lunch with the guys. But I've got a responsibility to my manager and to myself and if I'm going to be in this company, I'm going to have to show that I can work without being distracted. And let me tell you , I AM seriously distracted. Who wouldn't be?

"Would you like for me to ahhh-", Jin said looking around and then leaning over to Namjoon and whispering something in his ear.

"Jin was wondering if he could give you some food in a take out container?", translated Namjoon.

"Oh Jin-oppa, aniyo that's ok".

"Jebal I insist", he says, getting up from his seat at the table and going into the kitchen.

"Chinguuu!!! Can't you stay", whined Hobi.

"If she says she has to go, she has to go", said Yoongi rather bitterly.

"Aish Suga-hyung", said Taehyung getting up from his seat. Jimin then grabbed his hand and pulled him back down.

"It's ok guys, maybe next time I'll treat you to lunch", I say trying to cheer up everyone but more myself. What the hell was Yonngi's problem. I already said I was leaving. No need to basically kick me out!! Ugg why is he being so mean. I should be the one who's mad Not Him. And he still needs to answer my question, like How does he know my song??!!

"Here you go", Jin says as he comes running back from the kitchen. "I really hope you like it".

"From the smell alone I can tell I will, gamsahamnida", I say bowing to him.

"I'll walk you out", Taehyung says suddenly coming to my side.

I turn around saying goodbye to everyone and waving. They all say goodbye except for Yoongi who just digs into his food and begins to eat. Taehyung walks me to my door which is literally 3 steps away. I enter the number to my door in the keypad and to my surprise it opens up. I fist bump Tae and he flashes me a boxy smile. My heart is seriously fluttering. There's a reason why he's my bias and his smile is one of them.

"If you need anything, holla for me ok?".

"I will".

"So what was Suga-hyung talking about when he said you tripped him?".

I bite my lip and decide whether or not I should tell Taehyung the truth. "Well-you see- back when Pd-nim first met me I was running in the hall and I tripped someone by accident".

Taehyung raised his eye-brows at me and I went on.

"I didn't realize it was Yoongi-ssi that I tripped and even though I apologized, it looks like he's still mad".

"Where did you meet him?".

"At my music school, that's how Pd-nim discovered me, it's because I attended that school", I told him with a matter-of-fact voice. "I really want to be liked by everyone Taehyung-ah and I do not know why Yoongi-ssi don't like me but when you see him, can you apologize for me, jebal?

He thought about it for sometime and I got worried thinking that he couldn't understand what I was saying but then he replied.

"Gwaenchanta, but Yoongi-hyung can be uhh difficult so don't take it to heart".

"I won't, gamsahamnida".

He smiled and stepped back towards his door.

"Annyeong noona".

"Annyeong Taehyungie", I said.

He giggled at the fact that I called him using an informal name.

I went inside my apartment and placed the food in the fridge. When I get back from my tutor, I need to so some serious unpacking. I looked over at the box labeled posters. Crap! I forgot that I own BTS posters. If their going to be coming over I'm going to have to put them somewhere were they can't see them. I'd be so embarrassed if they found out. Anyway I'll do that later. I head out the door turning off the lights as I past the switches. I notice the key pad on the inside beside them and I stop for second and thought about changing my password. Hummmm what should my password be?? My birthday number?? Nayyy too easy. Maybe something BTS related. I type in the number for my bias' birthday. There we go I say as I stand back to admire my work. Now no one will guess the number. They will first have to know who my bias is hohohoho!! As I left the apartment, the excitement was building up inside of me. For the first time in forever, I finally felt at home.



Why is she here?

I came to the dorm to get away from her and have some lunch and she just so happens to be here AS WELL.

I have such rotten luck.

I saw that she was talking to the other members and Taehyung was trying to desperately to get her attention. Ugh you've got to be kidding me. One girl shows up and they all go gaga for her! Why is he talking to her like he's known her his own life? WAIT. Why do I care? It's not like I'm jealous or something. I think. OMG am I seriously jealous!!! I can't be; it's not like I LIKE her. Well I mean she pretty and smart and she likes the same things I do. Plus her music speaks to me, it makes me feel alive and I can sense the love and devotion she puts into her songs. God!! I sound so sappy. Get your head in the game. She's an employee. I can't date anyone right now much less someone I have to work with closely. What if we break up? That might affect our music. I have to think about Bangtan and not about relationships right now. My music comes first.

I sigh as I hear Taehyung acting cute and pouty.

"I'm the first member to meet her", I hear myself saying. Crap! I didn't want to call attention to myself but I was jealous.I don't want her to see this side of me Or the other members for that matter, so I might as well act like I don't care.

"So (y/n)-ah, trip anyone lately", I say to her, pulling my lips into a smirk. I watch her reaction and could see that she remembers me from 2 months ago. Her eyes give me a betraying look.Good. Hate me. She was about to say something when her phone rang. She walks off to the side a little and continues her conversation. I look past her to see the other members looking at me.

"You've met her before", asked Taehyung.

"So what if I did", I say trying not the show that I care.

"Where did you met her".

"What does it matter, why do You care V-ssi?".

His neck starts to get red and he sits back down. Oh someone has a crush. I hate to break it to him put no dating is allowed. I see her coming back and she says she can't stay. Good, I thought. Taehyung then gets up and escorted her outside. Really V-ssi, way to be Obvious. As everyone says goodbye I sigh and sit down to eat. As soon as they leave everyone turns towards me.

"What the hell was that all about?", asked Hobi.

"I don't know what your talking about", I say shrugging my shoulders.

"Well clearly-", but he stopped what he was saying when he saw that Taehyung returned. I could see the madness in V-ssi's eyes as he walked up to me. He pushed past Jimin who was trying to grab his hand and stood face to face with me.

"What ever problem you have with her. Stop it. Your acting like an ass over nothing, just because you were embarrassed.

Ah so she told him.

When I didn't reply he just walked away from me and I could here the slamming of his door. Jimin soon after followed him.

Well whatever I don't care. Deciding to eat my lunch in my room, I left the table. The rest of the members watched as I leave. 5 minutes after I hear Jin-hyung opening the door to our shared room and he came up to my bed and sat at the corner. He said nothing to me at first or was probably waiting for me to give an explanation and after he realized I wasn't going to say anything he sighed really deeply and moved closer into the bed.

"The food is great Jin-hyung".

"The food is always great".

"Except when Namjoon-ah helps you", I say laughing a little. When he doesn't laugh back I go back to being silent.

"It's her isn't it".

"I don't Kno-".

"Cut the crap Yoongi, it's obvious".

I was stunned by his outburst. He isn't usually like this.

"She's our new composer isn't she?".

"Who told you that?".

"No one, I inferred. I mean she has the same room as our last composer and she just suddenly turns up the same time we're expecting the person to arrive, plus Namjoonie told me that the composer was really pretty so when I saw her I immediately thought it was her".

"Namjoon-ah thinks she's pretty?", I say giving him my best smile.

"Don't give me that, I know you like her".

"How -".

"Oh please, I remember you rehearsing what to say to her in the mirror, Remember??".

Crap I forgot about that.

"Your wrong I don't like her".

"Were you not the one who found her, Namjoon told me your the one who recommended her to Pd-nim".

I seriously need to told telling Namjoon my secrets, obviously he's going to tell Jin-hyung, they're practically like out parents!! "That still doesn't prove anything", I say.

"Oh come on Yoongi, we've known each other longer than anyone else in this group and I know exactly how you act when you want something. You always end up pushing them away and suppressing your feelings and making the person hate you".

"Well it's not my fault", I say raising my voice. "My music and my band comes first, I do not have time for relationships. What if we break up Huh. What would it do to our band if she's the one who makes our songs and we're not cooperating. What's not going to get anything done if our feelings are in the way".

"You don't know that-".

"I Don't Have To, all I care about is you guys and my music, Nothing Else".

"Yoongi, it's best to leant form your mistakes than to just jump to conclusions. We're only young once".

"Well it's not like we have the luxury of being normal teenagers. We're idols remembers", I say a little sarcastically.

*Sigh*. "Just give it a chance, I've heard that some of the best music is written when your in love".

"Yeah, and that's why every single song in the western music industry is not about break ups".

"Your hopeless".

"That would be Hoseok, not me, I'm Suga remember?".

He laughs at my pun and I know he's back to normal.

"So will you try with (y/n)-ah?".

"No promises, and it's not like she might like me anyway".

"You're right. Who would possibly like you?".

I throw a pillow at his back as he tries to run for the door. He suddenly stops and turns around with a very serious look on his face.

"You know, I think Taehyungie likes her".

He leaves before I could say anything which was probably for the best. I really cannot afford to have Taehyung messing this up for me. I know he means well but I feel like she's the best for me. Arggggg what am I suppose to do now. She most likely hates me already. Maybe if I do something for her she might not think I'm such a dooch. Should I play the song she wrote with my lyrics? I mean she seemed pretty mad earlier when I was playing it. It could have been that she was in shock having met me properly for the first time. Yeah!!! That's what I'll do. First thing tomorrow I'll wow her with my music and properly apologize for my behaviour. Having formulated my plan in my mine I dug into my lunch which was getting cold.


"Taehyungie, slow down", Jimin said as he tried to grab a hold of him.

"Leave me alone", Taehyung said slamming his door into Jimin's face.

*knock knock* "Open up TaeTae, tell me what's wrong".

When Jimin didn't hear any response, he tested the door knob and found that it wasn't locked.

"Taehyungie??, you ok". He saw him sitting in his bed hugging his pillow for dear life.

"Yoongi going to kill me for disrespecting him like that".

"It's ok, right now I think everyone's kind-of mad at him".

"I didn't mean to".

"I know. What's gotten into you?. Your not usually like this".

"Promise not to tell anyone?".

"Ok your starting to freak me out, what is it?".

"I.....I think I'm in love".

"What The, Who The, wahhhh???!!!".

"Please don't tell anyone".

"You know I wouldn't. But who is it?".

"It's ..........................................

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