Sunlight streamed through my windows and I was bathed in its warmth. The little birdies sang a merry tune and kindly asked me to open my eyes so I wouldn’t miss out on this perfect day. Today I was to be married to the kind and noble King Robin Hood of Sherwood Forrest. I knew Robin and I would be equally pleased with each other and the setting couldn’t be more perfect. My wedding dress was made of silk and had a white tulle material over it. In the tulle material were tiny little pearls. My sleeves were elbow length and the edges had little pearls stitched into them. My veil was a layer upon layers of Belgian lace with even more little pearls. My favorite part of my wedding attire was my glass slippers. My perfect little glass slippers to make the wedding even more magnificent and on top of it all I was at last allowed to wear Mother’s diamond tiara upon my copper curls.


3. Regina's Bad Luck with Men

            Lord Daniel Colter of Enova was my sister’s first lover. She was promised to Daniel at her birth and the two spent years together at boarding school. They had a crush on each other during childhood and I remember Regina coming home happy that one day she would marry Daniel. I was the one to break her heart because Mother always instructed me too.

“Regina. Daniel…Daniel was training a horse for you and he fell off.”

“Is Daniel okay?”

“The bronco threw him off and Lord Colter broke his neck.”

“Thank Heavens, I thought you would say he died.”

            Regina got up out of her chair that day and her dark blue dress flew behind her. She was only eight at that time and that was ten years ago. Before she left the room at only eight I stopped her from leaving by placing my hand on her blue dress shoulder.

“ Regina. Daniel he…. He…. Daniel’s dead.”

Regina collapsed in pain and her heart broke for the very first time. She had grown to love Daniel and on her tenth birthday she was promised to another King.  King Leopold was ten years her senior and being married into the Enchanted Forrest royal family would be the best choice since I was betrothed to a long lost prince who was Robin but of course he was found. King Leopold would marry Regina on her fifteenth birthday and she and him spent a few weeks together. Regina never loved the King so me breaking her heart was a relief for the both of us. Apparently King Leopold had fallen in love with the Princess Ava or my eldest cousin. Thank the heavens that I was able to calm that down.

“Regina you aren’t marrying the King. Don’t get your hopes up. Father and Mother are already arranging you a new betrothal. If we can’t find you a suitable one you might have to marry my husband after I produce him an heir.”

“ NO! I won’t marry the same man as you! I won’t!”

That brings us up to when she found Robin. She was in the woods practicing her targets at fifteen and they fell in love. She told Mother and Father but Mom took one look at him and called the Sherwoodian king. King Damien came up from Sherwood to reunite with his long lost son and I was. Short story short Robin and I now rode to our honeymoon in a magnificent carriage. I daydreamed half the way and then towards nightfall I slipped into slumber. We hadn’t yet arrived at the house we would stay in during our first day of the honeymoon. I slumbered on my side of the carriage and was woken when we came to an abrupt stop. I rubbed my eyes and Robin helped me out of the carriage and I looked at the house in awe.

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