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  • Published: 20 Apr 2017
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Sunlight streamed through my windows and I was bathed in its warmth. The little birdies sang a merry tune and kindly asked me to open my eyes so I wouldn’t miss out on this perfect day. Today I was to be married to the kind and noble King Robin Hood of Sherwood Forrest. I knew Robin and I would be equally pleased with each other and the setting couldn’t be more perfect. My wedding dress was made of silk and had a white tulle material over it. In the tulle material were tiny little pearls. My sleeves were elbow length and the edges had little pearls stitched into them. My veil was a layer upon layers of Belgian lace with even more little pearls. My favorite part of my wedding attire was my glass slippers. My perfect little glass slippers to make the wedding even more magnificent and on top of it all I was at last allowed to wear Mother’s diamond tiara upon my copper curls.


13. The Dance that Ended it All

Towards the end of the evening Regina came up and sat in her throne on the other side of Robin. Robin had a new golden throne, I got a new silver throne and Regina received a bronze throne. Beside her throne were two copper thrones and beside my throne was Emerald’s gold throne because she was the next ruler. Regina and I watched as Robin danced around the ballroom with children and had fun with the elder folks. Regina must have seen my face because she came over and took Emerald out of my arms. She gestured to Robin and whispered in my ear.

“Go to him, he’s your husband more than he’s mine. Plus, I want to bond with my new stepdaughter and niece. Go Zelena!”

The next few hours seemed to whisk by in Robin’s arms as we danced with grace across the ballroom floor. I heard Emerald’s whimpered cry and Regina’s soothing voice calming my little baby girl down for the night. I danced with Robin and he twirled me around and ended the four-hour dance with a long passionate kiss. The kiss was magical and it felt like the very first kiss we shared as husband and wife.  The kiss felt like a kiss was being broken and at any moment Robin would no longer be there and I would no longer be queen. Robin released the kiss and I fell face first to the ground.

When I fell I must have hit my head on something hard because the next moment I open my eyes and I’m in my bedroom. A little girl with copper red curls and Robin’s eyes stare down into my green eyes. She sits at the edge of the bed. A red ribbon is in her long flowing hair and she wears an emerald green dress. She’s about two years old and looks so perfect. I thought I was dreaming but apparently I wasn’t. I hear a woman singing and a baby cry. I think it’s Emerald Rose but when I sit up I see Regina wearing a white and blue dress with a golden crown in her hair. She holds a baby wrapped in blue blankets in her arms and she’s smiling sweetly. The dream shatters as Robin walks in and I close my eyes. I hear his voice say calmly to the little girl sitting on my bed and I cringe when I hear the words.

“Come now Emerald Rose, leave Mommy alone. She’s still sleeping.”

“Daddy what’s wrong with Mommy.”


This time it’s Regina’s voice telling Emerald to behave.

“Emerald, I’ve told you before. It was the day I married your daddy and mommy was dancing with him. A sorcerer had put Mommy under and enchantment and when Daddy gave her true love’s kiss, she passed out and fell into a deep sleep. Daddy and I have tried to wake her, even Grandma Cora.”

“Is that why you became Queen? Because I’m only four and not old enough to be Queen.”

“Yes Emerald that’s why. Your brother Henry is waking up.”

Regina had bore Robin a son and had named him Henry after our father. She had bore him a son while I stayed under a curse that Emerald had unknowingly broken. Four years had passed since the day Regina and Robin said ‘I do’. I wonder how old Henry his.

“Regina, how old is Henry Daniel?”

“Em your brother will be two on his birthday.”

I heard Emerald come get on my bed again and she placed her head on my chest. She wanted to hear my heart beat and I understood. I had lost four years of her life and I refused to loose anymore. Even if I couldn’t out of bed I could at least open my eyes to see her face one last time.  I open my eyes and see her beautiful face. Her eyes light up and a smile spreads across her face.

“Daddy, Mommy’s awake.”

Robin rushes over to the side of my bed and kisses my lips. He lifts me up and laughs with joy. I stand up and embrace my daughter; I stand up and embrace Regina. She places Henry in my arms and lets me have a good look at him. He has mahogany curls and blue eyes. He looks just like both his parents and it makes me happy. I sit down again as a searing pain tears through my body and I stop breathing. I’m dying and I watch as my family cries my name as my soul leaves my body and the camera fades into the dark night after my death. I guess I died four years ago and I guess Emerald Rose has had the mother she always wanted. At least I was granted at least one last hello or in my case one last goodbye. Goodbye sweet world see you on the other side!

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