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1. chapter 1

As I hurry along the streets of Seoul, checking my watch for the time, I realize I only have ten minutes before the interview starts. Well more of a introduction than an interview since I already knew the job was mine from the start.

Sadly, the company BigHit Entertainment does not allow unauthorized taxi cabs into the compound, so I had to walk/run the rest of the way. Seeing as how it was only just two blocks up a hill, I thought "What the heck I can make it".

Speed walking down the street I silently prayed no one saw me running like a fool. I pause for a sec. to catch my breath and straighten up to take in what will soon be very familiar sites. The smell of the beautiful cheery blossoms and the sight of the pretty colours bring back memories of home and the first time I meet PD-nim.


I remember running up the steps of the music conservatory. Even though it was almost April, the air was crisp and cold for spring time in Washington.

That day had already began as a disaster so I wasn't about to let that happen to the most important moment of my life.

I remember running down the hallway and bumping into someone. I wasn't really paying attention but I distinctly remember the person being male, which I though was weird cause I knocked him over so easily. When I had turned to face him he was already walking away, so I grabbed what few papers had fallen from my hand and yelled sorry to his retreating back.

I remember dashing into the competition room only to stop short because there was someone performing.

I tried to find a set in the already filled auditorium and settled on a set beside an Asian man with glasses. He had on a Bluetooth earpiece and was talking quietly in rapid Chinese, or was it Korean? I could never tell the difference for the life of me. He kept gesturing to the piano player on stage which made me think he was a scout.

We got a lot of those here at the Music Conservancy of Washington.

Most of the scouts are from national orchestra groups around America who come to the university to seek out potentials. It was always a dream of mine to play and compose music for an orchestra, but since no scouts have noticed me yet I had somewhat given up hope.

As the girl on the stage finished playing, everyone clapped; including myself; as she stood up to take a bow. The rest of the next few minutes passed in a blur.

I remember them calling my name, me getting up, almost tripping over my feet because I was so nervous, and heading over to the stage. As I passed the judges, I handed them the extra copy of my piece that I was going to play.

The piece I had chosen was Beethoven 9th and it was something I was a bit nervous about playing because it was so hard. As I sat down on the chair provided for me I remember feeling so small. All eyes were on me as I unzipped my cello case and took it out. My bow fell out of my sweaty hands and "clacked" to the floor loud enough that I knew everyone could hear because it was so quite in the room. I straighten back up to get into rest position and await the judges cue. One of them gave the slightest nod at me and as I brought down my bow and played the first note, I prayed the music gods were on my side.

I had not won the competition that day but I had manage to place 18th, which was amazing for me considering there was about 70 other competitors. After the competition, I had dashed into an open class room door. Making sure no one was there, I sat on the piano bench and took in a deep breath. I do not normally cry after competitions when I lost, but this one stung a little for some reason. Whether it's because I had truly tried so hard to master the piece I played or because it was probably the last chance I would have to play in front of scouts because I'd be graduating this year, I seriously felt the heartache.

I remember sitting there thinking,

" God, maybe I should have just given up music altogether and become a veterinarian like my parents had wanted me to be". My parents never believed in my ability to become a professional musician. Giving up now would only mean playing into their hands. I have yet to find someone who truly understands what it feels like to not have support from the people who love you.

I remember opening up the piano lid and just fiddling around with the ivory and ebony keys. When I was young, the piano was my specialty, but I had decided that the cello was where my heart was.

As a teenager, I would compose songs in my spare time just in case one day I became a composer and was asked to write something. Sitting at that piano, I remembered a song I once wrote called " I need you". I named it so because I had broken up with my boyfriend at the time and the piano was my only escape. Playing that song always brought back mixed emotions.

As I was in the middle of playing my song, someone abruptly burst into the room, nearly colliding with my cello that I had abandoned on the floor.

It was the Asian man I had sat beside.

Wondering if he was lost, I had tried to explain to him where the exits were but before I could begin, he began to clap his hands.

I had not expected that. This man was seriously starting to creep me out. He then lowered both his hands and assumed a serious position. I had suddenly flashed back to earlier when I thought he was a scout. I then got really excited thinking that maybe he's here to tell me my cello performance was amazing and that he has a spot for me in his orchestra team. Feeling like I had just won a million dollars, I smiled like a goof but then composed myself to try and look professional.

He walked towards me, gave a low bow and shook my hand. Feeling that I should do the same, I bowed as well but felt like an idiot after because he gave me a weird look. He introduced himself as the person I now know as Bang PD-nim and said he was the manager for the company BigHit Entertainment.

I had never heard of it before but kept listening for more good news. He had asked me if I remembered sitting beside him in the auditorium and I had said yes. He offered me his business card and asked me if I spoke any Korean. I replied no. Before I could ask him why I would need to know Korean, he brightened up and said that my performance just now was amazing.

When he had said that, I had wanted to jump up for joy but I remained ever the professional musician and told him thank you. PD-nim had then asked me if I wrote it myself. I had thought he was making a joke because who has not heard of Beethoven's 9th symphony, so I decided to play along. I had laughed and told him that when I was living in the 18th century, I had some spare time on my hands and wrote that symphony. I had kept laughing like an idiot until I realized I was the only one laughing.

He then cleared his throat and gestured to the piano. That's when I knew he wasn't talking about my performance on the cello, he was talking about the song I just played on the piano. Feeling like a goof I told him yes.

PD-nim was the first person to ever praise me for my composition skills.

He had explained that his composer had retired and that he was looking for a new,fresh sound to help make and write music for his band and that he was offering me the job if I wanted it.

That was the moment I've been waiting for my whole life. Those exact words will always be with me forever because I've waited for so long to hear them.

I guess he had taken my silence as a rejection because he then said that I should think about it before making any rash decisions.

Giving him a cool smile (because I had just realized my pay check will have to be negotiated at some point and I did not want to give him the impression that he was my only

offer; even though he was), I told him I would think about it. PD-nim then clapped his hands and bowed to me again, I also did the same. He straightened up, laughing, and told me there would be plenty of time to learn about how to do it right. I had laughed along even thought I had no idea what he was talking about. As he walked out the door , I had looked closer at his business card to see if there was a website I could go on to look up his orchestra business. I found it, but I had also found the address.

Ilsan?? Never heard of such a place in America.

I had dashed out the door to catch up with PD-nim and luckily he was still there. I had referred to him as Mr. Bang and he chuckled and told me to call him PD-nim. I explained that I had never heard of Ilsan and asked him if it was far from Washington. He smiled and said it would take about 14 hours from here. Thinking that it's in California, I asked him. PD-nim gave me a sad smile and asked if I knew where Seoul, South Korea was. I told him I did. He smiled and was about to walk away when he turned and said ( well more to himself than to me) that he hopes the boys would like me. When I had asked him who he was referring to, he just told me 3 letters.


I continue walking but couldn't put the thoughts of them out of my mind.


Those letters have been the only ones I could think about for the past 2 months leading up to today. It had only taken me about a week to call back PD-nim and gave him my answer, and it would have been sooner had my parents not try to convince me to reject the offer. They kept telling me that this was the most stupidest decision I've ever made and that I've even heard much less know any Korean. Well, that problem got solved when PD-nim told me he would enrol me into a Korean beginners class that he would pay for. The other issue was moving. Moving to Korea was and still is one of the hardest things I have ever done. There was too many risks involved, but I felt like I needed a change of scenery.

There was also the issue of graduation. I only had 2 more months of school so PD-nim suggested I finish school and spend the 2 months that I have to study up BTS's music style.

BTS. I still cannot believe that I would be the head composer to BTS. BTS. Like of all the groups, it had to be them. After listening to their music non stop, I feel like I understand where their coming from. They are seriously amazing and it's going to be hard to fit in and become part of the team. I have seriously grown to like them and even voted for them when they had some music competition. Just like a true ARMY. I wouldn't know if I should call myself an ARMY yet but I have made the mistake more than once of fangirling in public. I learned their fan chants, watched there variety shows, and even know some of their inside jokes ( I told someone they had no jams when I got into an argument and felt so proud of myself even if they did not get it). I EVEN have a bias. It's V, but obviously he will never find out because I will remain in a professional manner when I am around them, Buuuuut who says I can't fangirl at home!!. I silently chuckle at myself as I now walk up the steps of the building.

As I walk in, I flash my ID card to the person siting at the front desk.

" Good Morning", said the cute Asian girl behind the desk.

"Good Morning to you too", I replied in Korean. "

"It is your first day here", she said in English. I replied yes and she gave me a thumbs up and said

"Hwighting". I know enough korean lingo to know what that means so I replied "Hwighting" right back.

I got onto the elevator pretty quickly and pressed the #4 because that's the floor PD-nim told me he would be on.

Checking my reflection in the mirror, I hope I gave off the impression of business casual. With my pinstripe knee length skirt which I pared with a blue blouse and a black blazer and my hair swiped into a neat high pony tail, I felt much older. My 21st birthday was in April, but I felt like I was 30 or rather I looked like I was 30. I do not normally wear makeup but I did only for this one occasion. It till felt strange to look at myself in the mirror and not see the girl I used to be just 3 months ago. "Having a job really does change a person", I thought to myself. As the elevator dinged open, I stepped into an empty hallway. Crap. I forget whether I was suppose to go left or right. I decided to go left because I could hear more sounds coming from that direction. I was tempted to call PD-nim on his cellphone when I spotted Rap-Monster coming out a room. He paused for a sec.,gave me the "up down" look and sauntered over to where I was.

" Nice to meet you (y/n)", said Rap-Mon shaking my hand. " It's so great that you decided to take the job, I look forward to working with you".

" Thank you, and I also look forward to working with you rapmo- huh- I mean Namjoon", I said, mentally kicking myself for almost calling him by his stage name. He gave a low laugh; showing off those cute dimples; which means that he acknowledged my mistake but probably doesn't care. He then said that PD-nim was waiting for me in the room he just left. I bow and said thank you and proceeded to the room.


" So you ok with everything (y/n)", said PD-nim.

" Yes, I'm fine", I replied back.

" I know that was a lot to process, but you'll see soon enough you'll get use to the hustle and bustle of life here", he said as we walk down the hallway.

" I'm just grateful for the chance to work with some of the best artist in the business", I said, glancing left and right to see if I can spot the other members of BTS.

PD-nim, seeing me checking the hallways replied that I'll be meeting the other members soon at the welcome party. Slightly blushing I turned to him and said,"You do not have to go through all that trouble to throw me a party".

"Nonsense", he replied. "I do this for all my new employees, and besides, it gives everyone a chance to take a break".

"By the way", he said, " are you alright with the current sleeping arrangements?".

Earlier at the meeting, he had told me that because I was new and Korea was still very unfamiliar to me, I would be staying at the same dorm as BTS. Which was fine by me because it's close to work and I do not have to be afraid of strange places and people.

I nodded my head in reply and told him I was more than happy. He smiled and said he would now show me to my office. OMG My Own Office!!! WOW this job gets better and better. Wait till they find out what my pay check is back in Washington !! As we continued walking, one of the producers came up to PD-nim speaking in rapid Korean. I guess it was urgent because PD-nim turned to me and said my office was just down the hallway and that he will drop by later. I said ok and bowed as he was leaving. Wow, this company sure is busy I thought to myself. As I continue down the hallway, I faintly hear the sound of someone playing the piano.

I began to relax and found myself humming along with the music. For some reason, the song sounded very familiar but I can't quite place a name on it. As I continue to walk down the hallway, the sound gets louder. As the person on the piano continues to play, they slip up on a note. "It's suppose to be E flat not C", I reply to no one in particular. Wait. How do I know what note that was suppose to be and why do I keep finding myself humming even after the person had stopped playing for a few seconds. I stop to listen to the song more carefully. The song seems to bring up a whole bunch of emotions that come rushing at me all at once. There is only ONE song that can make me feel this way. The song I wrote as a teenager when my heart was broken. I Need U. It takes me a few seconds to realize that that was why and how I knew what notes where suppose to be played and why I was humming. I Wrote The Song FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!

I began running down the hallway towards the sound not caring if anyone saw me. A million questions are running through my mind. How does this person know my song? How do they remember it? Are they trying to steal and use it without my permission? WHO THE HECK IS PLAYING??? I finally spot a door that is slightly ajar where I can hear the music the loudest. The door has my name on it. This is my office. Someone is playing on the piano in MY OFFICE. I barge into the room, planning on giving this person a piece of my mind, when I stop short. There is a small figure sitting at the piano bench with their back turned to me. The site of their back seems familiar to me. The piano player then turned around to face me. He has mint green hair and very pale complexion. The expression he wore on his face was that of someone who was annoyed by being interrupted. Two realizations came to my mind as we stared at each other. #1, I was looking into the face of Suga aka Min Yoongi. AND #2, the reason why his back was familiar to me was because HE WAS THE SAME GUY I BUMPED INTO 2 months ago on the day my life was changed forever!!!!!!

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