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  • Published: 20 Apr 2017
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Sunlight streamed through my windows and I was bathed in its warmth. The little birdies sang a merry tune and kindly asked me to open my eyes so I wouldn’t miss out on this perfect day. Today I was to be married to the kind and noble King Robin Hood of Sherwood Forrest. I knew Robin and I would be equally pleased with each other and the setting couldn’t be more perfect. My wedding dress was made of silk and had a white tulle material over it. In the tulle material were tiny little pearls. My sleeves were elbow length and the edges had little pearls stitched into them. My veil was a layer upon layers of Belgian lace with even more little pearls. My favorite part of my wedding attire was my glass slippers. My perfect little glass slippers to make the wedding even more magnificent and on top of it all I was at last allowed to wear Mother’s diamond tiara upon my copper curls.


6. The Gift of an Heir

I kissed Robin and sat down close to him in the carriage. Thank the Heavens that the carriage was large enough for us to move around easily in. I sat down next to him and took his hand in mine. I decided I would show him. I pressed his hand against my abdomen, looked him straight into the eyes and said quietly.

“Someone wants to say hi! Daddy!”

His face lit up like a Christmas tree. He kissed me and I wiped the tears out of his eyes. I knew in that moment that I had found my happy ending and I wouldn’t have to worry about Regina stealing my man. I knew he would still have to marry her because there were no other suitors for her. I wouldn’t share my throne, or my children. I wouldn’t share my husband. I would only share the marriage and the title of Robin’s wife. I knew Robin would still marry her he had no choice but too.

“Robin you must marry her. She’s heartbroken and I’ve taken everything away from her. I won’t take you from her. It’s an arranged marriage and it doesn’t even have to be consummated unless you agree.”

“Zelena are you sure? What about the baby? Are you positive because you have a year to back out.”

“I’m absolutely positive. It’s my gift to my sister and it’s not my decision it’s yours.”

“Zelena with a child on the way and a kingdom to take care of do you really want me to marry Regina?”

I just stared at him and wished he would figure out that I never changed my mind once I had made a decision. Robin could marry my sister if he wanted and I wasn’t going to stand in the way. It was obvious that I had convinced him with all my being and there was nothing I could do about what was coming up next. All I knew was that I would bear him a healthy heir to rule my kingdom and to rule his kingdom when we both bid each other farewell. I hoped he lived to be a hundred and me a hundred minus a day so I would never have to live a day without him. I knew he would marry Regina and I knew it all along. I just didn’t know when he would marry her, where he would marry her and whether or not our child would be present.

Towards mid afternoon I looked out the window and stared at a gray stoned castle with towers that towered above everything else. I stared at a castle that was at least five stories tall. Blue flags with green lions were flying from the numerous towers. Soldiers were stationed on the walls. A huge oak drawbridge lowered as we passed over a deep blue moat with jumping fish. The courtyard took my breath away. Servants in colorful livery held out flowers for me. It was clear that the castle staff had been well taught. They knew how to properly welcome their queen. A royal announcer announced my entrance as I walked into the castle.

“Please Welcome Her Royal Majesty Queen Zelena of Enchantria and the new Queen of Sherwood.”

“Thank you so much Robin, you shouldn’t have.”

“I mean to please you Zelena.”

“Well I am pleased beyond words.”

“Please join me in welcoming His Royal Majesty King Robin of Sherwood and the King of Enchantria home!”

I watched as Robin was welcomed home and after greetings were exchanged we went back outside so Robin could carry me over the threshold into the castle, which we would reside in until winter. Robin now had four palaces to reside in. Normally he would stay at Ilvermorny during summer and fall. He would travel to Redwall for winter and spring. After marrying me we decided to stay at Ilvermorny during fall, Heroine, my castle during winter. We would stay at Redwall during the spring and join my parents at the Summer Palace during summer. Married life would be a welcomed change to our schedules.

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