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3. chapter 3

Honesty, I didn't know what to expect as I walked through Bangtan's dorm room. It was really clean. A whole lot cleaner than mine I might add. As I was led through the living room to the kitchen, I was mesmerized by the personal touches of each member around the room. From paintings, to Mario figures, CD's and oddly enough a basketball hoop in the corner. I heard someone singing a popular girl group song in a another room at the top if their lungs.

That strangely sounds like J-Hope I thought.

As we enter the kitchen, I stubbed my toe not realizing that the kitchen had a little step to walk over.

"Oh fuc-ugh I mean oh fudge".

"Nice save", said Tae leaning over to me, "everyone does that at first, so don't worry.

"He's right", said Jin, now turning around from the pot with a huge spoon in his hand, " you do not know how many times V-ssi has tripped over that step".

"Jin-hyung!! Hajima!!", said Tae a little bit flustered. Jin just waved his spoon at him then turned his attention to me.

"So you must be (y/n)-ah, nice to meet you, I'm Kim Seokjin".

"Nice to meet you too"

"Taehyungie told me you need help with your door".

"Yeah I uh, forgot the password", I said feeling shy.

"That's ok, I think the default password was 1234".

"Are you serious". I felt so stupid for not figuring that out. Like anyone could have guessed 1234. I mentally kicked myself for being an idiot.

As I bowed to thank him my tummy decided that I wasn't embarrassed enough and gave one Big growl. I clutched my stomach hoping no one heard.

Both Jin and Tae began laughing but not in a mean way.

"Are you hungry (y/n)-ah?", asked Jin.

"Umm maybe a little", I said looking down at my feet. I hadn't eaten breakfast that morning because I was too excited and now that it's almost noon, my tummy was complaining for food.

"Noona why don't you stay, Jin-hyung made kimchi!!", Tae says, practically rocking back and froth in his feet.

"Do you like fried chicken, I made that as well", said Jin.

I do LOVE fried chicken, to me it's practically a second food group!!

"Umm well, I do have to leave before 12:00 and i still need to get into my apartment sooo-"

"Why do you have to leave?", Jin asked.

"I'm meeting my Korean tutor for lesions".

"Oh jungkookie takes those, but I think he is learning English", Tae said, opening the fridge to grab a drink.

"Who's your tutor?".

"Well I have his card-". I take out the business card PD-nim gave me and showed it to Jin.

"You have the same tutor as Jungkook-ssi and he just left for his lessons so your good on time", Jin said.

Really? He just left. So you mean to tell me that that scary guy who was stomping down the hallway was Jungkook?!! Wow. Kpop stars look so much different in real life, I thought to myself.

"Well I guess I could stay-".

"Jinjja!", said Taehyung, almost spilling his drink as he came over to give he a hug.

Jeez I hope my cheeks aren't too red. If I'm going to be neighbours with BTS, I'm seriously going to need to keep my fangirl moments on the down low. Lord in heaven knows how embarrassing it would be if they caught me.

"Umm, Jin-seonbae-nim, do you need any help?".

"Seonbaenim!!.Aish (y/n)-ah don't make me feel old. You can call me oppa".

"Oh mian Jin-oppa".

"Can you call me oppa too?", said Taehyung.

"I'm older than you though".

"Oh yeah", he said in a sad voice but then all of a sudden he started grinning wildly. "So can i call you noona?!".


"Noona noona noona lets go eat ice-cream", he said practically jumping up and down.

Jin then hit him with the spoon.

"Don't be rude".

Taehyung then stuck his tongue out at Jin and ran out the kitchen. "Aish-this kid", he said, but he was smiling like a loving mother.

"So, Jin-oppa, do you need help with cooking?".

"Aniyo, but you could, Aish-how do you say in English-you can fix the table".

Fix the table?? Was it broken I thought. I was about to tell him my handy man skills were not the best when he went to the cupboard and pulled out some plates.

"Oh you mean Set the table".

"Yeah that's the word".

I laughed at my idiocy for thinking he wanted me to fix the table. "Anything else?", I asked.

"Aniyo, for now, and see if you can get Taehyung to help you".


I walked over to the cupboard and pick up the plates carefully so as to not drop them. I walk into the living room and spot Taehyung on the couch. He sees me as well, gets up from the chair, and comes over to the dining area. He takes the plates from my hands, brushing his fingers against mine,and puts them on the table. I quickly wipe my hands on my skirt because I can feel them becoming sweaty. He sees me doing so and raises a perfect eyebrow.

"So-umm-how many more plates do we need", I say, trying to clear the air.

"Everyone except Jungkook is coming for lunch, so we need 3 more plates".

"Got it". I'm careful not to stub my toe again as I walk back into the kitchen. I grab the 3 extra plates along with come utensils and chop sticks. Bringing them back to the table, I set out the utensils and Taehyung does the plates. We go around and around the table and ended up turning it into a game. We race to see who would finish first and Taehyung nearly falls over as he trips on the carpet. I try to smother my laugher but he catches me laughing and flashes me a boxy smile. He begins to chase me around the table.

"What's going on here?".

We both turn to see Jin-oppa walking into the room with a steaming hot pot in his hand. We probably both looked like guilty kids getting caught by their mother after they did something bad. I glance over at Taehyung to see his reaction and he sticks his tongue out at me. We both start giggling and apologize to Jin.

"Taehyungie, can you call the rest of the members and tell them lunch is ready?".


"And (y/n)-ah, could you please go and get Hoseok and Jimin-ssi".

"Umm I'm not really sure-".

"Don't be shy, they are really nice. Their room is on the left, the forth door".


I move down the hallway and turn left. Counting the number of doors, I finally face the forth one and let out a sigh. I'm not really good at meeting new people but I already felt comfortable around Jin and Taehyung. Maybe Hoseok will be nice to me as well. I'm heard that he's one of the most outgoing members and that he's basically a ray of sunshine. I also know that Jimin is quite shy as well so maybe he might not like my presence, but I also know he is a very nice person. Keeping that knowledge in mind and hoping that he doesn't get mad at the stranger knocking his door, I raise my hand and give three sharp raps.

I guess the door wasn't locked because it opened easily to my touch. I peered inside and looked around for Hoseok. Because of the loud music playing, I had to shout his name.

"Ah excuse me, umm Hoseok-ssi, could you please come out for lunch".

For a few minutes no one heard me but then someone came dancing into my view. And I mean Literally Dancing. He was doing some next level funky moves to what ever girl group song was playing. A giggle excepted me before I could stop myself and Hoseok finally noticed my presence. He quickly ran over to his speakers and turned down the volume.

"Who are you-what are you doing here?", he asked more curious than angry.

"Hello nice meet you, my name is (y/n) and I'm a new staff member here", I say in Korean, bowing to show him respect. "Umm Jin-oppa told me to come tell you that lunch is ready".

I felt so shy for barging into his room, I thought he was going to get mad but he just gave me a smile that would put the sun to shame.

"Ommo; nice to meet, I'm Jung Hoseok, but you can call me J-Hope or Hobi if you like", he said coming over to shake my hand.

I nod in agreement.

"So what's your job-". But before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Jimin.

"Hyung- have you seen my sunglasses?, I can't find them, OH", he suddenly said , seeing me standing in the door way.

Hobi then walked towards him and grabbed his hand to pull him closer to where I was.

"Jimin-ssi, come meet our new staff member, her name is (y/n)".

Jimin then stood straighter and bowed at me. He introduced himself rather shyly and avoided my eye contact.

"Are you a foreigner?", he suddenly burst out asking.

I was a little taken back with his question but I understood why he was asking. Having a stranger in your room who doesn't look like the general population might raise some eyebrows, but I was overall glad that he brought it up because that meant he wasn't shy to ask me.

"Yes I am", I say in English, "I'm from America but my father is from Portugal and my mother is Filipino".

"My Korean is pretty bad since I'm only now trying to learn the language so please forgive me for any mistakes", I say confidently.

Hobi then came up to me and gave me a hug. " I think your Korean is pretty good", he said in English. "Maybe you can teach us some English and we will teach you Korean, deal?".

"Yeah ok", I say grinning. I'm beginning to like Bangtan a lot more.

Jimin then said, "So how old are you (y/n)-ssi?".

I told him my age and then Hobi started to get excited.

"OMG we are the same age (y/n)-ssi".

"Jinjja, cool", I say, giving him a fist bump.

"So can I call you Noona?", says Jimin shyly.

I blush at being called Noona again. Man, I'm never going to get use it that.

"Ok", I manage to squeak.

We then suddenly heard someone yelling in the hallway.

"Noonnnaaa mwo-haeyo?, the food is getting cold", said Taehyung, coming through the door.

"Food?", both Jimin and Hobi said, looking at each other.

"Yeah that's why I came to get you", I say.

"You should have said that in the first place Chingu, I'm starving", said Hobi, rubbing his tummy.

"What did Jin-hyung make?".

"Palli Jimin-ssi, who cares, it's going to taste amazing anyway", said Taehyung, steering Jimin by his shoulders out of the room.

As the four of us walk down the hallway, my mind starts to wonder back to Yoongi for some reason. The other members welcomed me with open arms but Yoongi is the only person I feel some what tense with. Is it because I've met him before? Or maybe he just doesn't like the fact that I'm the new composer. But. Wait. I haven't told the other members that as well. What if they don't like the idea of me composing there music, will they think I'm too young or too inexperienced. I let out a loud sigh without realizing that I've got company.

"Are you ok Chingu?", asked Hobi.

"I'm good; just wondering if the food will taste good".

"Ohhhh you have to try Jin-hyungs' cooking, I would marry him if I could, his food is amazing", he says, with a sense of pride.

"I'll take your word for it".

As we enter the dinning area, I see that Namjoon and Jin have already sat down and are waiting for us. Namjoon probably arrived when I was getting the other members. When Pd-nim first told me to look up BTS's music, Namjoon's mixtape was the first thing I listened to. His skills were seriously amazing and I have been looking forward to produce some music with him.

"Ah (y/n)-ssi, it's nice to see you again, are you having lunch with us?", Namjoon asked.

"It's nice to see you again as well".

"Mwo, Noona, you've already met Namjoon-hyung? I thought I was the first member to meet you?", said Taehyung pouting.

"Actually, I'm the first member to meet her".

We all turn towards the owner of the voice as we see Yoongi walking towards us. He takes off the jacket he was wearing and places it behind the chair.

"So (y/n)-ah, trip anyone lately?", Yoongi says, looking right at me with a smug look on his face.

Crap!!. He remembers.

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