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2. chapter 2

♠️Yoongi's point of view♠️

I remember her.

I had just came out of the auditorium because I couldn't stand listening to one more person play a classical piece they thought was well enough to win this competition. It's a shame the students here were not allowed to play something a little more original. Maybe something they wrote themselves.

I had kept my head down, trying not to draw attention to myself because god help us all if there was an Army in the crowd and they recognized me.

I didn't even hear her come running down the hallway but the next thing I knew, I was on the floor an there were papers everywhere. I was pretty annoyed by what had just happened and was about to tell her off when I saw her face.

She was pretty.

And not just any pretty, she was all natural. Even though it was a competition and people tend to go overboard with their makeup and clothes, she simply wore a black skirt with a white blouse. She had on no makeup. Her hair was straight with slight curls at the end; like her hair couldn't decide what it wanted to be; and she had big beautiful brown eyes with eyelashes so long that not even mascara could pull off.

She was too busy picking up papers to notice me staring at her so I quickly looked away. I got up and walked on because I didn't want to create a scene and have to explain this to PD-nim. Not to mention my heart was seriously beating really fast and I was afraid she would hear it if I faced her. HEAR IT what the hell was I thinking!! Min Yoongi does not get scared. Especially over girls.

As I kept walking, I heard her call out saying sorry. Serves her right. She SHOULD be apologizing. I was not the one who wasn't looking where they were going.

I had kept walking down hallway after hallway and eventually got lost. I spied an empty class room with a piano and decided to wait there until PD-nim called. The only reason I was here tagging along with him was so I could get away from the rest of the guys. I needed some alone time to think and plus I also promised PD-nim I would help him find a new composer. I didn't understand why we couldn't just find one in Korea which would definitely save us the trip all the way here to Washington, but our last composer graduated from this university so the students here come highly recommended.

To past time, I had played a few songs on the piano and eventually felt sleepy.

I remember waking up to someone slamming the classroom door beside mine. PD-nim had texted me that he was ready so I replied back with the room number I was in. I was about to leave when I heard it.

The most beautiful sound of music.

Someone was playing the piano in the room next to mine. I had never heard the song and was sure it wasn't something that was already published. I opened the door and peeped through the window in the next room to see who was playing and couldn't believe who I was seeing.

It was the girl that tripped me in the hallway.

But I had thought she played the cello since that's the instrument she had in her hand when I saw her. I sat down beside the door and listened to her play. The song was really beautiful. It made you want to cry and smile at the same time. Listening to her play, I began to wonder what our music would be like if she became Bangtan's composer.

PD-nim had came down the hallway a few minutes later and I guess he saw something in my expression as I looked at him because the next thing I knew, he opened the door to the room she was in and began clapping. I had wanted to listen in on what he was saying but decided not to.

I waited for PD-nim for a few minutes down the hallway when I heard him come out the room. I was about to turn to face him when I heard her call after PD-nim. They chatted some more then PD-nim turned away from her to face me slightly and said that he hoped the rest of the band would like her. She then asked what band and he said BTS.

I had almost cringed thinking that maybe she was a fan or that she knew about us but she gave no reaction. PD-nim then left me standing there probably thinking that I'd want to get aquatinted. She then ran back to the room and came out with her stuff. She walked down the hallway where PD-nim had just gone and passed by my hiding spot.

YES I was hiding and I wasn't proud of it. I had wanted to say something to her then but didn't have the courage to. I would have told her that I loved what she wrote and that I could hear her emotions through it. I wanted to let her know that I understood how she felt and that it would be an honour to work with her. But because I was not comfortable talking with strangers and my English was pretty bad, I let her walk on.

Since that day, I've been pestering PD-nim about whether or not she replied. Finally, about a week passed and PD-nim told me she said yes. OMG she said YES!!!! I couldn't wait to work with her and see if maybe she wrote other pieces. I guess my happiness was written on my face because that same day we had a dance practice to work out some mistakes for our song NO More Dreams and everyone complimented me on my energy, which was unusual because most days I really just wanted to sleep and felt like a rock. Jin-hyung later asked me if something good happened in my life and I told him that he'll see soon enough. Only myself and Namjoon knew about her and we decided to keep it a secret until she came. The other members knew that we were getting a new composer just not who.

I couldn't get her song out of my head and every chance I got I would work on remembering the notes. I even asked Namjoon to help me write some lyrics to show her that Bangtan could also work as well. I kept forgetting what day she would be coming and had asked PD-nim to remind me because I was using her office to practice. She had the best piano and the office was located all the way down the hall so no one would disturb me and visa versa. I guess PD-nim forgot to tell me she would be coming today because I had went into my regular routine of going into her office and practicing her song. I was in the middle of figuring out what notes I had to play when someone barged into the room. Thinking that it was one of the members coming to bother me, I got up from my seat to face the perpetrator and rearranged my face to look annoyed and pissed off. I was about to start swearing when I looked up to see the one person I've been waiting to see for the past 2 months.

For some reason, she looked annoyed as well but quickly changed her face when she saw me look up. I was too stunned to say anything. She was all I've been thinking about and now that she was here I couldn't even say anything.

Damnit Yoongi, hold yourself together, she's just one girl. But she's different. She's like me.

Crap! I even rehearsed what I would say to her. Jin-hyung had caught me going over it in mirror and just shook his head and smiled before I slammed the bathroom door. The first thing I was going to do was act cool and pretend like I didn't know her. So I stood there and was about to ask her who she was ( hopefully my English wasn't to bad), when she beat me to the punch and said "Why are you playing my song?".

♠️ Your POV♠️

"Why are you playing my song", I asked Yoongi.

I almost felt scared that he would recognize me and then tell me off for tripping him back then but he gave no indication that he knew me.

Instead he stared at me.

Like REALLY looked at me.

I was about to ask him the question again when PD-nim came up behind me and pushed open the door to let himself through.

"Oh Good", he said, clapping his hands together. "You found your office".

"Yes", I said in Korean.

"Yoongi", what are you doing here?", he said as he now noticed him by the piano.

"Nothing", he replied, a little bit bitter , "You forgot to remind me that (y/n) would be coming today", said Yoongi in Korean, probably to make sure I couldn't understand.

"Well surprise, here she is", said PD-nim, gesturing towards me.

Yoongi huffed then gave a low bow to PD-nim, said goodbye and walked out of the room.

"What did he say?", I asked.

"That he's glad your here", replied PD-nim.

Well he could have fooled me I said in my head, but i wasn't about to tell that to PD-nim.

"Don't worry about Yoongi, he can be a little grumpy at times but the more you get to know him, you'll see he's a great person. Plus! He's an amazing pianist so you guys will get along just fine", PD-nim said, giving me a big smile.

He was about to leave when he suddenly turned around. "Oh, I almost forgot. I've arranged for your Korean tutor to meet with you" he said.

"Really?!", I said getting all excited.

"Since your not doing anything right now, you guys can meet at the restaurant that's on the first floor of the building at your apartment".

"Thank you so much for this PD-nim", I replied, bowing low with respect.

"It's the least I could do since I'm the reason your halfway across the world and millions of miles away from home", he said.

After I promised to be better at Korean the next time we meet, he gave me the phone number of the tutor, told me to meet the tutor at noon, and left.

Wow. I'm finally going to be learning Korean.

The language barrier was something I felt really insecure about. Imagine if I got lost and couldn't find my way back!!

I shuddered at the thought and pushed it out of my mind. I checked my watch and saw that it was only 10:30. Crap. I had about an hour and a half before I meet my tutor. Deciding the best way to kill time would be to organize my office, I headed back to the apartment to pick up some boxes.

The apartment was only 3 blocks away and since the weather was nice and I also didn't want to spend money on a cab, I decided to walk.

When I arrived, I took the elevator up to the 5th floor, and greeted the doorman. He was quite polite to me and asked about my day. When we finally came to my floor, I hopped off and waved good bye to him.

As I walked down the hallway, I was instantly hit with the smell of food. Someone was cooking something, and it smelt Great. I could hear my belly grumbling and prayed no one came into the hallway. My dorm apartment was right across from where the smells we're coming from and I was seriously envious of them. Maybe if I asked nicely, they might give me some food.

Omg. What am I thinking? I sound like a beggar.

I turned to face my door and searched for my keys in my pocket. That's when I realized that my door had no key hole and neither did I have any keys.

Crap! I forgot that these doors where automatic and came with a key pad. I tried to remember what the password was the first time Pd-nim told me. He had said that all the doors had a default password and that I could change it if I wanted to.

I debated whether or not to call him and ask but I didn't want to be seen as a fool and that I couldn't remember things. Plus, Pd-nim was in a meeting right now and I didn't want to risk bothering him for such a silly thing.

Why am I so stupid?, I thought, hitting my forehead with my hand.

What should I do?

Biting my lip, I considered the option of going back down stairs and asking the front desk for help.

I heard someone laughing from behind the door across from me.

Wait. Why don't I just ask them for help.

I was a little scared talking to strangers and was also worried that my limited amount of Korean might not work.

I crossed the hallway and straightened my outfit to look professional enough and brought my hand up to the door bell. As I was about to ring it, the door flew open and I jumped back a bit. I looked up to see a tall guy wearing an oversized white shirt , black jogging pants and Timberlands stalk down the hallway. Thank god he didn't notice me. " I wonder who's that", I thought to myself, maybe he's one of my coworkers.

"Who are you?", said a deep male voice behind.

I practically spun around so fast I would have almost fallen over had the person not caught my hand in time. He pulled me towards him and I fell against his chest.

I realized what I was doing and stepped back pretty quickly, my cheeks slightly flushed at the closeness and the fact that I could hear his heart beating equally as fast as mine.

I bowed and apologized, saying sorry over and over again.

Laughing, he took off the face mask he was wearing and said he was sorry for scaring me. He flashed me a boxy smile and my cheeks began to warm again.

It took me about two seconds to realize that I was staring into the face of my bias. The next thought that flashed in my mind was that I completely made a fool of myself the first time meeting my bias. Wow. Kim Taehyung is way more handsomer in person. But obviously that thought will stay in my mind. I looked away fearing that I was staring at him too long and decided that I should probably introduce myself.

"Nice to meet my name is (y/n)(y/l/n)", I said bowing.

"Nice to meet to as well, my name is Kim Taehyung". "Are you a new employee?", he asked.

I couldn't understand one word he was saying.

"Umm, could you repeat that in English, I'm not very good at Korean".

He nodded and thought for some time.

"Ok my English is no good as well, so I'm trying to say is umm are you ah, are you new staff member", he said, gesturing wildly with his hands.

I almost laughed at how cute and funny he looked doing that.

"Yes I am".

He practically beamed and flashed his signature boxy smile.

Damn it, he seriously needs to stop doing that because I am fangirling so hard on the inside right now and him doing that isn't helping.

I then remember why I was here in the first place.

"My door is locked and I need help opening it", I said, pointing to myself and my door and miming my hands trying to open a door. "I do not know the password".

He nodded and said he would get help. He gestured his hands and told me to wait.

"Jin-hyung will help us", he said dashing back inside his dorm.

As soon as he left I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding in and leaned against the wall. Of all the neighbours I could have, mine just had to be BTS. I was seriously going to strangle Pd-nim the next time I see him for not giving me a heads up.

Just then Taehyung stuck his head from through the door.

"Noona,could you come inside?", he asked

"Ahhh you don't mind?, I said, probably turning tomato red at the fact that he just called me noona.

He shook his head open the door wider to let me through. I stepped inside and was instantly greeted by the smell of something delicious cooking and the warm sense of being home.


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